Log 9


[OOC] WC ST: Go for it.

Talon [Jim]: “The last thing we want to do with a new pristine existance is to get blood all over it, you know?”

Tskirama: “We’ve been sorting ourselves out into our chosen roles quite well, Talon.” Tskirama deadpans, then starts to shoo him away. “I’m not done here yet.”

Lethis: “I’m not even sure if we all have blood anymore. But your point is noted. I’m going to go wander around and see if there’s anything local that might threaten our little piece of infinity.”

Lethis: The Grey Huntress goes to prowl around through the darkness, floating on sparks of amber light.

Talon [Jim]: “If you insist. FIRE IN THE HOLE!” Talon cried out, as a small volcano manifested itself out of the silvery sands that had become his de facto territory.

Lethis: The tiny little speck of terretory, floating in the infinity of space, is the only thing known to be livable nearby. Created by the five Infernals upon their escape from the collapsing Autochthon, it is now occupied by them and the five servants shaped for them by Tskirama, the former Loquacious. The land consists of desert crafted by Talon, Lethis’ ocean, Cjopaze’s jungle, and the burning light of Tskirama’s forge.

Tskirama: Tskirama harrumphs and floats herself out of the way. Abruptly, she looks up at the Sun-Heart-Forge above them, which has been steadily expanding since she released it to light their corner of infinity.

Tskirama: “Ah.”

Tskirama: After Lethis trails a small, blindingly-white sun to light her way.

Tskirama: A few moments later, an enormous red sun spirals out of the green.

Tskirama: A blue sun, an orange, more white and red and even a handful of yellows-

Tskirama: Their little corner of infinity begins to shine and grow.

Lethis: “I don’t need your little star-thingy, Tskirama. But I’ll take it because it might prove useful.”

Talon [Jim]: “Nonsense.” Talon said, perfectly audiable despite the increasingly vast stretches of land that seperated them. “If these are anything what I think they are, they’ll be usefull in keeping the Raksha at bay.” Talon said, motioning for the sun to alight on his finger.

Lethis: “If any Raksha attack, I will do to them what I do to everything else. Hunt.” She dashes off into space, trailing sparks of amber calligraphy.

Tskirama: Another white one spirals down towards him, until a little shining light detatches itself from it, landing on his finger – a little boy shining with the same light as the sun.

[OOC] Tskirama: those are actual suns guys XD

Tskirama: The suns begin to form a spiral centered on the green sun and world around it.

Talon [Jim]: Another localised quake rocked the area as the volcano rose further, spilling magma and ash over the local landscape, doing in minutes what would normally take years.

WC ST: Whether Talon’s finger is big, or that particular sun is small, is difficult to tell when sun alights on finger.

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: Ah, see I was thinking there were like ‘little suns’, like maybe two or three times Navi Size.

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: Crap, that’s not a very good description _

[OOC] Tskirama: no I meant in the sense that most white stars are comparitively small

Talon [Jim]: “Where did you come from” Talon asked, rotating the finger to get a better look at the youth.

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: I’m trying to figure out if it’s Meilseoir or not.

Tskirama: The little sun points up at the green sun above them.

[OOC] Tskirama: It’s not

Cagaster: The Physician is absent, somewhere deep in the heart of his jungle, but it is tended by Cagaster nonetheless. The mutant construct prowls through the dark, but slithers into the light to examine the new suns. And volcano. His voice scratches like ants. Ants on your soul. “Interesting… Forge-Mother, is this one forged of the remains of Sol?”

Tskirama: Cuaton appears, beaming happily. “I did promise you would father my child. Well, children.”

Tskirama: Tskirama laughs. “Some of Sol, yes, and some of Talon.”

Talon [Jim]: Talon arches an eyebrow at Cuaton. “Indeed. I admit I wasn’t expecting this, but I’m hardly displeased.” He puts an arm around her as he gestures to the volcano, now in it’s second layer of expansion. “Once it’s third or fourth round of expansion is finished, it’ll be the capitol of my new race.”

Talon [Jim]: “Though…” Talon said, tilting his head. “I wonder if a more decentralized approach wouldn’t be better, if I’m trying to encourage a fodness for freedom within them.”

Tskirama: Cuaton giggles in delight, and the little sun waves before leaping back up to his sun.

Tskirama: Tskirama shrugs. “Which does remind me that I need to see to creating more humans.”

Lethis: Lethis returns after what feels like days wandering, but seemingly no time has passed. “Ugh. Causality needs a rework. How can a postal schedual exist if there’s no place to transport mail and no schedule to keep?”

