log 7


WC ST: The Sun-covered drill tip impotently bashes agaisnt SWLIHN, who willfully ignores it, working instead on reshaping Qaf.

WC ST: Given the local gravity – with Qaf above – it seems tht the party has been asked to Do Something about this.

[OOC] Tskirama: speaking of, is she back to all her spheres?

[OOC] WC ST: Nope. 99,999.

[OOC] Tskirama: huh. alright.

[OOC] Cardew: [ I swear Cardew didn’t count this time XP ]

[OOC] Tskirama: was just wondering since castille ascended too

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[OOC] WC ST: It takes more than just an ascent to make a sphere.

Talon [Jim]: “Shouldn’t we do something about that?” Talon asked as Autocthon drove forward again. “I mean, besides swipping Sun Essence.” he said, his eyes being directed to Cuaton in his arms.

Tskirama: Tskir blinked as a realization rolled over her – Oh. OOOOH. She cackles, and verdant essence sprawls out from her, lighting everything.

Tskirama: “Oh yes, yes we should! Didn’t you have a plaaaaaan, Talon?”

Tskirama: “Yes, you did!” Cuaton nodded.

Talon [Jim]: Talon blinks at Tskirama. “Why does everything I say provoke laughter?”

[OOC] Tskirama: Use your essence sight :P

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: Could of sworn I had that on since last time, but not a big deal.

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: Essence Stare, go!

Physician: The Physician crackles with an odd sort of energy, staring at the sky below. “Perhaps we should just find his fetich soul,” he muses, staring at the drill. “I do confess, I wish Qaf were less cryptic.” His goggles flash, watching Tski, the Sun, and the drill all together.

Lethis: Lethis leans over the edge of her cube, then leaps off towards the projecting drill, attempting to scrape together some of the splattered sun into some gooey tentacles.

[OOC] WC ST: What are you looking at, specifically?

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: Tskirama, Cuaton and Autocthon/Sun. In that order.

Lethis: Lethis has her Essence Sight on 255, anyway./

[OOC] WC ST: …I’ll let Tlu describe what you see of the first two.

[OOC] Tskirama: 8D

WC ST: Yep, that’s that wannabe vampiric drill. The Unconquered Sun thoroughly coats it, preventing any Essence transfer through it. You can see traces of Malfeas, Kimbery, the Ebon Dragon, and Adorjan inside. Peering a little closer – you’re not sure, but there may be Isodoros and others too.

[OOC] Cardew: [ That’s one less Yozi then I though ]

WC ST: All the flows go up – well, “down” given current gravity – the shaft to wherever it is coming from.

Tskirama: Tskirama is glowing brightly to essence sight, almost swallowed by her own emerald light – It’s easy to see she’s naturally holding more essence within her own pattern.

Tskirama: Within her chest, though, shines a brilliant charteruse sun, beating in time with her normal heart. The sun inside Tskir is Cuaton, as much as the tiny, pregnant daeva is. The two lights inside her have merged, by the way.

Talon [Jim]: “No…” Talon breathed. That Autocthon would have come here implied that he must have dealt with the other Yozis, but it didn’t occur to him until now that his appearnce implied that Autocthon had slain them as well. Talon points up at the drill. “And I suppse you find that amusing as well?”

Talon [Jim]: Talon is not pleased at the reminder of his failure. Again.

Lethis: “I know it’s fun to argue, but in case you fools haven’t bothered to look beyond normal range of vision, there’s a rather massive supply of Yozi Essence flowing through that thing. I can’t imagne a rupture would be good for the traitor. I think I’m going to try and poke, or rather shape, a little hole.”

Lethis: “I’d also like to point out I have no idea if that will actually help. Or how he will react.”

Talon [Jim]: “If we go with my planned method of attack, you’ll be caught in it as well.”

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: Unless she has perfected desert creature, I believe.

Lethis: “Then let me finish first!”

Cardew: “Isn’t Cecelyne missing, though? I wonder why?”

Talon [Jim]: “What about Sun smear? I suspect that proection goes both ways.”

