Log 2


WC ST: Travelling around has taken a while, especially if you have to make your own light. It is now just under two days since the green sun vanished.

WC ST: But there, up ahead, lies the Emerald Forge – abandoned.

Lethis: “Three days… we’re running out of time.”

Astraea: “You know. Its rather nice. They still scream in time with Creation. Its nice that something is the same” “Yes yes, its not like we’re still all going to die at the hands of the traitor-star. Goodness no we have time to appreciate the screaming idiots.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] has been UNUSALLY QUIET over the past two days. She’s gathered her unclaimed swords to her on the way, most of them wrapped around her and sleeping for now. Ranna’s even been quieter than usual – not a peep the entire time.

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon had only seen the Emerald Forge on a couple of occasions, and it was always a bustle of activity. Seeing it abanonded only elevated the sense of general wrongness.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “All right, so we’re at the scene of the crime, so to speak. I’d suggest splitting up and searching for clues, but I think we can all agree that’s a bad idea.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Then best we make our way to the heart of the forge.”

Astraea: “We’re never alone though``~``!” “Because we’re unfortunate enough to be bolted to your soul”

Lethis: “Yes. We shall start at the center and work outwards.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] nods once.

WC ST: At the center – there is clearly the space where heat from above was channeled to stoke the forge’s fires. It’s empty now, the forge unpowered and making nothing. Various crafting projects sit, abandoned halfway when the sun turned off.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] twitches.

Astraea: “The Lord’s projects are… impressive. Lots!” “Good job with your words. We’re so very proud of you.”

Lethis: “It looks as though he just disappeared in the middle of work. There’s no sign of a struggle here.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “True. If there we’re, half this place would be full of craters.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: It was here that Loq’s swords were born – to see the forge cold and abandoned begins a spiral of anger that may just pull her from the despair.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Odd, that he would die without a struggle.” Her voice holds just a touch of heat.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Okay, so it was clearly an attack that took him from surprise.”

Astraea: Astraea ‘s tendrils snake about, searching for something as she begins to wander the workshop. “There must be something here.” "I’m certain there is…"

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: Yes, I remembered to give myself Essence sight!

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: Triggering Essence Dissecting Stare for 5m

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: that makes three of us. Four?

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: And what he said. Triggerin’!

Lethis: “I imagine Ligier isn’t easy to catch by surprise.” Lethis scans around, her Essence sight always on.

Castille: Castille arrives.

Castille: He hasn’t been seen all day and suddenly he’s standing on Lethis’ left. “That’s just the thing. Ligier wasn’t visibly hurt when he arrived. Perhaps he wasn’t attacked at all.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Was Malfeas the target himself, then?”

WC ST: The usual flow of Essence seems dimmer here. But then, Ligier’s death would completely explain it.

Lethis: “ORABILIS’ ASS Castille! We’re in a crime scene here!”

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon arches an eyebrow at Castille’s comment “Yet, the Green Sun is clearly extinguished. How else do you explain that?”

Castille: “It doesn’t look like a crime scene. He came running to us and died there. Perhaps our street is the crime scene.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] slowly turns her head to look at Castille. Her hands are curled into fists, nails digging in almost deep enough to draw blood.

Lethis: “You could have said something two days ago while we were… you know… THERE?”

Castille: “I assumed you knew what you were doing.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon shook his head “That dosen’t make any sense. If that were the case, Ligier would have had no reason to leave in the first place.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Again, that leads to the thought that Ligier Was Not The Target.”

Astraea: “How strange. We can’t find a thing… Its strange its strange.” “Yes it shouldn’t be like this…” “Perhaps it was a suprise?”

Castille: “Unless, as darling Loqua suggested, Malfeas himself was the target. His fetich then might survive slightly longer than He Himself. I’m sure you all know the phenomenon of the head living for a short while after it’s been removed.”