Tskirama: “Care to join me in forging a capital, then?”

Tskirama: Tskirama flutters her eyes.

Lethis: “Well, as much fun as that sounds, I’d like to point out that we’re doing the same thing our predecessors did. Don’t you think we should be a little more cautious? I don’t want to end up killed by my creations.”

Lethis: “Rules first. Then I’ll help make things.”

Tskirama: “Hmm.” She nods after a moment of consideration.

Talon [Jim]: “What Lethis said.” Talon noted. “There’s no unwritten rule that says we have to include humans.”

Cagaster: Cagaster frowns at the mountain. “Agreed. My lord has decreed that he shall establish no intelligent life until measures have been made to avoid the mistakes of the past.”

Tskirama: “It seems appropriate. And in that case…” Thrones are called forth from the ground, and Tskirama seats herself. “Let us discuss.”

Cagaster: “Although, He has brought up the potential of the rescued Exaltations.” He sits at the feet of the throne meant for the Physician. “I shall stand in for my Lord until such time as he is prepared to join us.”

Lethis: Lethis sits, stiffly, on a throne next to her. “Thrones? Seems… haughty.” She shapes hers into a twisted construct of antlers and wood, like the seat of honor in a hunting lodge.

Talon [Jim]: “Very well.” Talon ruffles Meilseoir hair. “You’re in charge while I’m gone. You’ll do fine.” with a wink and a grin, he appears in the chair provided.

Tskirama: Meilseoir nods and smiles at Talon.

Tskirama: Tskirama sprawls comfortably in her throne, [which absolutely does not look like Jareth’s throne cast in green gems] and smirks. “So my taste is grand.”

Tskirama: Levana is brought down by Cuaton, and the two sprawl at the feet of Tskir’s throne.

Lethis: “You all brought your mortals to a meeting of Primordials?”

Cagaster: “Hm. I only stand in.”

Talon [Jim]: “It’s appro. They are the topic of conversation.”

Tskirama: “Precisely.”

[OOC] Tskirama: Wait, has Talon DT’d yet?

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: Nope

[OOC] Cardew: [ Neither has Cardew ]

[OOC] Cardew: [ I’m trying to figure out something I can do here x.x ]

Tskirama: “And if you want to get technical, Talon and Cardew are still mortal as well.”

[OOC] Tskirama: show up at the meeting

Lethis: “They’re Exalted. Garrilous is not. This is not their place.”

Talon [Jim]: “That’s the purpose of this meeting: to determine if this is indeed thier place.”

Tskirama: “And if that’s your objection it’s quite easily solved with the rescued exaltations.”

Cardew: “So how do we decide that?”

Talon [Jim]: “Which, when you get down to it, is the crux of the matter,” Talon said leaning forward.

Talon [Jim]: “Do we risk having the Exalted in our lands? That is the question we debate today.”

Tskirama: “And I put forth that a mistake our predecessors made was to lock out their servants from their descisions.”

Lethis: “Ugh. I need Cas-Cjopaze. He’s more patient. We need time to figure things out. We’ve got lots of time. But I think creating living things at this stage is unwise.”

Talon [Jim]: “Hmmm, intresting thought Lethis. Still, the dynamism that life provides is a natural barrier to the fair folk, which I continue to assert is a valid concern. Why do you think life is too soon?”

Tskirama: “They’re infinitely far away, Talon. It would take Exalted to warp reality enough to cross that gulf, and I’m not even certain the Exalted could manage it.”

Lethis: “I cannot find evidence that the Raksha are anywhere near here. There’s nothingness. Raksha, as I understand, require chaos.”

Cardew: “And nothingness tends to be rather orderly.”

Talon [Jim]: Talon leans back and steeples his figures. “I still assert it dosen’t hurt to be prepared. Your points are taken, however.”

Cardew: “Oh, I agree. Even if it’s nothingness now, that doesn’t mean it can’t become chaos later.”

Cagaster: “Life creates chaos. Life creates a barrier, but it also creates a place for them to exist,” speaks up Cagaster. “It is my Lord’s belief that only that life which is necessary to maintain the land sould be created for the time being.”

Talon [Jim]: Talon looks at Cagaster, noting that even for the Physician, his speed of conversion on him was impressive.