Lethis: “Which is why I’m attacking from the side.”

WC ST: Peering just a bit closer – oh, there’s Cecelyne, buried amongst her peers.

Tskirama: “Doing it below the Unconquered Condom should avoid that problem.”

Physician: The Physician startles, and takes off hard, flying on bony wings in tight, rapid circles around the drill, opposing its spin. “They’re still inside! Yes, Lethis, exactly,” he murmurs, speeding around her as well, then returns to the drill, looking for the perfect place to make a small incision.

Talon [Jim]: Talon blinks. “Wait, what?”

Tskirama: “They’re-” Tski grins. “LeTHiS, make that hole.”

WC ST: What’s lelft is far from enough to reconstitute a Yozi – or even a third circle, maybe not even a second.

WC ST: But you have long familiarity with the patterns of motes each Yozi’s Essence formed.

Lethis: Lethis starts shaping. “There’s gotta be a faster way to do this.”

Lethis: The air around Lethis grows cold and wet as she conjures every bit of liquid in the air, and manipulates the familiar Kimberian Essence inside the “pipe” , to create the most severe case of brain freeze Autochthon will ever experience. She begins writing a story of how the pipe’s structure, strained from having to contain so much hyperdivine power, on top of being pressured from both ends by Autochthon and Ignis Divine, was bent and stressed, and how the freezing acidic liquid Essence within was only putting more stress on it. With the pipe blocked, and the surface chilled from without, it was only a matter of time before it cracked.

Lethis: As she drifts past, falling slowly, her own Essence is chilled by her arctic tale, and tiny snowflakes shaped like Old Realm runes drift past as the surface of the drill pipe grows cold and frosty, condensation turning to spiderweb patterns of ice in ever more detailed stories upon its surface, telling Lethis’ tale of destruction in a three-act epic poem.

Tskirama: Tskirama watches, smirking in satisfaction at the sight of Lethis working her will.

Lethis: As a final coup de grace, she adds a twist at the end: that Autochthon, so immersed in destruction of his peers, foolishly reconfigured his Essence to be inimical to the stability or structure of keeping a Primordial, like himself, alive, and that his pipe was no more than a glass sculpture held together with hate and spite… rather significantly less sturdy than expanding ice.

Lethis: “They say revenge is a dish best served cold,” she mutters.

Lethis: “It is very cold in space.”

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[OOC] WC ST: Back. Man those calls have bad timing. >_< Anyway – Lethis, how are you powering the effect? Presumably there’s some Essence force to make it more than just words.

Talon [Jim]: Talon blinks at the falling snow. “Just say the word, and you have my, er, sand.”

Lethis: (Wyld-Shaping via Constructive Convergence of Principles.)

[OOC] Cardew: [ What is it Talon is going to do? ]

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: Sandstrike blast or one of it’s expansions, dependant on the size of the area to be affected.

[OOC] Cardew: [ Depending on what it is, Cardew may be able to contribute ]

WC ST: As Lethis writes, her Essence seeking to imprint itself as the truth, she feels an alien Design enforcing the reality of the drill. Something…something similar to Fate, but not quite. Her words are but words to the pipe, which stubbornly refuses to shatter.

[OOC] Physician: Damnit, that’s right. We need protocols to shape Autochthon >:C

[OOC] Lethis: Shit that was a waste of 29m 1wp.

[OOC] Tskirama: :x There’s Malfeas in there.

[OOC] Lethis: She’s shaping Yozi, not Autochthon, specifically Kimbery. And we’re not in Autochthon. We’re in Qaf.

[OOC] WC ST: Un-spend the m & wp. You could feel it not working before the energy was spent.

[OOC] Lethis: The whole bit about the drill being fragile was just a stunt.

Tskirama: And the Queen of Queens, newly risen from the ashes of the King of Kings, calls to the ancient part of their-self, drawing on that power and authority to throw her own weight into aiding Lethis.

[OOC] WC ST: Also – there’s not enough of the Yozi to override the Design.

[OOC] Tskirama: can’t blame a gal for tryin’

Physician: “… Space.” The word has stuck in the Physician’s mind, and he repeats it out loud.

