Log 3


WC ST: Off the group goes, in the Leviathan, over the Malfean brass…

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: in >_<

[OOC] WC ST: On and in.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Are we going back to the Allthing? Or somewhere else?” Talon asked

WC ST: The Leviathan’s course so far has been back toward that gathering of Infernals.

Lethis: “That’s our best bet.”

Astraea: “See look``~``! He grows bigger almost every day``~``! There’s an opening here, so we can instal a howdah on his back or something! Then I suppose you can all stop complaining, stupid babies.” “They’re complaining because we can smell its dinners.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Quite.” Loq has been alternately quiet and a tiny ball of rage.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “That would be preferable yes. Did that shaping earlier slow Autocthon’s advance?”

Astraea: “We’ll gather up the worthy into my precious baby’s bowels and feed the essence of the weak into his stomach to make him even stronger``~``”

Castille: “I love this job.”

Lethis: “We need all the Infernals we can get. Don’t destroy them yet.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “What Lethis said. If Autocthon is here for revenge, he’s not going to stop at Malfeas.”

Castille: “S he even want revenge on the yozi for? He betrayed US.”

Astraea: “Let me kill the one who melted the Bride. I liked the Bride. She was always kind to me.” “And she cooked really well…”

WC ST: There are not many Infernals at the Allthing. In fact, there is only one – that alchemist. His right hand over here, his spleen over there…

WC ST: His exaltation is nowhere to be found. Must be back in the phylactery-womb by now.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “… We should grab her.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “If we can find her.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Whoa! It seems like us getting there too late is a thing now.”


Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon slides awawy from Loquacious’ explosion. “I’m sorry, when I’m scared, I snark.” Turning to Astrea, Talon asked. “Does this thing have any sensory organs that we can use?”

Astraea: “How unfortunate``~``” “Give me that spleen``~``” Her hair reaches out to feed the wayward organ into Ilulus’ maw

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Long distance Essence Sight, preferably.”

Lethis: “Well, good riddance to bad rubbish.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] GRUMPS.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “What if…” Talon said, holding up a finger. “We could somehow use the threads that anchors us to the Phylactery Womb to track it?”

Lethis: “I didn’t even LIKE the Ebon Dragon and I thought he should have had a chance at that guy.”

Astraea: “Delectable spleen``~``” “Rather tasty, where’s the rest of his meat?” tendrils of hair go a-searching for the delicious chunks alchemist.

Castille: Castille collects a few chunks of him. For various purposes.

Lethis: “Wouldn’t that require some astrology? I’m not capable of following threads of fate.”

Astraea: “I don’t know, he was tasty``~``” “Maybe he had some worth after all…”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Hmmm. Thats true. And we need to focus on more immediate concerns, i.e. how are we going to escape Malfeas?”

WC ST: Astraea easily finds the rest of the body scattered around. His face looks like he was in qutie some pain when he died.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “What happened to him? Can someone get some analysis done before you eat the evidence?”

Astraea: Astraea squeals with delight as Ilulus hisses out his laughter “Oh look``~`` This is funny``~``” “Gegegege how amusing” “I’m keeping it``~``!”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Castille’s the the best with medicine.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon motions Castille forward, while he looks around the All Thing for other items of intrest.

Astraea: “Castille! Tell me how painful his death is``~``!” “And make it preserved, I want to mount it on our wall”

Castille: Castille sits, picking up a few of the larger chunks of him- in some cases, wresting them from Astraea’s hair.

Lethis: “There’s a rather surprising amount of vomit around here. I’m learning far more than I ever wanted to about what Infernals besides me eat.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Heh.”

[OOC] Castille: 9 successes to diagnose cause of death

[OOC] Castille: Beyond just being hacked apart.

Lethis: “Oh, hey, Astraea. I found one of a pair of broken heartstone bracers. And a wrist. And they’re both covered in vomit.”

Lethis: “Want to eat it?”

Astraea: “Oh sorry…” “That’s mine! Give it back!” A few tendrils gladly give their prize up, a few whip and flail and try and keep their tasty treats. “I’ll take both my little sister``~``!” “Give us them both right now”

WC ST: The cause of death is soon determined: having been torn to shreds while being beaten to a pulp and skewered with no less than 9 dailkave-sized instruments and having a sizeable amount of acid poured on him. It looks like there was some metaphysical damage too, but it is difficult to tell.

Lethis: Lethis looks a little sick, not actually expecting her to say yes to that. She gingerly lifts it with her mind hands and flings it at Astraea.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “… Lovely.” Loq shakes her head.

Castille: Castille murmurs softly as he goes, extracting burnt flesh and drawing his fingers across clean cuts through bone. “Honestly? It looks like he pissed off the others.”

Cardew: “Got what he deserved.”

Astraea: Bundles of hair catch the hearthstone bracers and the wrist. Pulling the wrist free and shoved into Ilulus’s maw. And the bracers are getting cleaned

Lethis: (Bracer. There was only one and it’s broken.)

Iron Talon [Jim]: “I suppose…” Talon said, looking uneasily at Astrea’s meal.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “That he did. So then…”

Astraea: Then the bracer is cleaned, and turned into a lovely hair ornament after a dip into the Leviathan’s mouth.

Lethis: “How many of the idiots do you think tried the Scarlet Bridge again?”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “A lot.”