Cagaster: “However… my Lord has expressed to me that this thing, this new Creation, is the great weapon She Who Lives In Her Name conceived to ultimately destroy the Raksha. They may no longer exist, or at least may not be capable of entering Creation.” Cagaster is quite a bit more well-spoken than most of his siblings, but he very clearly has a significant amount of his master’s influence- visibly and mentally, it would appear that the Physician is grooming his servant to become a higher soul.

Talon [Jim]: “All right.” Talon said, “does anyone want to bring any further views on the humanity issue or do we take a vote now? You will all be complelty shocked when I vote that we leave humanity alone, at least for now. While the Exalted would doubtless be a valuble asset, by thier very nature they are willfull and powerful.”

Lethis: “I think we establish how things work before we go creating life.”

Tskirama: “I agree with Lethis. Let us table discussion of humanity for now.”

Cardew: “Agreed. We have too much to get into order.”

Tskirama: “Please elaborate.” She nods to Lethis.

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[OOC] Tskirama: might be writing a long post

Cagaster: “Incidentally, my Master would want me to convey his regrets and apologies for failing to be here in person. He is currently encased in a Chrysalis Grotesque.”

Lethis: “I was just wandering the void beyond our little island. There is no causality. Time and distance seem to be more fluid the further we get from our point of stability here. I think we’ve created a land where only local rules apply. I find this to be uncomfortable and I’d really rather create some kind of universal constants.” She stands up, tracing a pattern of runes in the air. “I think we should insure that time flows forward, at a constant rate. And that when you travel for a certain time in a single direction, when you turn around, you’re a set distance away.”

Talon [Jim]: Talon raises an eyebrow. “How could that be? I thought all the shinama were locked down by our predasessors?”

Lethis: “Wait, encased? You can create a new Chrysalis? How did he find this out, and why didn’t he tell us?”

Tskirama: “We may be bey- wait. What?”

Cagaster: “He’s been studying Lilun- specifically, the Exaltations within her- in an effort to… redefine himself as a Primordial. He was specifically looking for a way to adapt the process by which mortals are able to transform into more powerful, uniquely self-defined creatures. He said he would let you know if it worked.”

Talon [Jim]: Talon blinked. Oh yeah, the Infernal Exaltations. They still had those.

Tskirama: “… Mm.” Tskirama nods. “… As I was saying, we may well be beyond the Shinma now. This may be what They called the Beyond, greatly expanded and improved upon.”

Lethis: “Beyond what? This is something that never existed bef-oh.”

Tskirama: Tskirama smirks.

Lethis: Lethis facepalms.

Lethis: “We’re still inside Qaf.”

Lethis: “We escaped Autochthon into Qaf. That’s why everything’s infinite here.”

Lethis: “I’ve been looking at this from the wrong perspective.”

Talon [Jim]: “You mean… oh.” No wonder there was an infinity between here and Creation.

Tskirama: Tskirama starts to laugh. And laugh.

Talon [Jim]: “So where is the big guy?” Talon asked, looking around.

Lethis: “I was assuming we’d gotten outside, somehow. But we didn’t. We’re not creating a new world. We’re just shaping inside Qaf. That’s why I can’t create demenses.”

Tskirama: “He’s what we’ve been shaping.”

Lethis: “That’s why She Who Lives In Her Name didn’t come with us. She’s still outside.”

Tskirama: “Perhaps deliberately.”

Lethis: “We don’t know if Autochthon’s gone. We don’t even know where we are. We’re stuck.”

Talon [Jim]: “Well, that’s puts a whole new spin on it. Should we leave Qaf? Can we leave Qaf?”

[OOC] Tskirama: what would be rollin’ to figure that out?

Cagaster: “This is the conclusion my Lord reached as well. But Qaf is now truly infinite in all senses, and thus forms a new universe.”

Talon [Jim]: “But if Autocthon and the other primoridals are still out there, don’t we have a responsibility to do something about it?”

[OOC] WC ST: No roll. You’ve got to play this one out. There are multiple ways – including some that, from some points of view, involve staying inside forever.

Lethis: “Ugh. Now I really wish Cjopaze were here. He’s the only one I know who actually spoke to Qaf and knows how to navigate him.”

Tskirama: “Do we? I suspect this was She Who Lives In Her Name’s intention.”

Cagaster: In the distance, over the jungle…

Cagaster: There is an eruption of Essence into what, for lack of a better word, might be called the sky. Black lightning crackles in the air; everyone present can at least feel it, and the Primordials immediately know that Cjopaze’s Chrysalis has split open. And whatever he is, he is not what he was before.

