Log 5


WC ST: And so, for many reasons (some of them even good reasons), Loquacious is about to be…asked questions.

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: Loq is pretty chill about this, but still floatin’ along on her disc of will.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Okay,” Talon said, steepling his fingers together. “you were choosen by Malfeas/Ligier to carry on his… legacy, for lack of a better term?”

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “That would be incorrect.”

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Lethis: “You’re trying to create some kind of… greater power? An unchained Primordial?”

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “More correctly, I was chosen by Ligier as the Infernal whose empowerment would restore his former glory – yes.”

Castille: “Malfeas had no intention of dying. Legacy would be the wrong word.”

Castille: “He was creating a weapon.”

Lethis: “However, to assume that Malfeas did not anticipate such a thing happening would do injustice to our lord’s foresight.”

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “Alright, all of you shut up.”

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “We’re going to do this in little words.”

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “You are all aware that the Primordials became the Yozi.”

Cardew: Cardew listens intently.

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “You are all aware they were different before that.”

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “Ligier still knew the charms from before Mafleas’ other fetich was slain.”

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “He still knew the charms of the Empyreal Chaos.”

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: Loquacious Dibare [Tlu] rubs her face slowly.

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “One of those charms… allowed the creation of a second fetich soul, it’s how Ligier was born.”

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “Do you follow so far?”

Castille: “Obviously.” Castille sneers, arms crossed. He doesn’t like being cut off.

Lethis: Lethis looks sour and doesn’t say anything.

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “Now, say a newly-born primordial who contains their own fetich within their own self were to symbolicly merge with an older primordial who is capable of using such a charm.”

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: She slowly grins. “It would trade a prince for a queen, wouldn’t it?”

Castille: “… Malfeas was trying to restore his first fetich.”

Castille: “It could potentially constitute a loophole in the Oath, since he would no longer be the same Malfeas who surrendered.”

Lethis: “That’s great and all, but what good will that do without Malfeas?”

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “Trying to restore Theion.” She says the forbidden name softly, so softly.

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “I… gathered enough intelligence on the charm, that if someone were willing to… act as a proxy for Malfeas, I might be able to get it to work? We aren’t inside a neverborn, so there’s clearly still something left of him.”

Lethis: “Theion?” Lethis looks confused. “There’s something wrong with that word. It’s broken.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon looks up, surprised. “That’s right. Malfeas hasn’t… changed, yet.”

Lethis: “I’ve never been inside a Neverborn, so I can’t honestly say I know if we’re in one or not. Though I am still respiring motes.”

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “Additionally… Despite Ligier’s… death, there’s been no detectable change.”

Castille: “Some of his living essence remains, possibly because we remain with shards of their power.”

WC ST: As if on cue, the floor vanishes.

Lethis: “I hate you all.”

WC ST: Only several feet, revealing the layer below.

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: Loq is on a floaty disc! Whee. She stretches out mind-hands to catch anyone silly enough to have been walking.

WC ST: The remains even form a ramp back up to Kimbery’s shore.

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Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon leaps back, his wings twitching. “Okay. What was that?”

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “It’s almost like a layer that didn’t exist ground through that one.”

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “Else that was a ‘hello I can hear you’. Alternately, we’re all fucked.”

Lethis: Lethis dangles from the tendril and lowers herself slowly onto the ramp.

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: Loq drifts down to be a head-level to everyone else again.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “I think we passed ‘fucked’ awhile ago. Now we’re in some 4 demensional region that overlaps ‘screwed’ and ‘doomed’.”

Castille: Castille sort of glides smootly to the floor. "I believe the proper term is " Scroomed ".

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “Sounds like your face.”

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “Or making out with a scourge.”

Lethis: “Ugh. That portmanteau caused me physical damage.”

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “Want me to kiss it better?”

Cardew: Cardew stand firmly on the new ground. “Castille…I wish that was the dumbest thing you’ve said…”

Lethis: “Go scroom a Scourge,” Lethis says to Loq.

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “Hee hee hee.”

Cardew: Cardew coughs.

Castille: “Cardew, I wish that was the dumbest thing you’d said in the last half-hour.” Castille does not think much of your intelligence.

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “Sorry Cardew, you have some extra dangly bits that makes it still true.”

Castille: That last statement applies to everyone, incidentally. He’s just a pompous ass.

Cardew: Cardew shakes his head, “Loq, my dear. Could you hurry up with this discussion?”

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “Heh. Where were we?”