Cardew: “Hopefully not all the idiots.”

Astraea: “We’ll have to swim out through Mother.” “Or bore through the Lord’s flesh…”

Lethis: “Or try to cross Cecelyne. We haven’t actually tried that yet…”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Indeed.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Okay, so we have to find the phylactary womb, grab it and escape Malfeas. In 2 days.”

WC ST: As a note, it is now just shy of 5 days since the green sun died.

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: Whoops

WC ST: There is a bit under 1 day until the Unconquered Sun is due to arrive.

Lethis: “We don’t have enough time for this. Lillun should be somewhere in here.”

Astraea: “Oh yes! Please! I love Lillun, she’s such a cutie” “And so useful… if we control the Exaltations…”

Castille: “Ve could alvays… see if ze Boar is still alive.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] rubs her forehead.

Castille: “It vould make navigation easier if ve could make him zink he vanted to go a certain direction.”

Lethis: “If Isidoros could escape Malfeas that way, I imagine he would have done it already.”

Astraea: “But he couldn’t… when the Lord was alive…” “The Lord is dead. A corpse is weak”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Mm.” Frown.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Okay, so we probably don’t have enough time to both grab lilith AND escape Malfeas. Otherwise, we’ll have bright and shiny to deal with.” the unspoken ‘and it’s all my fault’ hang in the air.

Lethis: “His surrender oaths prevent it.”

Astraea: “Do the surrender oaths stop him from just making a hole we can go through? And Lillun is HERE. In the Althing. She always is” “Now lets go get her and have the baby run”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “That assumes he would help us.”

Castille: “Mmm. Crossing Kimbery is our best bet. Once Ignis Divine breaks into Malfeas, I don’t imagine we will have time to cross Cecelyne.”

Lethis: “Okay. We’re short on time. Loq and I will go find Lillun because we have mind-hands and Essence sight. Castille, you and Astraea take care of the… baby.”

Castille: “Right. Shall we?”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Let’s go.” Loq nods.

Cardew: “I will go with Castille and Astraea.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “I’ll go with Loq and Lethis.”

Lethis: “Cardew, if your informants have ANY idea where to find the Black Boar, this would be a good time to call in favors.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon tries to use Pentinents Like Scattered Grains, but he suspects that many of his cultist are focused on escape, like him.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loq looks around. Hmmm. Where to start?

Astraea: “Castille, have you given any thoughts on the symbiots to give to my baby?” “Something useful I hope”

WC ST: Indeed, most of Talon’s cultists are well on their way across the desert by now. Many of them pray for Talon to join them.

[OOC] Lethis: Lethis: 15d10: 2 6 3 1 2 10 2 5 1 3 1 4 8 10 5 (Successes: 5) (Perception+Occult to find traces of Lillun via Essence sight, first Excellency +3, Unwoven Coadjutor)

Lethis: (Wow. That’s… sad.)

WC ST: Lillun is…over thataway, in the middle of a disturbance near a gate to the desert.

Cardew: “Lethis.”

Lethis: “Can this wait, Cardew?”

WC ST: It looks like some are fighting to take her with them out, while others are fighting to keep her within Malfeas’s borders.

Castille: “Mmm. A few. It will require some modifications to properly pass through Kimbery, after all. Especially if it’s going to, you know, not expose us to Kimbery.”

Cardew: “I suppose.”

Lethis: “Oh, shit. Hey! Wait! Don’t you think she should be protected by something?”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Which is important. Lethis, you have wierd expression on your face.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Huh?”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] is COMPLETELY DISTRACTED. Yet again. Damnit Loq get your head in the game.

Astraea: “He’s born to swim already, but I think a little work can help him survive better.” “But what kind of things could help him…”

Lethis: “I think I found the other Infernals.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “And…?” Talong gestures for Lethis to continue speaking.

Lethis: “They’re trying to get Lillun through an Inauspicious Gate.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Ah. Which means we can either a) assume they get her through okay or b) try to go there ourselves and risk the wrath of bright and shiny.”

Lethis: “She’s not through yet. And even if they get her in Creation, do you really think that’s a smart idea?”

Lethis: “She’s not outside Fate!”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “It’s that or leave her to die under bright and shiny anyways.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: Iron Talon [Jim] nods. “Yeah, he’s not tolerant of… that sort of thing.”

Astraea: “Or bring her aboard my darling” "Yes he’s not suspicious under the eyes of the Traitor-Sun

Iron Talon [Jim]: Iron Talon [Jim] buries his face in his for a moment. “Okay, so you continue to work on the Leviathan. I’ll go over to the gate and help them through.” Talon looks like he’s physically ill as he says this.

Castille: “Yes… tell them we have a vessel to escape with.”

[OOC] WC ST: So only Talon is going over there?

[OOC] WC ST: If so – Talon, Per+Awa.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “I’ll go with you. It’s quieter.”

[OOC] WC ST: Per+Awa from anyone going over there.

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: 6. Give me a second to get the roller up.

[OOC] Lethis: Lethis: 8d10: 6 10 10 6 2 6 1 1 (Successes: 4)

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: gimme a sec

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: 6d10: 9 6 6 10 2 7 (Successes: 4)

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: tluthal: 4d10: 5 1 2 2 (BOTCH!) damnit Loq XD

WC ST: Everything seems just fine to Loq. Was there even a fight here? She’s seen more disorderly tea parties.