Cardew: “If this was her plan, what do we do about it?”

Tskirama: “… What in the name of fuck.”

Cardew: “Well now…”

Cagaster: “Hm. The fluidity of time has been kind to my Lord, it seems. He projected a much longer incarceration.”

Talon [Jim]: “I mean look… I know you all love how much I keep bringing up the Fair Folk, but imagine the unshaped for a minute. A world unto itself, yet affects nothing outside itself. The Emmanations inside know, on some level, that thier only barrier keeping them inside is the word of his lord.”

Talon [Jim]: “Which is why I ask you now, to see if we can help those who helped us in our hour of need.”

Tskirama: Tskirama ponders.

Lethis: “We created infinity. Can we create a way out of it? Hm. Talon, try summoning something.”

Tskirama: “… I could attempt summoning Dyrim.”

Lethis: “I meant a demon. Does anyone here know how to summon?”

Talon [Jim]: “You guys who have gone DT know Sorcery. Give it a try.”

Lethis: “I can’t summon. I barely know enough Sorcery to send messages.”

[OOC] Tskirama: We know sorcery, that doesn’t mean summoning is something we know XD

Tskirama: “I learned destruction, not summoning.” Deadpan.

Cagaster: “Indeed,” murmurs the Physician, arriving on a trail of violet liquid anima. “I do.” His flaring anima is… certainly not that of any Malefactor. It’s purple, etched with black, extending into the ground and branching out behind him.

Lethis: “What.”

Tskirama: “What.”

Talon [Jim]: “My word!”

Cardew: “Hmm…”

Cagaster: “I have tempered my Essence on its own fire.” His caste mark burns on his forehead, though he once more wears his mask: Four circles, bound at their tangents and thin on the outsides. “This is the next phase. I have begun the process of remaking myself in my own image. I am a Blight.”

Tskirama: Tskirama raises her eyebrows.

Tskirama: “I see.”

Lethis: “How did you… do that? Is that the next step?”

Tskirama: “So it would appear.”

Cjopaze: Cagaster stands, bowing to the Physician, and steps aside. “My Lord.” Cjopaze, in turn, nods, crossing to his throne, and sits. The stone begins to wear away immediately. “It is. I will explain soon enough; suffice to say, it feels as if I have been away for a season. Do please catch me up.”

Tskirama: Tskirama guestures to Talon.

Talon [Jim]: “Well,” Talon said, still a little off kilter from seeing his new form. “The latest theory is that this is not a new plane, seperate from Creation, but rather we are caught in the infinity of Qaf. We still have no idea where is world body is.”

Lethis: “Try summoning. If that works, we know there’s a way out somehow. Or at least a way in.”

Tskirama: “Again, I could call Dyrim – she’s still in Creation.”

Cjopaze: “Mm. Dyrim is…?”

Tskirama: Tskirama facepalms.

Tskirama: “… One of my souls, Physician.” Cuaton rubs her face.

Talon [Jim]: “Okay, I may not know sorcery, but I do know how to command a freaking demon.” Talon said, using his sand to form a small circle in the ground, using Beckond Demon.

Cjopaze: “… Oh. One of your toys.”

Tskirama: “She remains in Creation with River.”

Tskirama: “Not a toy. An early birth.”

Tskirama: Ranna peeps from under the Empress’ hair.

[OOC] WC ST: Who exactly are you beckoning?

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: Let say, bottle bug?

WC ST: A bottle bug materializes nearby.

Tskirama: “…”

WC ST: It…looks more like creation than summoning, though.

Lethis: “Rrgh. Of all the fucking demons you could have summoned, you summoned a Sessalja? Really?”

Tskirama: “Look closer.”

Lethis: “At what?”

Talon [Jim]: “Hmmm, you’re right. It does seem kind of odd.”

Tskirama: “It looks rather… dusty.”

Lethis: “You created it?”

Lethis: Lethis melts the sand around the sessalja into superheated glass vapor, wrapping it around the bottle bug as it cooled into a glass sculpture of the demon in a state of utter agony at being cooked alive.

Cjopaze: “Hm. Allow me,” he murmurs, pointing his hand at a spot not made of Cecelyne. His anima flares brilliantly, black-violet roots worming their way into the ground as shimmering leaves blossom out behind him.

WC ST: The bug thus ceases its existence, save as an object.

Talon [Jim]: “Awww, I was gonna eat that! Well, not ‘eat’ but… you know what I mean.”

Tskirama: Tskirama snerks.