Lethis: “How can we use your plan now that Malfeas is… shall we say, invalid?”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “We were talking about what we’re going to do now that Malfeas is… unavailable.”

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “Again, if someone who favors Malfeas is willing to act as a proxy, I may be able to use the charm myself, provided I can put it together.”

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “If that doesn’t work… well.”

Cardew: “So our only choice is to replace the Yozi?”

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon pauses for a moment, his hand on chin, as he fit Loq’s qualifications “What would happen to the proxy, if he was not a primordial, by any chance?”

Lethis: “Don’t you think we should kill the giant Primordial vampire trying to kill the Yozi before we throw ourselves on the spit, so to speak?”

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “I’m not entirely certain, Talon. Liger was intended to be the represenative.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Lethis has a point. We stop ourselves from losing any more ground before we try to expand.”

Lethis: “Not to mention I’d rather not be eaten.”

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “Unfortunately, as close as I am… I can’t stop the first part.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Okay, then we just make sure that Autotwat dosen’t get his claws into you. Then, when he comes for Kimbery, we run interferance.”

Castille: “Well… I mean, we could get someone to become Malfeas via apotheosis, then use them. Of course, that would take a while.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “A long while, yes.”

Lethis: “I think she’s safe from the Traitor for now. But shouldn’t we try to warn some of the others? I’m fairly sure She is found floating around Szoreny most of the time. We could visit both of them at once.”

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “That makes sense to me.”

Lethis: “In the meantime, Loq. My book. I think I might have some ideas if we incorporate some of those broken words. What did you say the name was? I’m having trouble remembering.”

Castille: “Perhaps we should break into teams to cover more ground. And one of us should try to relight the forge.”

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “Theion.” She’s actually kind of reverent when she says it. “… I’d probably be best at that.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “What would the travel time be to warn the two of them? I would despise having left, and come, only for us to be too late.”

Lethis: “Hm. I really would rather be in the group to go warn Her…”

WC ST: As it happens, the geography of Malfeas lines up just then – or will by the time the group gets to the Forge, a day away. Szorney lies just beyond.

Lethis: “Fortunately, I think we can probably travel together.”

Castille: “Good. Once we have warned them, I will make haste to Metagaos and Qaf.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon looks over thier path hesitantingly. “Right. The next attack will come in 5 days. Ergo, if they’re more than a day away, we should double back to protect Kimbery.”

Castille: “Two days.”

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: Wait, I forgot the timeline.

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: There we go.

Lethis: “Yes. And maybe strike back at Autochthon.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon looks incredibly antsy over the disclosure of this new information. The attack on Ceceylene has left him shaken.

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “In which case the geography is likely to shift again, requiring a split of any of us who manage to survive such an assault.”

Lethis: “Which is why we’re warning the Yozi first, rather than waiting until after the attack.”

Cardew: “Then we should go instead of wasting time here.”

Lethis: “Yes. Haste is recommended.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “I’m pondering if perhaps it would not be more prudent for some of us to remain here, in case such a geography shift were to occur.”

Lethis: “Trust me. It’s never far to Kimbery.”

Castille: “How far to the Forge?”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Fine.” Talon said, spreading his wings. “The sooner we get moving the sooner we can move.”

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “About a day.”

Castille: “I can expedite the journey if necessary.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “I’m ready to go when you are.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Yes, please.”

Lethis: “Oh, no. Is he doing what I think he’s doing?”

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “I suspect so.” Loq lands.

Lethis: “I think I will use my own Shintai, thank you.”

Castille: “Shintai?” He raised a brow.

Castille: “Madam, I am a SORCEROR! I am using a spell.”

Lethis: “Ah. Well, pardon me.”

Castille: “Just gather in close, you idiots.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: Iron Talon [Jim] does so

Cardew: “Let’s just get this over with,” Cardew says as he moves in as close to Castille as he feels is sanitary.

Lethis: Lethis tries not to stand next to Castille as she huddles close to Loq. But not, you know, because she wants to touch her. Just because she wants to be further from Castille without being outside the spell.

Lethis: Obviously.

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: Clearly. And Loq, of course, totally doesn’t shift just a little so Lethis can attempt to hide behind her.

Lethis: Lethis being a good foot taller.

Castille: Essence swells around Castille, forming a sharply whipping whirlwind around the entire group, pulling them all in closer as the doctor rises off the ground, his heavy robes flaring outward as each of them is, in turn, pulled off the ground with him. Black and green lighting crackles along the walls and floor, and letters etch themselves into Lethis’ head as Castille asserts reality onto the corpse of Malfeas:

Castille: S T O R M W I N D R I D E R

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Castille: A blazing comet of essence carries them toward the Forge, a long trail of light following after them as they go. It’s not a subtle spell.