WC ST: Talon and Lethis see a familiar drill in the distance, piercing the darkness over the desert and descending.

Lethis: “Oh, no. Oh, no. We need to go.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Huh?”

WC ST: Some of the demons begin to sing along with Lethis.

Lethis: (Hah!)

Lethis: Lethis points her towards the sky over the desert.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “… Shit.”

WC ST: …and Lillun is right on the gateway’s border.

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: How far away are we, relativley speaking?

Lethis: “Don’t, you idiots! She’s not outside Fate!”

[OOC] WC ST: The drill is about 2.5 days away.

[OOC] WC ST: And will impact in minutes.

Astraea: “Hrm… Maybe… shells? Like… crabs!” “Yes lets give your baby crabs” “Shells shells shells”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “I don’t suppose either of guys have a weapon that reaches that far.” Talon said, gesturing to the drill.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Not without fastballing one of the swords, and I’m not risking that.”

Castille: “A shell… would be an excellent method of protecting us from Kimbery’s waters. Looks like we don’t have an alternative, either…” He turns to stare where the others are pointing, and chokes a little to boot.

Lethis: “You can throw your swords halfway across Cecelyne?”

Astraea: Astraea turns towards the horizon “Oh no…” “Not again…”

Castille: “It would still take two and a half days to get there. That’s the rule,” he mutters.

WC ST: One advantage of seeing things from this far away is time to react. Still, the drill has almost reached the ground…

Loquacious [Tlu]: “… That’s why I won’t risk it.”

Lethis: “Can we worry about things we can actually deal with, please?” Lethis points to the gate.

Castille: “Look, get Lilun away from them! And get them away from Cecelyne!”

Castille: “Get them on the damn leviathan while we equip it for travel!”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Wait, it’s going after Cecylene right?”

Castille: “Yes, which means it’s NOT going after Kimbery!”

WC ST: And down. The gate ripples and wavers. Lillun shrieEEEEEEEEEEEks – the ripple is going right through her womb.

Lethis: Lethis runs over to the gate and starts trying to shut it down.

WC ST: The gate is shutting down quite nicely on its own.

WC ST: Indeed, Lethis knows well what happens when the gate closes with someone halfway through it.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] runs after Lethis, reaching out to grab Lillun and pull her back-

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Shit shit shit shit-”

Astraea: “Yes. Right. Castille lets start.” “We must make ready to leave” Astraea once more swells to pregnancy, a brood beginning its design.

[OOC] WC ST: Str+Ath, Loq.

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: Use that Malfeas Excellency!


Castille: His arm swells enormously, so quickly that he has to struggle to get it out of his cloak before it becomes truly gigantic. He’s making full parts now, not just feeding Astraea.


[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: winged isn’t that supposed to be something plus occult since MIND-HANDS?

Lethis: Lethis tries to grab Lillun and pull as fast as she can. She can’t seem to muster up the power of SWLIHN here… must not be efficient enough.

[OOC] WC ST: I’ll allow Str+Occ.

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: yay

[OOC] WC ST: Ditto for Lethis.

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: sorry I forgot to say that. just looked

[OOC] WC ST: Yes, the often used Str+Occ. :P

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: tluthal: 16d10: 8 9 4 9 8 5 8 1 2 5 9 9 1 6 2 1 (Successes: 7)

[OOC] Castille: Sidereals use it all the time!

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: yay first malfeas

Iron Talon [Jim]: Iron Talon [Jim] contributes his own Str+Ath. Cece exclency?

[OOC] WC ST: Sure.

Lethis: (MHM uses Essence for Strength.)

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: 7d10: 10 5 7 6 2 9 8 (Successes: 5) + 3 sux. from 2nd cece. exclency for a total of 8

[OOC] Lethis: Lethis: 12d10: 5 3 7 1 2 1 1 6 5 2 10 8 (Successes: 4)

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: … may have more dots to add to that then. facepalm

[OOC] WC ST: Let me know when all the rolls are made.

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: tluthal: 6d10: 3 8 1 5 1 1 (Successes: 1) the forgotten dice. DONE!

WC ST: Though the trio are opposed by Infernals pulling her into the desert, you get Lillun across the gate before it seals. Mostly. Her head is left behind.

WC ST: At least she is no longer screaming.

Castille: Castille winces and makes his way over quickly.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] twitches.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “CASTILLE! SHAPING! NOW!”

Lethis: “I… I don’t know what will happen! Oh, no. Oh, fuck.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “HURRY THE FUCK UP-”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Or some secondary control organ or someting! Shit, I don’t know!”

Astraea: Astraea begins to sniffle and sigh… and then she starts bawling. Ilulus screams and roars, her hair flails and lashes at everything around it. And streams of tears pour from her eyes, tears of acid pooling about her

Cardew: Cardew moves away from Astraea as he takes in what just happened.

Castille: He immediately discharges the half-formed symbiont in his arm and grabs her neck with the gnarled hand, closing his eyes tight as her blood flows into the closing wame, shuddering violently as he begins to forcibly connect her body into his own, bringing his other arm around to grip his wrist to keep himself from letting go as the pain of nervous connections attempting to twine themselves into a dying body wracks his entire being with pain. “Don’t- know if I can-”

[OOC] Castille: What would I even roll for this, holy shit

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] wraps her mind-hands around him and Lillun’s body to hold them together.