Talon [Jim]: Talon looks around at the others. “And other idea before we go for Operation: Arbitrary Ammounts of Sand?”

Lethis: “My lady!” Lethis calls to SWLIHN. “I need help reconfiguring a pattern to follow your principle design over the Fate or…whatever this is the traitor is using to protect himself!”

Tskirama: “… Yes, Physician?”

Physician: “What did she mean by-” He looks back, then turns his eyes on the Unconquered Sun. “… Space.” He takes off again, sweeping down (up) past the others toward Qaf. “Deal with the drill! I need- infinity…”

Lethis: Lethis mutters under her breath. “‘Deal with the drill,’ he says. Sure. I’ll just go do that. Thanks for the advice, doc.”

Tskirama: “LeTHiS…” Tskirama frowned. Space is cold…? My daughter, you are…?

Talon [Jim]: Talon turns toward Tskirama, still holding Cuaton. “She seems fine. Though the two Essence patterns have merged.”

Tskirama: “I’m fine, Talon!” The tiny daeva smiled.

Tskirama: “Stop being such a worrywart.”

Talon [Jim]: “I’m not worried…Okay, I am worried, but more about the death drill above/below us.”

Tskirama: “Operation Endless Sand is a go.”

Talon [Jim]: Talon nods. “Yeah, frankly I can’t see a lot of weakpoints in it’s armor. We need to create some sort of hole to do anything signifigant.” Talon sets Cuaton down, giving a pat on her rear to send her on her way a safe distance from him.

Tskirama: Cuaton pouted, and disolved into emerald fire as Talon released her.

Talon [Jim]: “If anyone has any better suggestions, now’s the time.” Talon said, handing over Belagar, cracking his knuckles.

Cardew: “Go for it.”

Tskirama: Belgaer peeped softly, snuggling into the mass of her sisters around Tskir.

Lethis: “Ah, shit! I’m moving! I’m moving!” Lethis flings herself off the drill and starts activating her Shintai so she can fly. “Just let me get out of the way!”

Physician: The good doctor strikes Qaf, burrowing straight into his surface with apologies to the titanic mountain.


WC ST: Qaf opens up for the doctor.

WC ST: An infinite hole pierced right through the infinite expanse.

WC ST: SWLIHN chimes…and Qaf expands, now doubly infinite.

Lethis: Lethis grabs the offered arms, looking both grateful and panicked. “I should really learn to fly.”

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: Writing epic post nao.

Tskirama: “You should. I’ll teach you.” The Empress smiled, wrapping Lethis in six warm arms and rapidly spiraling upward towards the safer area where Lethis’ box still stood.

Lethis: “Er, thanks, Tskirama. I’m, ah, sure I could have handled it, but it was certainly much easier with your assistance. Not that I need your help, but it’s good to know that I have your support.”

Tskirama: “Of course. I cannot allow the destruction of a prized advisor.” She lands and carefully sets Lethis down.

Talon [Jim]: Talon closed his eyes, breathed in slowly, and then exhaled. He repeated the breath. His third exhale exploded outward as the hole-that-was-Talon swept outward with an explosive wave of silver sand, larger than anything the size a Talon-hole could reasonably expect to maintain. The sand was swept in a massive whirlwind, rending the side of Qaf as Cecylene’s magic turned the side of the mountain desolate. As the wave of sand swept out further and faster, the outer reaches of the explosion left Qaf’s gravity and, for a long moment, it seemed almost still as the waves of sand were caught in between the gravity exerted by the two titans.

Talon [Jim]: This silence was broken harshly as Talon focused the sand down and towards Autocthon, closing in on him like the petals of a deadly silver flower as the winds whipped up and intensified, blocking out all other sound as waves of shredding sand and pieces of Qaf flying towards the traitor primordial, the sound of the impacts almost completely lost in the shrieking sound of the maelstrom.

WC ST: The drill finally, FINALLY begins to retreat, the sandstorm pitting and cracking it in many places.