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: Oh, nice spell warping.

WC ST: The Forge is as silent and empty as when they left it, though Szorney’s white timbers now sprout up almost within arm’s length of it at one point.

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: Loq attempts to calm her hair, but it’s entirely in vain – the whipping winds undo her hair tie, and the mass – long enough to trail on the ground when braided – floofs out. She is naturally, a green version of cousin it by the time they’ve landed.

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: All she can manage is a pathetic whine.

Lethis: Lethis looks about normal, if a little ruffled. Her hood is wrapped around her face but she quickly restores it.

Iron Talon [Jim]: Doing his duty as a Malefactor, Talon flew over to a limb of Szorney, running his hand all the nearest branch. “Lord Szorney. I have come to bring news most urgent. The traitor, Autocthon, has returned. I’ve seen him slay Cecylene and his bloodlust continues unabated. Though I know you wish to reflect his nature, it is my advice, as a favored servant, that he cannot be permited to continue.”

Lethis: Lethis dashes off into the quicksilver trees, seeking the familiar glow of her mistress.

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: Loq attempts to get her hair out of her face. Both arms and mind-hands just get more tangled up.ASSWENCH.”

WC ST: It takes a minute, but the answer is unmistakable when it comes. The bellow knocks Lethis off her feet, and causes all to brace when the brass plate ground trembles with footstomps.WHERE?!?!?”

WC ST: The Boar is in attenance.

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Lethis: “Lord Isidoros.” Lethis bows deeply.

Lethis: She gasps for breath in the proximity of his intense gravity.

WC ST: “WHERE?!?!?”

Iron Talon [Jim]: The apperance of the Szorney’s partner in crime sets Talon a shuddering, though whether from fear or the physical force of Isidoros is debatable. “W-w-we believe that he will move on Kimberry t-t-tomorrow.”

BOOM BOOM BOOM Boom Boom Boom boom boom boom* and the Boar goes charging off thataway.

[OOC] Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: DAT TIMING

Lethis: Lethis knows better than to try and warn Isidoros to wait. To attempt to do so would be every bit as effective as trying to lift and throw Malfeas.

Cardew: “Well that happened.”

WC ST: The forest begins to grow thataway, Szorney moving in his own fashion after Isidoros, albeit more slowly.

Cardew: “And so did that.”

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: Loq… finally disentangles herself from her own hair. “… What did I miss?”

Castille: “Well. Shall we find Her?”

Lethis: Lethis scrambles to her feet and resumes her search, ignoring the various panicking demons. She uses the essence filter of her Anima to scan for the most ordered, mathematically perfect location in the shifting woods.

WC ST: That would be the Forge, which is now entirely within the woods.

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “Yeah as soon as I tame my hair…”

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: Luckily having roughly seven limbs to do so makes it go fast.

Lethis: Lethis shrugs and runs back towards the forge.

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon rubs his hands together “Well, that went as well as it could have, I would think.”

WC ST: A quick search of the Forge finds nothing on the ground floor, nothing above – but when starting to go into the basement, ah, there’s the familiar glint of the spheres, in the dim light provided by the party. Filling up the basement, it seems.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Now we just need to find one of Her Spheres…oh, there we go.”

[OOC] Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: speaking of, who’s playing beacon? I nominate Loq if nobody else wants to

Lethis: Lethis starts to speak, but realizes She will have extracted the information from her mind if she cared to.

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: Beacon?

Castille: “Is she actually hiding in the basement? Or does she just like it because it has neat square corners?”

[OOC] Cardew: [ Yeah, I have no idea either ]

[OOC] Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: anima flare to light things up

[OOC] Lethis: Lethis is already glowing.

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: Plus, Castille’s probably still glowing from that spell.

WC ST: It is difficult to tell, although both reasons may be in play.

Lethis: Lethis bows before the spheres.

WC ST: She does fill up the basement. Did she put ALL her spheres down there?

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: Loq starts counting!

WC ST: There are spheres behind spheres behind spheres. It is possible that all 99,997 are present, but hard to tell without wading between them.

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: Of course, but Loq is being a curious derp.

Lethis: “Mistress, the Traitor Autochthon has returned from exile and has begun systematic extermination of your peers.”