[OOC] Castille: He’s basically trying to graft her body onto his to keep it alive.

[OOC] WC ST: Stuff this epic? Don’t bother with the dice. Just stunt HARD.

[OOC] Castille: So that Astraea can make a new head.


Lethis: “Cardew! I wish I could heal!”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “HELP ME HOLD THEM THEN.”

Astraea: (She’s already changed her design to “New Lillun” , so somebody better remind her to make something else)

[OOC] Lethis: Does Cardew have Gifts of Greater Glory?

Iron Talon [Jim]: “If you have any Malfeas pain nullification Charms, now is that time to use them. Mind handers, help me!” Talon said, cradaling CastilleLilith/

[OOC] Cardew: [ Nope ]

Loquacious [Tlu]: “ATRAEA, HEAD. GET TO WORK.”

Lethis: Lethis runs over to help hold the wound. Her wish falls on deaf ears.

[OOC] Cardew: [ That’s like the next thing on the list ]

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] is already cradling, swearing loudly and thoroughly.

Cardew: “I can’t do anything for you, Lethis,” He sighs.

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: I do have Verdant Emptiness Endowment though

Castille: He hisses, his essence going instantly iconic, wrapping the entire area in a blazing green inferno of corrupted fiery tendrils, screaming in pain as light explodes from the mirrored eyes of his mask, his arm drawing more of her body into itself. This is pain far beyond what his charms can negate; this is pain at the nervous centers, fighting to keep his corrupt blood from flowing into and killing her as her skin fuses with his, drawing back his own disease-ridden flesh to protect her own.HOLD ME… DON’T… LET ME LET GO…”

[OOC] Cardew: [ I love how there’s two of us with VEE ]

Astraea: “Ye-yes… yes darling yes yes yes” “Of course, right away.” There’s a gurgling, her stomach bursts releasing some… skittering thing. It looks like a young girl’s head, moving on a dozen legs, dragging a nervous system from its neck-stump. Her eyes are closed and face is serene as it moves towards Lillun

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: We are horrible, horrible people.

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: we aaaare


Castille: Castille grabs it with his good hand and turns his blazing eyes to Talon.CUT MY ARM OPEN. CUT IT OPEN, DAMNIT!”

Lethis: “I can do it! Hold still, Castille!”

Lethis: Invisible tendrils lash out with unparalleled precision and exacting force to slice the skin holding his tumor.

Cardew: Cardew stands by at the ready to help how he can.

Iron Talon [Jim]: Iron Talon [Jim] holds Castille tight around his arm, sweating nervously, eyes darting around the room.

Astraea: The head smiles, sighing lightly as it approaches its new body, headed towards Castille and Lillun


Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] holds Lillun’s body, but reaches out a tendril to help the head.COME ON HURRY UP-”

Castille: Before the Wame can knit closed, screaming in pain, he hauls the head up and begins jamming it inside, forcing it in so that he can forcibly craft it and knit into place. His screaming redoubles as it closes, pulling the hair in so that he can knit it in, affix the proper blood vessels. His screaming redoubles as he struggles to reopen the blood vessels, shift the nerves, and insert the head into place.

Lethis: Lethis attempts to do her best to lend her shaping skills, using her surgically applied mind-hands to Invoke Principles of stitched flesh and knitted muscle.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loq swears, holding them steady. “THAT’S IT. THAT’S IT COME ON- YOU’RE DOING GREAT.”

Cardew: “You’ve got this, Castille.”

Astraea: It helps puts itself in, razor-sharp legs spreading flesh, while its prehensile nervous system forces its way into Lilun’s body.

Lethis: “Everything’s fine. Everything’s fine!” Lethis mutters, a horrible rictus of a smile on her face.

Astraea: Astraea moves foreward, hair reaching out in a strangely loving embrace

Castille: Castille screams, panting in pain, and finally knits the head’s circulatory system into Lilun’s. Hopefully her soul would take to the brain well enough, but her womb was the important part. He lets out one final, strangled cry as his arm’s flesh crumbles, bone momentarily visible as he falls to the side, panting- leaving the head and body, a large swath of scar tissue connecting them across the necks, connected together, in control of themselves. He groans, holding his stomach as his wame inches itself closed again, and vomits out the small heart that had pumped blood through the disembodied head.

Castille: His mask has long since dropped to the floor, and his free hand reaches for it, twitching as he tries to put it back on.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loq swears, sitting Lillun up carefully, one mind-hand moving to help Castille with his mask.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Castille, talk to me.” Talon said, looking over the Infernal

Castille: His breath is ragged, muted through his mask, as he rolls onto his back, his left arm twitching uselessly at his side.

Castille: “I…”

Cardew: Cardew moves over to Lilun’s body to watch over Castilles hard work.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “I’ve got her.”

WC ST: The body seems to stabilize, but is motionless.

Castille: He takes another deep, shaky breath.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “LILLUN.”

Astraea: The new head sighs happily, eyes still not opening. Is it adjusting well to its new body?

[OOC] WC ST: Is anyone checking it with Essence sight?