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: Really, I’ve been looking for a reason to use this all campaign :P

Tskirama: “If I get you closer, you think you can use those cracks?”

[OOC] Tskirama: :3

WC ST: [Have I mentioned yet that y’all have secured tonight’s +1 XP from stunts? If not: you have. ;) ]

[OOC] Tskirama: woot

Lethis: “I’ll give it a try! I just need access to something unprotected by that drill. Anything not-Autochthon.”


Physician: “Qaf.” The Physician floats in infinity, watching space and time stretch out around him in all directions. He is beyond even the impact of Talon’s destruction here, in the very essence of that which is infinite, indestructible, and unconquerable.

Physician: “Are you now immune by nature to finite destruction?” His mask falls away, eyes blazing as he watches the weave and flow of essence arcing through what is at once cave and universe.

WC ST: Lethis sees a sufficient amount of non-Autochthon sand in convenient reach. Funny, that.


WC ST: It is ever so difficult to get a prompt answer from one as endless as Qaf, but the Physician thinks he sees signs of a “yes” . Specifically, the part of the sandstorm nearest Qaf forming the Old Realm character for “Yes” .

[OOC] Cardew: [ …I need to go…someone reset my emergency room clock… ]

[OOC] Tskirama: uh oh. catch you later?

Lethis: Lethis dives off the cube, buffering herself in a prism to keep the sand off for a while, while she plummets towards the cracked drill, calling up the sand to flow, a tidal sea of silver particles flooding those cracks, calling to the Cecelynian Essence inside the pipe. It’s buried under a lot of other Primordial Essence, and it sure would be a shame if it built up considerable pressure forcing its way out to unite with the like Essence trickling through those minute openings.

Talon [Jim]: Responding to Tskriama’s oh-so-polite request, the a locus of sand began swiling around the damaged drill. Then another. And another. Normally, Talon would have to be much closer in order to launch this multipronged assault, but for the moment, the sandstorm was him and so was able to strike with impunity at the the weapon, five sand vorticies, scouring away at a single point.

Physician: It is a very good thing that the Physician can read Old Realm. He smiles a gruesome smile. “It is time to counter drill with Spear, then.” His robes distort, then begin to tear as plant life erupts from his flesh, growing twisted and gnarled. “Let us see to it that the Traitor does not escape.”

Tskirama: Tskirama dives off after her, ready to catch her, using the self-same defense.

Lethis: With a feral grin, Lethis gets in very close to the side of the pipe. “I’m gonna try and let you out of there, Cecylene. Don’t get the wrong idea. It’s not because I leak you, or anything. Break-a.”


Tskirama: The Physician can hear Tskir’s facepalm at that.

WC ST: Cecylene makes no more response than a severed, decomposed finger would.

Lethis: "Once there was a maiden.

Lethis: Well, more of a goddess, really. She was infinite in size, and though she died, her body remained infinite.

Lethis: And yet, her treacherous brother thought it funny to try and hold all of her in his throat.

Lethis: ‘The finite cannot contain the infinite,’ said her corpse. "

Physician: Tendrils of moss, leafy vines, horrible wormlike creatures, and abundant, soil-like flesh grow outward, filling the expanse as the Physician begins to exert his power directly on the void. He beseeches Qaf for the wild essence rampaging through the cavernous sky, to feed it into the growing mass around him in a considerably more literal interpretation of World As Flesh Virulence. “Tskirama… I need your power.” His voice echoes from Qaf itself.

Lethis: Lethis has no idea where that came from. Just a spur-of-the-moment bit of inspiration, really.

[OOC] Cardew: [ Okay. False alarm. ]

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: Yay!

[OOC] Physician: Oh good. .

WC ST: Lethis’s prayer bounces off the drill – but resonates from elsewhere. Somewhere…behind her?

[OOC] Cardew: [ Really good. Because if it wasn’t, it would mean my lifespan was decreasing some more XP ]

WC ST: The Physician can feel Lethis’s prayer reinforcing his Essence, helping shape it into a spear right up the drill.