WC ST: There is no immediate response.

Lethis: “We are going to attempt to defend Kimbery in the next few days. We have determined he will likely strike her next. Lord Isidoros has already gone off to find him.”

Lethis: “As your underling, it, uh… behooves me, to…” She fumbles over her words a bit, uncharacteristically nervous. “give you warning so that you may be better prepared to act. N-not that I think you’ll be unprepared. Not that I’m worried! It is not my place to worry.” She blushes and tries not to stammer.

Castille: Castille frowns… and pokes one of the spheres.

WC ST: The sphere drifts.

Lethis: “Oh no. Oh, no oh no oh no.”

Castille: “… Oh, shinma.”

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “… Well, titbiscuits.”

Lethis: “NO!”

WC ST: It soon drifts back…but it should never have gotten out of place in the first place.

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: Loq, without hesitation, wades into the spheres.

Lethis: Lethis is right behind her.

WC ST: They are slow to reassert their pattern as the party passes.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Um, Loq, uh… She has this whole thing about… oh hell.” Talon mutters as he darts behind her, trying to avoid nudging the spheres.

Castille: Castille follows after, smoothly drifting over the floor.

Cardew: Cardew moves right in with the rest of the group.

Lethis: “Mistress? Are you okay? Please…”

WC ST: 99,997 spheres is an awful lot. Layers upon layers upon layers upon…waaait, this is a wall, on the far side.

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “… There’s no flame.”

Lethis: Lethis full-out sprints all the way around to find Her core constellation.

WC ST: 99,997 spheres, and naught else.

Lethis: Lethis falls to her knees, surrounded by empty shells.

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: Awww, no Auto vs. SWLiHN? Pooh

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon curses, grasping and holding one of the spheres. “I don’t…how?…” he finished weakly.

[OOC] WC ST: Not yet. Isidoros gets first crack.

Lethis: Lethis stands up suddenly, amber eyes burning. “First Daughter of Emerald Light. Allow me to help you light the forge.”

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “It would be my greatest honor.”

Castille: “Shit. Shit, shit, shit, if he got her, then either he got her before the Ebon Dragon, or… we’re wrong about the pattern. Ironically enough.”

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: “… Or perhaps She poured Her strength into holding the pattern together.”

Cardew: “I didn’t even know of this…,” Cardew says a bit disturbed.

Castille: “In that case… helping her may let her wake up.”

Castille: He nods. “Relighting the Forge would be the first step, it’s the heart of Malfeas.”

Lethis: The white tendrils of flames swirl into elaborate spirals, a constellation of fantastic complexity as Lethis moves towards the forge.

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: Loq dashes up the steps to it, eyes blazing as she prepares her own Shintai.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “That would seem to be the case, based on her condition.” Talon said. That was what made him respect SWLiHN, even if it was unwilling. She was willing to uphold her pattern, even if it was not to her benefit.

Castille: “You all work on that. Cardew, see if you can help me find Metagaos. If we can do nothing else, we can see how Autochthon likes being consumed himself.”

Cardew: Cardew nods as he starts reaching out to his assets.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “I’ll stay at the forge, see if I can’t provide any assitance.” And conviently, stay away from Metagaos.

Cardew: “I…I…,” Cardew starts at a loss for words, “I can’t find any information on anything. Nothing at all…”

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon turns to him. “Her Charms not working?”

Lethis: “Her charms are working fine.”

Cardew: “I search or gather information with Charms.”

Lethis: Lethis’ voice is icy cold and has a pronounced hollowness audible over the timed clicking of tiny objects propelled by her mind hands to support the pattern. She examines the forge for the input point and focuses her power on Shaping it for Infernal use.

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: As Loquacious dashed for the stairs, she drew herself into herself, her anima dimming until even her castemark vanished. Only Lethis lit the way to the forge, as Loquacious swallowed her own light. Yet she travelled those halls, stairs, that floor as though she had crossed it blind a million times before.

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: When she reached the forge, it was to leap nimbly onto it, and tilt her head up towards a light and father long since gone. For a moment, her hands hung limply at her sides, and she simply breathed, remembering the stinging feeling of Ligier’s light on her skin. Slowly, though, her hands began to rise, sweeping out in a great arc, as her head slowly, painfully slowly, tilted back down.

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: She breathed out chartreuse essence, murmuring a plea to a thing broken beyond repair, to a concept that should have been gone. Her arms were level, hands up as though cupping unseen flames as she exploded into the viridian glory of the First Daughter of Emerald Light. Her top pair of hands continued their sweep upwards now, coming to their apex; her middle set pressed together as in prayer; her lowest pair spread open in invitation.