Castille: “I am… the best surgeon in Hell. And don’t you fucking forget it,” he says, lifting one hand to point a waggling finger at Talon’s face.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] turns her head to look over her with Essence sight.

Cardew: “Trust me, Castille. I won’t. Not any time soon,” he says with respect in his voice.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “I won’t.” Talon said, gently moving Castille’s upper body to lean against the side of the gate.

WC ST: Loq sees the womb is safe, and all the exaltations therein. Lillun’s lower soul, check. Upper soul…


WC ST: …seems to have left with the head. You have a living zombie.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “… Well, shit.”

Cardew: “What?”

shit: ``~``crap``~`` BALLS "

Loquacious [Tlu]: “No higher soul.”

Cardew: “Shit.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Womb is safe, but she only has a lower soul.”

Castille: Castille lets out a long breath, but nods. “It’s the best we could hope for. Without her real head, there was… little chance of keeping her mind intact.”

Astraea: (What about the Head? I assume its got its souls in order? But as a Parasite I guess it doesn’t help)

Castille: “I’m just glad the lower soul would interact with it.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: Iron Talon [Jim] runs his hands over his face, shaking a little before looking at the others around him. “Thank you Astraea. Without your quick thinking, we’d have been screwed.”

WC ST: The replacement head is doing just fine, merging with Lillun.

Lethis: “We… did the best with what we had. Ultimately, I suppose, this is… better than nothing.”

Astraea: “My new baby``~``” “She’s ours now”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “… Ours…”

Castille: “I hate to say this, but… the womb is the… important part,” he says. “Apologies, Astraea, I will… need to recover before I can assist with the Leviathan.”

Lethis: Lethis looks more than little disturbed. “No. Enough of this. No forming attachments to this… thing.”

Cardew: “The important thing now is getting out of here. Fast.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] shakes her head and rubs her face.

Iron Talon [Jim]: Iron Talon [Jim] nods. “I can understand your feelings on that. We can mourn Lillin properly later. Right now, escape is our priority.”

Lethis: Lethis personally picks up the horror and carries her towards the Leviathan. “If I hear one person call her ‘my baby’ again, I am shaping their mouth closed for the rest of the trip.”

Astraea: “Shush Lethis. Shush. My new baby.” “Our new pet and servant.” “And don’t worry Castille, our womb is still fine… and the darlings can help”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] mumbles something. Doesn’t sound anything like ‘baby’ though.

Castille: “Both of them?” Castille asks hopefully.

Lethis: “No! Shut it, Astraea. Not everything is your baby. And this… this… THING. This isn’t even alive.”

Lethis: “This is an abomination against Her design, and regardless of how necessary it was, it is wrong and I will not have anyone forming attachments to this thing!”

Astraea: “Not the body, Lethis. The head.” “Well, the body is a toy for us then”

Cardew: “Argue once we’re on our way. We have more important things to deal with right now.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] makes a little noise. One would say whimpered, if one weren’t afraid of the backlash.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “We did what we had to. Let’s grab it and move back to the Leviathan.” Talon said, standing up. “Or do you want to have Ceceylene to have died in vain?”

Lethis: Lethis carries Lillun. “I agree with Talon.”

Castille: Castille struggles to his feet, his arm finally whole again, though he can barely walk on his own, and turns back toward the Leviathan.

Astraea: The Leviathan opens its many maws, ready to accept its payload

WC ST: Perhaps it is no surprise, but you see, here and there, demons trying to open the gates to Cecelyne. None of them are budging. The few that are open, just lead to more of Malfeas.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] slowly trudges towards it.

Lethis: Lethis whispers to Castille as they leave. “Not a word of this. I don’t want to hear any word of this ever again.”

Cardew: Cardew moves into the Leviathan.

Iron Talon [Jim]: Iron Talon [Jim] follows his Coven in.

Castille: “I don’t want to ever have to do it again,” he murmurs back. “I’d be just as happy if nobody knew I could.”

Lethis: Lethis carries Lillun in as she enters.

Astraea: Astraea turns to the demons “Come darlings. Come with us. We will take you to safety.” “Yes, we will give you the order you require.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] slowly looks up.

WC ST: What demons are around follow, having nowhere else to go.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] slowly steps inside again, muttering to herself.

Astraea: Astraea leads her parade of demons “Come along my sweets``~``” “Come and serve how you were meant to serve.”

Castille: Castille beelines for his own grove, growing in the Leviathan’s fourth gall bladder, leading any of his own sizable cult that may be among the remaining demons.

Iron Talon [Jim]: Iron Talon [Jim] gestures to Astraea, motioning to not eat the demons.

Lethis: Lethis sets Lillun down in the main “stomach” area, and trudges off, her eyes even more glossy and unfocused than normal.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] trails after Lethis, still mumbling to herself. ‘Daddy’ keeps coming up.

Astraea: (Main stomach is a bad idea, try one of the secondary or tertiary ones)

[OOC] WC ST: So where are you going?

Lethis: (Fine. Whatever. Wherever they congregated the first time.)

Iron Talon [Jim]: Iron Talon [Jim] moves over to Astraea. “Before the… drama happened, you were discussing modifications for the leviathan to help it survive Kimberry.”