Lethis: “How do you kill Malfeas? He’s a city! He’s a YOZI!”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] nods again, one single, sharp movement.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Perhaps we’re looking at this from the wrong direction: we assume that Ligier was at the Forge when… whatever happened, because he spends all of his time here. Maybe The Event took place elsewhere.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “… Talon.”

Castille: “An excellent question. And Talon… has raised another possibility, albeit one that would require us to scour the entirety of Malfeas within the next two days.”

Cardew: “How do you propose we figure something like that out?”

Lethis: “He can be in more than one place at once. If he was in Creation when he was killed… We’d never find out where he died.”

Astraea: “They die.” “You will be silent! They don’t!” “They do. But not like this… They die… screaming. This is to quiet. The lord is dead, but not as we know it.”

Castille: “If he died in Creation, Sol Invictus would have known before we did.”

Lethis: “Yes! Thank you Castille. So that means he died in Malfeas.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: [Wait, thats right! Have we heard any of Malfeas’ usual cataclysms during our trip?]

[OOC] WC ST: Nope

Loquacious [Tlu]: “We don’t have time to scour the city.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “We do, however, have OUR FUCKING BRAINS.” She snaps her fingers.THINK.”

[OOC] WC ST: Thinking about it, they are conspicuous by their complete and utter absence.

Astraea: Astraea cocks her head. “The dead would be here if he ‘died’ like we know.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Okay, so whatever happened, happened to Malfeas. If Ligier was killed, Malfeas would have reformed into something else.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Precisely.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “What could affect Malfeas himself on such a scale?”

Castille: “Correct. Then… this is… worse than we realized.”

Lethis: “Something just occurred to me. It’s been awfully quiet around here. Where the sun is Adorjan?”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “But, if you’d think of an assault were to affect Malfeas, it would be shown here of all places.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Not if one’s goal was to mislead and confuse those who were trying to fix the damage.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “How would you do that? I expected Malfeas to die kicking and screaming.”

Astraea: “And the wind is so… not about… I think… they are not dead. Well. Dead yes, for Ligier” “Gone is the word, dear. Gone. They are gone…”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] coils her braid around her arm.

[OOC] WC ST: Perception + Awareness or + Occult, everyone who’s using Essence sight.

Astraea: (Three successes!)

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: tluthal: 9d10: 5 1 9 7 10 3 8 6 6 (Successes: 5)

Lethis: (Lethis: 10d10: 10 4 3 2 4 2 3 3 6 3 (Successes: 2))

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: Jimborg: 6d10: 3 10 1 3 7 8 (Successes: 4)

WC ST: The flows of lack of Essence seem to pull to common threads – leading to some point outside.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] turns sharply on her heel and begins to follow them.

Lethis: “Oh. No. No. That’s not good.”

[OOC] Castille: 9 successes

Lethis: Lethis runs after her. “No, we should not be going alone!”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Oooooh. That’s not a good sign.” Talon said, following Loq.

Astraea: Astraea follows, her hair still slithering into every nook and cranny to aid her movements through the un-dark.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Then hurry the sun up.”

Cardew: “What did you see?”

Lethis: “Something’s draining the Essence.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Inverted Essence flow.”

Astraea: “A flow of not” “The taste of lacking”

Castille: Castille follows silently, his violet anima creeping along the floor around him and casting a bright blue glare to light their way.

WC ST: Outside, tracing the flows – they gather more and more, like threads collecting into a rope, or back-tracing roots of a tree.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Nothing. A conspicious nothing.”

WC ST: Before too long, the group hears a quiet, mechanical hum.

Cardew: “Well, let’s follow this nothing to something.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “…?” Loq scowls at this hum. That’s bizarre, it makes no sense…

Loquacious [Tlu]: … She almost dances between the threads of not.

WC ST: It is coming from the same direction the drained essence leads.

Astraea: “What is this… thing…” “Don’t touch it idiot” Astraea draws back from the strange root “It is wrong.” “It poison’s the air’s taste…”

Castille: “Definitely something. Definitely a bad something.” Castille looks up.