[OOC] WC ST: Triple tech go go go! XD

Tskirama: Tskirama smirks, directing her holy fire to the tip of the forming spear, casting out a charteruse sun.

Lethis: Seeing that reinforcing the spear is much more effective, Lethis tries directing her storytelling towards The Physician instead.

Lethis: “Once there was a Primordial. His body was covered in a strong shell, but he rotted from within by a horrible illness. His siblings taunted him for his infirmity, and so he sought revenge for their insults. But it was far worse than he knew. For in seeking his revenge, he drew the most devestating illness of all into him. In his frailty, he had forgotten to reinforce his insides, rotted as they were, and so things began to grow. Powered by the infinite, what hope did such a fool have against the fatal injection of the Physician?”

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: Idle thought: Is the Sun still, er, alive?

[OOC] Tskirama: we think so

Physician: The Physician arches, surging with power from his brethren as he constructs the Heaven-Violating Spear a weapon with which to counter the Great Maker, pouring his own essence into a needle that erupts from the side of Qaf itself, arming the most passive of all Yozi with a weapon born of three primordials. The Physician himself soon enough appears, clutching onto the side of his creation, flesh flowing from his own hands into what appears to be a flaming spire of jungle. Gargantuan parasites stretch away from the spear itself, reaching out to grab the fleeing primordial vampire. Their jaws attempt to sink in, to drive their way into its body and pull it inexorably back toward the lethal point of the great dagger. “Rot and despair, Betrayer!” roars the doctor, his anima erupting across the entire weapon into which he has poured himself. The needle carries the very essence of rot, of destruction from within.

Physician: It’s about time he got someone sick.

WC ST: The Sun opens up at the last minute, allowing drilltip to meet speartip. The two clash, each seeking to penetrate the other…

WC ST: The drill shaft pulls and tugs against its clamp, threatening to pull the Physician free of Qaf.


Talon [Jim]: From behind the group, out of the sandstorm, a piece of Qaf hurtles forward, arching from behind the Physician, striking the most vulnerable looking spot behind the Sun with a solid ‘WHUD’.

Tskirama: Tskirama clutches her chest. The child. They need the child.

Physician: Green fire races up the body of the needle as, with one last burst of power, The Giver gives his all. The entire needle is imbued with the devastating power of Malfeas’ flaming blows. “Everyone! All of you, do whatever you can to weaken it!” he howls, his body shaking as he struggles to maintain connection to Qaf, to hold onto his weapon.

Physician: And at last, he slides into it, becoming as much part of the needle, of Qaf, as anything else.

Tskirama: Tskir’s mind-hands lash out, reaching for the tip of the drill to tear it open and force the spear inside.

Lethis: Lethis starts focusing on the frost still covering the drill, cooling the drill to weaken whatever immune system the vampiric limb might possess.

Talon [Jim]: The sandstorm around Autocthon spikes in intensity, as Talon abaondons his post on Qaf to bring his full might to bear on Autocthon as he tries to flee the group. Nice try, metal man. Talon’s voice echos from all around him. You’ve sown the thunder, now reap the whilrwind. As his voice echoes away, the whipping, scouring winds returns, buffeting the titan from every angle.

WC ST: The spear catches a crack in the drill, placed there by the sandstorm, and proceeds in. The drill peels away – slowly at first, then with increasing velocity.

Tskirama: “THAT’S IT! KEEP GOING!”

Physician: The drill forces itself deeper, refusing to let the drill regain traction as it rips through the internal components of the other weapon, injecting its toxic essence as it goes, to weaken and destroy the Yozi-slaying weapon from the inside.

Physician: From within the spear, a soft voice cuts through the screeching clamor of the clashing weapons. “My thanks for your continued cooperation, Ignis.”

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: Hey yeah, he hasn’t even said a single ‘Yea, verily’ this entire time. Though to be fair, he does have other things on his mind, as well as other parts of his body.

[OOC] Tskirama: all I can think of is ‘was he blocking that with what I THINK he was blocking that with?!’

[OOC] WC ST: It’s kind of hard to tell one part of his body from another right now.