Astraea: Astraea will prod her baby’s nervous system, driving him towards Kimbery’s water, using gifted charms to implant her shell-symbionts into the dear devoted girl’s wombs

Castille: Castille is gone for a while; nowhere to be found, though his demons are milling around a large mossy rock in his grove.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Have you made the trip across Kimberry before?”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] finds herself somewhere to curl up. Those who know her well recognize she only acts like this when she manages to get herself hurt.

82012 11:51:28 PM | Removed 11:51:31 PM] Lethis: This message has been removed.

Astraea: “Mother has let me sail across her sometimes… But my baby will swim. Which is why my darlings are going to give birth for me. To protect his skin from mother’s water”

WC ST: By the time the group reaches Kimberry, the Unconquered Sun should have risen high in Malfeas’s sky.

WC ST: As a guess, the Scarlet Bridge may be out.

Astraea: (And the shells for the Leviathan?)

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Do you think the Unconquered Sun will do anything about Autotwat?”

Astraea: (Seared Fruits of Union is the best Kimbery Charm for this kind of mass production)

Loquacious [Tlu]: “…”

Castille: Castille returns by then, looking significantly better- he appears to have recovered the damage he sustained repairing Lilun’s mortal body, and immediately crosses over to it to make sure that it’s in good health.

Astraea: “Castille``~`` My cult darlings are getting ready to give birth to shells for my baby``~``!” “They gladly give their bodies to our service”

Lethis: Lethis sits down in some distant swim bladder or something unidentifiable, staring into space.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] just stares but hasn’t said a word to anyone. She’s still muttering to herself sometimes.

[OOC] WC ST: The shells are up. But as for going into Kimberry…

Astraea: “Loquacious Darling… please speak.. would you like some dinner?” “Eat you fool. Speak at least”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] just stares.

WC ST: The Leviathan stops abruptly.

WC ST: Outside, it is just short of Kimberry’s waters.

Astraea: “What’s the matter baby?” “Move you wretched beast!”

Cardew: “I thought it was your baby?”

Astraea: “He is!” “He’s a mindless beast!”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Whats wrong?” Talon asked, moving over to Astraea. “Why did we stop?”

Castille: Castille growls, storming his way up to the eyes to get a good look outside.

WC ST: …quite a few demons are milling around, looking like they want to dive in, but…

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] trails after them.

[OOC] Castille: Per+Awa?

Astraea: "I don’t know… " “He’s finally figured out how worthless you are.” Astraea sits down by one of the nervous system junctions to examine and encourage the beast

[OOC] WC ST: Wit+Occ, but a really low difficulty. They’re being UMIed not to enter.

[OOC] WC ST: The Leviathan too.

[OOC] Castille: 2 successes

Astraea: (He is dumb as a rock… but he’s also affected by Mother Before Daughter so it might be easy to break

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: 5d10: 3 8 4 8 1 (Successes: 2)

WC ST: Castile and Talon recognize unnatural mental influence stopping the demons…but from where?

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: brb

Astraea: (3 successes)

Castille: Castille growls, narrowing his eyes, and stomps out of one of the mouths to get a better sense for the thing. He’s fed up with all these things stopping them from leaving, his entire left side is THROBBING, and he grabs a first-circle demon by the nape of what you might consider its neck for Lethis. “Alright, where the fuck is this thing?”

Demon: “I…I…h-he s-s-said…”

WC ST: The demon points into Kimberry.

Castille: “… Huge drill?”

Castille: “Who’s he?”

Demon: “H-H-Hoooly…”

WC ST: Kimberry begins to faintly glow Solar golden.

Astraea: Astraea is more concerned with her darling child, pouring over his nervous system, wandering way from the group to make her will known to him. She is the Mother of the Leviathan, and he will OBEY. Such is the way of a sane world.

[OOC] Cardew: [ What is sane about what is happening? ]

Loquacious [Tlu]: “…” Loq mumbles softly.

[OOC] WC ST: Sane? This! Is! MALFEAS!

Astraea: (She’s INSANE. She’s applying Kimbery Logic. Thanks to charms)

Castille: “Ohhh, FUCK!” He starts into an uncharacteristic spree of swearing, and bolts back inside. “HE’S IN KIMBERY! THE UNCONQUERED SUN IS INSIDE FUCKING KIMBERY!”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “WHAT?!”

Cardew: “Shit!”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Well that snapped her out of it nicely.

Castille: “Lethis. Lethis! We… there’s only one thing we can do now! We have to sever Malfeas from Kimbery before he gets here.”

Astraea: Astraea snaps to attention. And she whips at her baby’s nerves, stimulating pain and fear in him. “Run darling. Run run run.” MOVE YOU WORTHLESS BEAST.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] starts swearing.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “NO. MORE. RUNNING.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: That’s loud enough to be heard outside the damn beast.

Iron Talon [Jim]: Iron Talon [Jim] is taken aback enough to stare at Loq.

Astraea: “Ah…” “What…” The Bride and Parasite turn to the Daughter of Emerald Light… “What do you suggest?” “We can’t fight you damn fool”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] finally stands up, practically blazing with her own rage.YOU FUCKING HEARD ME. WHAT WOULD THEY THINK OF US, RUNNING LIKE FRIGHTENED CHICKENSHIT CHILDREN?!” She turns on Ilulus and stares at him.YES WE FUCKING CAN.”