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: And she unleashed the radioactively sacred light upon the Forge, pouring every mote of herself she could spare into it.

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Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: [the merely adequet is for looooooooosers]

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WC ST: Green radiance sweeps out in an expanding corona over the forge. Where it passes, things return to life – furnaces catch fire, machinery begins to turn, even some first circle demons materailize wholecloth. And down in the basement, as the light passes, the fire – guttering, mistaken for gone earlier but still there if weak – returns, the spheres forming up like a near-dead person taking a breath to confirm continued existence.

[OOC] WC ST: Per+Awa, anyone in the basement.

Lethis: Lethis follows the lines of power flowing from Loq’s… no, the First Daughter of Emerald Light’s anima, using her telekinesis to grab the frayed ends of the ambient Essence patterns and twist them into a pattern to fit her glorious presence, the stones of the tower banking outwards into a hexagonal shape reminiscent of her six arms, each ending in a many-tined green candelabra lit by the fires of the First Daughter. The Forge is opened and spins below her, capturing her radience and chanelling it into the belly of the machine, glowing and igniting until it is sustained by the mere flow of power. As the Defiler closes the connection, she sets the forge floating so that it can be accessed from below as well, a magnificent spired anvil forming beneath of verdigrised stone.

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[OOC] Cardew: [ 0 , 7 , 9 , 8 , 2, 6 ``=`` 5 successes ]

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WC ST: Cardew manages to quickly count – yep, all 99,998 spheres are lit. …waitaminute…

[OOC] Castille: No successes. Castille’s distracted by the relit forge.

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Cardew: Cardew stands there, absolutely baffeled.

Loquacious Dibare [Tlu]: Light, for her part, unfolds her wings, delicately hovering in place with only the gentlest of movements.

Cardew: “Did I miscount…?”

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon sighs happily at the reignition of the forge. “Glad to see something going right.” he then turned to the revived spherical form. “My lady?” he asked, brushing up against the nearest sphere.

First Daugther of Emerald Light [Tlu]: “… Nice job, LeTHiS.”

SWLIHN: “you you you have done this how is this possible why is my order being remade”

First Daugther of Emerald Light [Tlu]: Done what now?

[OOC] First Daugther of Emerald Light [Tlu]: :D LOQ’S IN THE FORGE, SHE CAN’T SEE.

Lethis: “My Lady?”

First Daugther of Emerald Light [Tlu]: “My Lady?”

SWLIHN: “my spheres my missing three you have restored one the critical one the concept of our self-repair”

[OOC] First Daugther of Emerald Light [Tlu]: Slayer

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: Whoops!

[OOC] Lethis: Both!

[OOC] First Daugther of Emerald Light [Tlu]: Yep XD

First Daugther of Emerald Light [Tlu]: Light blinks, running through the calculations – and GRINS. “Ehehehe. Hehehehehehe.”

Lethis: “It was not our intention to reformat you, My Lady. We merely wished to restore the function of the Forge. And I uh… I thought you were… dead.”

SWLIHN: “it was all i could do to hold our pattern together to prevent us from dissolving into wyld or worse why did you how did you restore”

First Daugther of Emerald Light [Tlu]: “LeTHiS. LeTHiS. IT WORKED!”

Castille: Castille blinks, then immediately darts down to go see SWLIHN himself, producing tools from within his cloak. “Self-repair… incredible! Incredible, my goodness, if that is the case… Hmm… mmhmm… I mean, you must understand, Malfeas, the Ebon Dragon, Ceceylene, and Adorjan are all dead…”

Castille: He mutters to himself, listening to spheres as he explains things to SWLIHN in the casual terms of his terrible bedside manner.

SWLIHN: “unstable unstable this pattern can not hold you you you m-m-must finish the job”

Lethis: Lethis begins spouting out technical prognostics, the blueprints she used to reformat the Forge.

First Daugther of Emerald Light [Tlu]: “My Lady, I believe by examining your concept of self-repair I should be able to modify the procedure accordingly.”

Lethis: “First Daughter! We must finish our repairs. Lady She Who Lives In Her Name has commanded it.”

Castille: “Well, yes, obviously,” he says. “Your pattern is thrown completely into chaos by the concept of self-repair working ineffectually on the other two broken spheres. If you could just bring it here…”

SWLIHN: “unstable unstable self-repair induces change change protects heals pattern b-but destroys damaged pattern introduces paradox conflict it hurts”

WC ST: One of the spheres – identical to all the rest, so far as those present can tell – is quickly shoved in front of Castille.