[OOC] Tskirama: >_< NOT HELPING


[OOC] WC ST: In a sense, he is one, single, giant…shield. That’s what you were thinking, right?

[OOC] Tskirama: nooooope

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: I’d desolate Autocthon’s exterior, but that’s already berfet of life.

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: Ooh, idea.

[OOC] Tskirama: oooh o:

WC ST: Instead of replying, the Sun begins to drift apart – apparently having been forced to confront his hubris, and in that moment, be weakened.

Tskirama: “Well, shit.”

Lethis: Lethis starts focusing on keeping the sun together until the drill was destroyed for certain.

Talon [Jim]: Another sizable chunk of Qaf falls towards the opening created by the physician (Talon must apologize to the Yozi afterwords). This one streaks towards the wound like a comet, bearing the green fire of Malfeas, powered by the hatred towards his jailers and hatred towards those who betrayed him. Now, finally, his fury finally gets to be unleashed on it’s original target.

WC ST: At this rate, it is not so much a matter of ensuring the drill’s destruction, as whether to overkill and counter-penetrate the drill’s source, or to break off before that threshold is reached. Ahead lies the portal the drill came from.

Tskirama: “KILL HIM.”


Talon [Jim]: Don’t focus on the drill, go for his souls! The drill is just his weapon!

[OOC] Cardew: [ There’s no such thing as Overkill. Nothing can ever be too dead ]

Talon [Jim]: Go inside his guts and rip them free!

Physician: The Physician doesn’t seem to be stopping now. “I’m going for the fetich,” it roars! “I want him to know the pain of losing himself!”


[OOC] Physician: Does that count as a called shot: vitals specialty? :D

[OOC] Tskirama: oooh o:

Lethis: Lethis flings herself off the side of the drill and dissolves into black ooze in mid-air, the air-bladder forming her flight capability emerging almost as quickly as her eye-studded tendrils. Floating up towards SWLIHN, Lethis calmly states, “My lady, it may be practical to give yourself some space to flee before we deal the finishing blow. I am not sure what will happen and I’d rather you not be collateral damage.”

SWLIHN: “Go. Distance shall defend.” Indeed, the cascade of destruction appears to be getting quite far from Qaf.

WC ST: …or…is it? …Qaf seems to be chasing it? Catching up?

Talon [Jim]: [HA HA, subjective geometry!]

[OOC] Tskirama: XD

Lethis: Lethis launches herself back towards the conflict, tendrils spiralling through the air as she dives down towards the nadir of the onslaught.

Physician: “We kill his fetich… we force him to surrender!” The Physician is one for poetic justice.

Tskirama: “WE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN MERE SURRENDER.” … Ooohkay, she’s still pissed about daddy, apparently.

WC ST: From behind, the party can feel Qaf’s infinitude reinforcing them, stretching them, boosting…as if a miniature universe opens up inside each one, collapsing and dying to give its power to further the assault.

[OOC] WC ST: In Soviet Malfeas, space goes into you.

[OOC] Tskirama: :D

[OOC] WC ST: And yes I’ve been waiting all session to make that pun. _;

[OOC] Cardew: [ You should feel ashamed for that ]

[OOC] WC ST: But I don’t! XD

[OOC] Cardew: [ Well you should XP ]

Tskirama: Tskirama cackles at the power, green fire errupting around her as she redoubles her assault on the drill.

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: Do we see any of his insides yet? Gears, wires, motors, that sort of thing?

[OOC] Tskirama: o: or people.

[OOC] WC ST: In the drill, certainly.

[OOC] WC ST: People…not so much.

Physician: That said, the Physician’s control is limited; he is part of the weapon, and he is pouring his power into it. It has begun to grow teeth at strange angles and oceanic, egg-like eyes as trees invade a monster full of people who have never seen non-human organic matter.

WC ST: Soon enough, the portal flares around – all colors, including many that do not exist, and the party is…elsewhere. A vast, mechanical world, devouring itself at every turn. Here, metal dissolves into acidic oil; there, smoke condenses; and in the distance can be seen what look like half-digested ghosts inside machinery repurposed from some other design.