Lethis: (Loqbama says: YES WE CAN!)

Loquacious [Tlu]: “NOT ONLY CAN WE, WE ARE GOING TO.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] heads for a mouth! Fuck this shit.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “If you have a suggestion on how, I’m listening.” Talon says, looking remarkably calm for the circumstances.

[OOC] Castille: Oh, Loq. The only one of us with any Valor. XD

Lethis: Lethis comes running out after her. “No! That’s… not what… I meant.”

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: Hmmm, probably need to by Talon some Temperance when I get some xp

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: pfffft she’s valor 2

[OOC] Castille: Higher than Castille!


Astraea: “ah… yes Princess…” “Yes milady yes milady…” Astraea and Ilulus follow the Daughter of Emerald Light, cowed servants

Castille: Castille growls, rubbing his face. “Yes. Fantastic. Take on the sun with toothpicks.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Are you a man, or ARE YOU A GREEN SUN PRINCE?!”

Lethis: “Neither! I’m a woman, and a Green Sun Princess!”

Astraea: “I am a merchant.” “I am a parasite”

Castille: “Damnit, I am a DOCTOR! Not a fool!”

[OOC] Castille: awesomeface

Iron Talon [Jim]: “I’m…” that was actually a good question. Who, exactly, was Iron Talon?

Cardew: “And I am a keeper. What would you suggest we do?”

[OOC] Castille: I have been wanting to do that since I made him.


Loquacious [Tlu]: “SAME FUCKING DIFFERENCE. We tell him to get the fuck out of our home. I didn’t swear those oaths, AND I WILL NOT BE BOUND BY THEM.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] steps out of the Levithian, still simmering and almost shimmering in her own rage and pain and grief.

Astraea: “… Let us present our case then…” “We have laws on our side… and we can give him the demons” Astraea follows the Princess, calculating a legal argument in her mind as she does, hair swirling into spirals as she plots

Lethis: “Pyrian source. Why does this keep happening to me? I am never getting on an aquatic vessel again as long as I live.”

Lethis: Lethis curls up in a corner and twitches.


Cardew: “Do you even have a plan?”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Tell him to get out.”

Cardew: “Yes, I’m sure that will work.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “It’s not that were not running anymore that I mind. It’s who were going up against.” Talon notes as follows Loq.

Lethis: Lethis slowly gets up. “This… I can’t do it, Loq!”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “YES. YOU. CAN.”

Astraea: “You can little sister.” “We must”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Daddy’s gone! There’s nobody else!”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “It has to be us.”

Cardew: “Standing against the Unconqured bastard is foolish at best. Suicide at worst. Pick a smarter plan like getting the hell out of here.”

Castille: Castille comes out under duress, growling. “This is the dumbest plan, and you are dumb. I hope you realize that. Get back in here and let’s do something SMART.”

Lethis: “Shut up! These aren’t just pirates, this is the Unconquered Sun! He’s called that for a reason!”

Castille: “I say we hitch a ride on Autochthon.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “I DON’T CARE.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “That and he’s between us and our route of escape.”


Castille: “We’re small enough to go unnoticed at first.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “I’M NOT RUNNING ANYMORE!”

Cardew: “If you are so determined for vengence, why throw yourself away here where your death will be useless?”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “That’s… not a bad idea.” Talon said, gesturing to Castille. “That may be our best bet, with both Ceceylene and Kimberry out of the picture. Though, the inside of a hostile primordial isn’t really ideal…”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Vengence is meaningless. The king is dead, and has only one heir. I’m done with running.”

Astraea: “There is no other option.” “We must stand” “How unfortunate that it must be…” “But the sun has no legal clout over us…” and then as one the Bride and Parasite speak “We may win and flee. Yozi be dammed. We can live.”

Castille: “Bullshit. If you want to stay, fine. We’re leaving. I’m disappointed, Loqua,” he adds, glaring back at her. “I thought I taught you better.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Do you think he cares? The Sun is a war god. In war, there is only what one is capable of doing, not what one is permitted to do.”

Cardew: “If he cared about what he was permitted, he wouldn’t be here in the first place.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Then go, you worthless coward, and take your shrivelled excuse for a manhood with you.”

Astraea: “Then we get close enough…” “And then we dart through.” “We may have to abandon my baby.” “And carry others in the shells”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loq is too enraged to listen to sense right now.

Lethis: “I can’t do it. I can’t pilot a ship. I’ll just crash it again. I can’t fight pirates. I can’t do it.”

Lethis: “I could never be a Tya…”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Okay, everyone lets just calm down. Why is the Sun in Kimberry in the first place?”

Cardew: “Loq, you are a fool. To do something so useless for no reason other then misplace valor.”

Astraea: “Shush little sister.” “You are weak and worthless.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Lethis. Look at me.”

Lethis: Lethis looks up, but it’s hard to tell if she’s looking at Loq or not. Her eyes are oddly dull, and Loq can almost see the outline of human eyes behind the amber glow.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “I need you. Are you the Letters That Hunt Souls, or are you just poor little Lucky Blue?”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Okay, lets review our options:” Talon said, gestuting to everyone.