Lethis: Lethis pulls out the Broken-Winged Crane. “I need to find information on the Primordials! First Daughter, what was that name?”

First Daugther of Emerald Light [Tlu]: Light mumbles to herself, pressing a hand to her face. She can hear the throbbing and pounding of her heart, feel her anima like skin stretched out too far.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “What do you need done, Emerald, Lethis? Let be your extra hands.”

First Daugther of Emerald Light [Tlu]: “Theion.”

First Daugther of Emerald Light [Tlu]: “Find that diagram again.”

First Daugther of Emerald Light [Tlu]: It hurts it hurts it hurts pounding throbbing so close she can hear the wardrums pounding-

Lethis: Lethis flips through the pages, trying to figure out the constantly changing index. There!

Lethis: “If I translate this symbol as ‘Theion’…”

Castille: Castille nods, reaching forward, inspecting it with his eyes closed, vast medical and occult knowledge pouring through it in his essence as he seeks its place in the pattern, and the locations it is attempting to fix. “Mm…”

Lethis: She points to several of the spheres. “Talon, bring me those spheres. If you turn on your Essence Sight, you’ll see which ones have unusual patterns in them. It’s causing her pain because they’re the ones with the abnormalities.”

First Daugther of Emerald Light [Tlu]: “Castille, I need to see it. Bring it here.”

First Daugther of Emerald Light [Tlu]: She’s mumbling to herself in broken words now.

WC ST: The missing spheres are simply missing – even their places in the pattern are missing.

Lethis: “I… I can read this! It makes sense! First Daughter! Keep saying those! I think I can fix some of them…”

WC ST: That said…the patterns try to click together, like clockwork that keeps trying to click but is held back.

Castille: “Hm. Here. It doesn’t know what it’s trying to fix. Unfortunate,” he rumbles, escorting the sphere up to the Forge- gently, gently- to let the First Daughter see it.

Lethis: Lethis levitates the book up, small diagrams superimposed over the pages in trails of whispy amber Essence, across the diagram from before.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Castille, here!” Talon said. Grabbing the sphere, he translocated himself with the power of the endless, desert, appearing next to Emerald with the sphere.

First Daugther of Emerald Light [Tlu]: She speaks louder now, voice rising almost sing-song, to a too-fast beat, as though to two dueling drums. Her mind-hands reach out for it to caress and examine gently-so-gently. Words that were broken long ago, words too broken to exist yet- a song that doesn’t know its own lyrics.

Lethis: She presents it to the First Daughter of the Emerald Light, held at just the right height to read.

First Daugther of Emerald Light [Tlu]: Light looks at it, the broken song spilling from her lips as she examines the the conceptual sphere-

First Daugther of Emerald Light [Tlu]: Clicking. Clicking against a wall where a component should be- boxed off, not just broken, locked away, it hurts it hurts-

First Daugther of Emerald Light [Tlu]: Oh, she understands this pain, the pain of thoughts circling and trying to form a truth where none exists. It hurts it burns IT MUST BE THERE-

Castille: And Castille just stares. One can almost see a grin across his mask, the horrible, misshapen, toothy grin of his Devil-Tyrant Avatar, as he witnesses the ascension of his finest pupil. “Don’t you stop! Finish it!” he roars, his anima flaring explosively, melding itself into hers.

First Daugther of Emerald Light [Tlu]: WHAT.

First Daugther of Emerald Light [Tlu]: WAS.

First Daugther of Emerald Light [Tlu]: THAT.

First Daugther of Emerald Light [Tlu]: WORD?!

[OOC] Castille: Frindle.

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: I am so tempted to say “the bird. the bird is the word.”

Lethis: “First Daughter! Her name! We need to speak Her name!”

Lethis: “Use her Shintai!”

[OOC] Lethis: She does! But you also learn part of it with the Shintai.

Lethis: Lethis cries out a word of almost perfect order, the fragmentary piece of Her Name, the letters visible to her eyes as she speaks them, floating up and joining the chorus of the First Daughter’s symphony.

Iron Talon [Jim]: Iron Talon [Jim] kneels in symbolic supplication to Her Order, his voice releasing an unulating chant used at the temples of the Yozi, a chant that told the story of thier rise, thier betrayal, and thier ultimate victory.


Log 5

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