Lethis: “Pyrian source.”

Lethis: Lethis is both horrified and fascinated.

WC ST: Legions upon legions of demons scream as they are poured, wholesale, into giant furnaces, only their sheer number preventing them from being consumed all at once.

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: Am I still in Giant Sandstorm Shintai?

Tskirama: The woman who was once Loquacious Dibare glares at the furnaces. “Stop.” Whispers the newly-crowned Empress of the forge.

[OOC] WC ST: Yeah, for as long s you’re maintaining it.

WC ST: The furnaces refuse.

Tskirama: She snarls in annoyance.

WC ST: One of them obeys- then quickly fades to darkness, its components set upon, seized, and devoured by its neighbors.

Lethis: Lethis attempts to shape them into benign machinery.

Talon [Jim]: I still maintain the power of Ceceylene and the force of desolation around here is potent. Give the word and I can grind these gears into silence!

Tskirama: Tskirama ponders for a moment, then smirks. “No. We will do better.”

Tskirama: “We may yet reshape the traitor, much as we have reshaped my Father.”

Talon [Jim]: Can you do it? Last time we tried Shaping, it didn’t go so well.

Tskirama: “And yet a few listen to their rightful Empress. Destroy the other components.”

Physician: The spear continues to drive inward, and here… here, it can spread. Desolation is all Autochthon’s body knows, and now the natural flesh of the Physician’s creation attempts to spread, to take over the body herein and turn mechanical components to organic growth.

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: Hrrm. Our power conflicts in that way. We need to be smart about this.

[OOC] Tskirama: grind the gears to stop them, allowing the physician’s growth there – tskir and lethis can reshape the rest

[OOC] Tskirama: the result will be horrifying :D

Tskirama: Tskirama whispers to the obeying components, those that are left, coaxing them to new life and rebellion against that which would destroy them. They will defend their rightful rulers.

Talon [Jim]: Talon instivley ’tisk’s the encroaching plant life, before the Talon-hole explodes outwards again, waves of sand embedding themselves in the exposed gears and electronics.

WC ST: The few survivng loyal components obey, mounting an infinitesimal rebellion – but it is a start.

Tskirama: Tskirama grins.FIGHT!” she commands the demons.

WC ST: There is nothiing like a desolate mechanical wasteland. Except perhaps a desolate mechanical wasteland that has just erupted in a civil war for survival.

Lethis: Lethis can’t provide nearly the destructive capability as the others… but she can certainly use her focus on order and structure to make sure that the others’ efforts are directed in the most efficient patterns, attacking weak points, and exploiting any opportunity for growth.

Tskirama: “Ehehehehehehehe!”

[OOC] Tskirama: cough

WC ST: The demons trip a bit at that last line. The gist of the murmuring is, “All hail who?”


WC ST: The fight begins to ignite – but sputters out in places. Something is wrong…

Physician: The clogging sand begins to erupt with vines and fungi, which wrap up in the gears which weren’t destroyed by the sand itself. The spear continues its inexorable journey, driving through the enemy forces and creating openings for the demonic army in its wake. The whole thing crackles with black lightning, frying anything that gets too close in waves of lethal radiation.

Tskirama: Tskirama glowers.FIGHT THE TRAITOR, OR DIE WITH HIM.”

WC ST: Many of the demons seem to be choosing both options.

WC ST: …too many.

Tskirama: More quietly, she sighs. “Malfeas is no more. I have taken my Father into myself. We are… together, now.”

Lethis: Lethis just watches. She’s just not very good at public speaking. “Clearly these things are idiots if they’re not picking the option that lets them live over the option that results in horrible pain and death,” she mutters to Tskirama.

Tskirama: Tskirama ponders. She’s not the best at it, either, but then a certain green sun prince had to invoke something that no longer truly existed.

Lethis: “We may need to find a more vital area to begin our assault. We may not be able to create mass civil war, but if we start a small one in a fragile area, we won’t need to.”

Tskirama: She nods. “You are correct.”

Tskirama: “And we may still incite them as we go.”