Lethis: “D-don’t call me that. That’s… that’s not who I am anymore.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Then stop acting like her.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] looks slowly at Talon.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Theres a)Fight the unconquered sun in Kimberry. b) fight the unconquered sun while a contingent of us escapes. c) escape on Autocthon. What say you?”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “I’m sick of running. If that means I fight, then I fight.”

Astraea: “Dear Talon, you seem to be mistaking my plan at least.” “We know we cannot win” “We intend to argue.”

Astraea: Both mouths smile

Astraea: “Parley``~``!”

Cardew: “Loq. You must learn when to pick your fights. Pick a fight you can win, not lose horribly and embarassingly.”

Castille: “Escape on Autochthon. Take its weapon and turn it on the Sun in time, perhaps. Take the traitor for our own.”

Lethis: “I… I will do whatever it takes. Not that you convinced me, but obviously dealing with Sol is the only way for me to make my getaway.”

Lethis: Lethis stands up, her eyes solid amber again.

Cardew: “I agree with Castille.”

Cardew: “I say we invade the invader.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “I agree with Castille: we can stop the attacks and get a method of escape at the same time.”

Astraea: “Yes. Turn a single behemoth” “Against an entire primordial.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] smiles at Lethis. It’s not a happy smile, but it’s a proud one.

Cardew: “And use it to see vengence in a way that offers us an advantage.”

Lethis: “I think it is a good plan. It is the most tactically viable. It also leads to the possibility, however unlikely, of stopping Autochthon before he kills everything, and possibly turning him to our own ends. It is a very efficient use of our enemies, and leaves us in… well, not the safest position, but out of the line of fire.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Mm.” Loq considers. Then nods once, sharply. “Very well.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: Iron Talon [Jim] lets out a breath he hadn’t realized he had been holding.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “All right.” Turning to Astrea, Talon arches an eyebrow. “Can you get this thing to fly?”

Lethis: “I’m not doing this for you. This just seems to be the only way I get out of here alive.” Lethis crosses her arms.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “I’m aware.”

Astraea: “…. An entire Primordial. Violent conquest. Entire primordial” “One Incarnae we could argue into letting us go.” Astraea sighs “We can make him fly” “We’ll need time.” “And Essence…”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] rubs her face.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “We don’t have time.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: She points at the sea.

Cardew: “We should move now.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Can we climb one of the fangs?”

Iron Talon [Jim]: Iron Talon [Jim] leans over and looks at the sea. “Yeah, that’s probably a good idea.”

Lethis: “Towards Cecelyne then.”

Castille: “It’s not a bad plan, Astraea. It’s just too risky. He’s well within his rights to wipe us out. Because he’s in charge.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] SNARLS.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “HE is not in charge. He is nothing but a traitor!”

Astraea: “And I don’t have a the means to make a behemoth FLYYOU ASK TO MUCHThey scream. Their hair lashes out towards the coven as the Leviathan turns and begins to walk. His mother starts to weep in frustration. “We cannot without TIME.” “We are not a factory!”

Castille: “Afraid he is. I don’t like it, but the Yozi surrendered to him. He made the rules regarding what he’s allowed to do.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “But Cecylene is under attack. I do not know how long she can hold out, based on what happened to Malfeas.”

Castille: Castille growls… and retreats to his study. “I’ve been working on a spell,” he mutters.

[OOC] Castille: It is in fact the next spell on my list for him to learn, which is why it comes to mind. :P

Lethis: “How many of you can protect yourselves from acid?”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Astraea, I realize you need time. We do not have time, therefore we need a different plan.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “I can heal the damage done by it.”

Lethis: “Er… the only ones to whom it matters are Castille and Astraea.”

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: Wouldn’t Transcendant Desert Creature protect me from Kimberry?

Lethis: “Just… because they’re the ones who would trigger my immune system.”

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: referring to acid

Lethis: “That’s it. Nothing more.”

[OOC] Castille: How much damage do Kimbery’s waters do per turn?

Lethis: (It’s not Kimbery to which I’m referring.)

Astraea: Astraea keeps crying and flailing her tendrils “You are all worthless!” “They don’t love us” “We should throw you out of my child..” “We should give you to Him.”

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: ooooooooh

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] holds an arm out to Astraea.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Come here.”

Lethis: (Astraea and Castille are the only ones who are not Beloved to Lethis.)

Lethis: (So she can’t use Fathomless Poison Haven on them.)

Castille: Castille rumbles, returning with a book under his arm. “Look, I’m working on a damn spell to make this thing fly, alright? Just… get us away from Kimbery, alright!”

Astraea: (Astraea does have Mother Sea Mastery. She can survive)

Lethis: (Not going to help in this situation.)

Lethis: “Look. I can turn into… something. And then grow wings. Sort of. But it’ll be toxic.”

Castille: “Oh. I can fly on my own.”

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: Called it``~``

Castille: “But… I also will, ah. Not be able to carry Astraea.”

Castille: “Unless her hair is more than eighteen feet long.”

Lethis: “I can. But she’ll need protection from my… blood.”

Astraea: “get away” “You think us slaves.” A tendril lashes out to the princess, and slams to the Leviathan’s nerves, pain to drive it farther away from the Mother’s body.

Castille: “… And in any case, one of us must carry Lilun.”

[OOC] WC ST: We’re past time – about as much as we started late – and it’s slowing down, so…

Lethis: “I’m telekinetic!”


Log 3

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