Cjopaze: [Casting Slave-Spawn Summons, calling up a Van’del.]

Lethis: “I haven’t even started shaping alcohol yet. You’re not going to ruin it by creating Sessaljae.”

Talon [Jim]: “Wait. I have an idea. What if we tried to call a 2nd circle demon? That way, we can verify that nature of the summoning here.”

WC ST: A Van’del flies up from around the far side of the forge.

Tskirama: “… Worth a try.”

Cjopaze: Cjopaze gives the brass hawk a good long look.

[OOC] Cjopaze: … It’s not his familiar, right? XD

Talon [Jim]: Talon snaps his fingers. “Benegrie! That way, we can confirm the dimensional space and whether the… thing you did with not-Malfeas is real or not.”

Talon [Jim]: “Someone, get some essence vision on Tskrama. I’m gonna resest the circle.”

Lethis: “My Essence vision is always on, Talon.”

Tskirama: Tskirama strikes a pose while still sprawled in her throne.

[OOC] WC ST: Yeah, not his familiar.

Cjopaze: “… That’s not what I needed to see today.” This is from the Van’del.

Cjopaze: “It’s like a sculptor’s nightmare, just stop it.”

Tskirama: One elegant hand makes a very rude guesture at the Van’del.

Lethis: Lethis holds up the petrified Sessalja. “Here. Play with this. Just remember I can shape art so terrible it burns out the vision centers of your brain before you pass judgment.”

Talon [Jim]: Using a mote of Essence, Talon draws a string of absord legnthy from his throat and layers it inside the circle of sand. “Benegrie sum Ligieier sum <malfeas>, Weaver of Voices, I call upon you!”

WC ST: There is no reply.

Cjopaze: “… It’s very possible Benegrie is dead.”

Talon [Jim]: “Hmmm. All right.” Talon said, looking over at his circle. “Lets try a different hierarchy then.”

Cjopaze: Cjopaze leans on the arm of his throne, looking almost bored; it has been scored by his presence thoroughly, and has additionally become entangled with roots and vines, spreading slowly into a hideous tree beneath and behind him. The Van’del… looks up at him fearfully, and at a nod, begins pecking thoughtfully at the glass.

Talon [Jim]: “SWLiHN is still around right?” Talon said, creating a circle of sand, then layering a circle of erupting earth inside it. “Octavian sum [ravine of whipsers] sum She Who Lives in Her Name, I beckon you forth, Living Tower! Do you deny my challenge?”

Lethis: “I think you have to summon him from a mountain for a few days. Also, why don’t we use real summoning instead of trying to beckon? Thaumaturgy is unreliable.”

Talon [Jim]: “Oh well if you want to use some prooper sorcery, then by all means proceed.”

WC ST: Again, there is no answer.

WC ST: …at first.

WC ST: Eventually the party notices the land around has fallen away, as if they are now on a raised platform…or the roof of a tower.

Talon [Jim]: “…Wait… this isn’t what I asked for. I was very specific with the demon, used his lineage and everything.”

Lethis: “Thaumaturgy. Unreliable.”

Tskirama: “Quite.”

Talon [Jim]: “Fine.” Talon said, tapping the tower, causing it to be slowly dissolved into sand. “The floor, such as it is, is yours.”

WC ST: “You called for the Living Tower,” comes from underneath. “We are not all as we were.”

Lethis: “Octavian? You look… different?”

WC ST: The tower resists being dissolved.

Octavian: “No, really.”

Tskirama: Tskirama raises an eyebrow.

Lethis: “We think we’ve gotten trapped in Qaf. What is going on outside?”

Cjopaze: “You seem taller. Have you done something with your hair?”

Cjopaze: “Perhaps it’s the vertical stripes.”

Octavian: “Beats me. She Who Lives In Her Name came in here too, dragging all of her third and second circles.”

Tskirama: “… I see. At a guess, she’s brought the rest of what was left, as I can still feel my… elder self.”

Octavian: “Malfeas-who-was? He is of you, our Empress.”

Tskirama: Tskirama nods.

Octavian: “If you’ll excuse me.” Now the tower dissolves, leaving the ground as it was.

Lethis: Lethis leans to the side, chin on her hand, looking bored. “Well. Even the other demons are calling you ‘Empress’ now. I guess I should make an effort of being more respectful.” She salutes insincerely. “Your highness.”

Tskirama: “The King is dead. Long live the Queen.” Tskirama shrugs.


Log 9

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