Lethis: “Most importantly, we need to turn parts of the ecosystem against itself. There’s a lot more of this place than there is of us.”

Lethis: “Make the survival of one part inimical to the survival of another part.”

Physician: The Physician is working on that!

Talon [Jim]: Come with me. My form shall protect you as we proceed. Talon said, moving forward with the group, the sands whipping around them as the metal transmutted under thier feet into desert.

[OOC] WC ST: Lethis: funny you should mention that. Perception + Lore.

Tskirama: Tskirama smiles softly. “Excellent.”

[OOC] Tskirama: that for everyone?

[OOC] Lethis: My anima’s flaring. Does my anima power contribute?

[OOC] WC ST: Anyone else can. Lethis gets a lower difficulty since she’s already thinking along the right lines.

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: plus, auto essence sight

[OOC] Tskirama: tluthal: 11d10: 9 1 2 10 9 5 8 1 1 5 3 (Successes: 5) excellency was invoked

[OOC] WC ST: Not quite the kind of thing your anima power would help with.

[OOC] WC ST: This isn’t just about seeing, but noticing. Thus Perception + Lore.

[OOC] Lethis: Lethis: 10d10: 1 1 3 4 7 1 9 3 3 9 (Successes: 3)

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: Talon: 6d10: 3 6 8 7 4 2 (Successes: 2)

[OOC] WC ST: Tskirama and Lethis made it.

[OOC] WC ST: Talon just gets a vague feeling that something isn’t quite right about how things stop so quickly.

Tskirama: Tskirama looks at Lethis.

Lethis: “That is, if there was an ecosystem.”

Tskirama: “There is nothing here.”

Lethis: “I think it’s already eating itself. Did anyone think to create a way out?”

Physician: The spear is still connected to Qaf.

Tskirama: “We could probably follow the dear Doctor’s tumescent growth out.”

WC ST: Looking back – the spear is being devoured. The connection is almost cut.

Lethis: “I suggest we beat a fleet retreat.”

Talon [Jim]: I could have told you that. ’Potent desolation’ remember? Talon’s voice echos around them.

Talon [Jim]: …This is different.

Tskirama: “SHUT UP. Less talking, more moving.” Retreaaaaaat!

Talon [Jim]: Talon [Jim] moves as fast he can back the way they came, back the openingportal they use to gain entry, his sands buffeting away anything that stood in thier path./

Cardew: Cardew follows the others.

Physician: The Doctor erupts from the spear itself, abandoning it to fly down its length at speed.

Talon [Jim]: …Shit, it’s going after Qaf! Ideas?

WC ST: The demons behind the party continue to fight, using up what few resources are around.

Lethis: Lethis grabs a handful of the demons with her tendrils. No sense in letting them ALL go to waste.

WC ST: Some of the machines begin to leak through the portal ahead, following the spear – yes, indeed, they are seeking to feed upon infinity.

Talon [Jim]: Talon [Jim] strikes away those machines with scouring sand, resorting to Malfea’s flame on those stronger.

Physician: “Cut it! Qaf, let go of the spear, we’ll have enough time to escape before it’s consumed!”

Tskirama: … And yet it doesn’t feel exactly like Malfeas’ flame anymore, does it…

Talon [Jim]: QAF! Talon’s voice echoses further than the physicain, boosted by the Shintai, struggling to co-locatte himself to further boost the range, maybe escape the slowly consuming Autocthon. Cut the spear loose! He’s eating it!

Lethis: Lethis scribes a quick poem along their path as they run, hoping to shape the path around them to hasten their escape and cut off the machines from their target.

Lethis: "The grinding engine sought to feed,

Lethis: But in the end digests its own.

Lethis: What power left of those it killed,

Lethis: Supports the gate that guides them home.

Lethis: But as that flame begins to die,

Lethis: Those living Titans breached the gate,

Lethis: And as it self-consumed the gears,

Lethis: Those living did not share its fate. "

WC ST: The party races for the portal and bursts through, demons and hungry machines preceding and trailing – but this is no mountain on the other side. A starry expanse stretches in all directions…


log 7

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