WC ST: …and Castille is the first to see it.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] looks up?

Lethis: “What? What did you-” Lethis looks up too.

Castille: “… Pyrian source…”

WC ST: Indistinct in the distance, but Essence sight lights it up faintly. A pillar, visible against the pitch darkness.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “… Oh, Silent Wind…”

Astraea: “What… what is that” “Kill it! Kill it!”

WC ST: Malfean essence travels up – the pillar is in the distance, so it seems to travel slowly; a bit of computation reveals it is drainig Malfeas by the kilomote…no, megamote.

Castille: “It’s… eating Him.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] begins to swear, loudly and thoroughly – she’d make a sailor blush with those imprecations.

Loquacious [Tlu]: It can be summed up as ‘Oh, Hell No.’

Lethis: “It’s not just eating him. It’s unmaking him. Breaking him down into his components before taking him in. Like a massive spider.”

Lethis: “And it’s worse. That’s some kind of disgestive system.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon looks around the ‘pillar’. Surely, they weren’t the only ones to have noticed this phenomona, especially in the geomantic quiet that Malfeas had become.

Astraea: “How… oh no no no…” “No. No. No. No.” “If we break it, can we slow it?” KILL IT. KILL IT. KILL IT.”

WC ST: If anyone else has noticed, their reaction was to Run Away.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “… What’s enough to do this?” It’s an almost-rhetorical question.

WC ST: A few broken bodies lie at the impact point, as you approach. Apparently they were there when this hit.

Castille: “… Only another… Yozi, could possibly… even begin to try and…”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Well then.”

Lethis: “Ligier must have known what this was… He must have… come to warn us.”

WC ST: The hum comes from the point of contact…it’s a drill, grinding into Malfeas. It makes no physical progress, but Essence sight shows that it is pulling Malfeas into it instead.

Lethis: “Some kind of… living machine…” Lethis looks like she’s going to be sick.

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: What is the drill made out of?

Astraea: A few tendrils of hair grab at the broken bodies, hauling them up to Astraea’s eye “How strange that it leaves demons just… Dead. But Malfeas as a whole is… gone”

[OOC] WC ST: Adamant

Loquacious [Tlu]: “…” Loq tilts her head. “Mmm.”

WC ST: Yeah, these demons were merely crushed and torn asunder.

WC ST: Nothing that hasn’t happened on an hourly basis.

Astraea: And now they are shoved into Ilulus’ maw. Again, nothing that doesn’t happen on an hourly basis.

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: How big is it? Skyscrapper size? Bigger?

[OOC] WC ST: As tall as you can see, fading into the distance

Castille: Castille backs away a bit. “We can’t stay.”

[OOC] WC ST: Space elevator size, perhaps.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “No, we cannot. We can do nothing to fix this if we are merely absorbed.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “And go where?”

Lethis: “Out. We can’t fight this thing. We can’t even see the whole thing. We’ve gotta flee Malfeas. Through Cecelyne. It’s the only way.”

Astraea: “Shouldn’t we try and destroy it?” “Break it!” Astraea wipes the blood from her hair, still staring at the huge drill

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Touch it and see what happens.” Loq makes the typical ‘be my guest’ guesture.

Castille: “And what are we going to do to FIX something that is EATING Malfeas!?” Just for fun, he turns his Insignificant Embers Intuition on it.

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: Oooh, good idea!

Castille: There’s a bright green flash behind the mirrored glass of his goggles.

Lethis: “Ate Malfeas. Malfeas is dead.”

Lethis: “It’s just cleaning up the leftovers.”

Astraea: “…. Let us be gone then… Mother’s waters… or Cecelyne’s sands. We can get across them and get to the lands of the Daystar.” “Coward.”

Lethis: “Castille, you know the most about parasites. What horrifying insights can you… are you okay?”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] tilts her head, also activating it. Good idea.

WC ST: It’s…powerful.

WC ST: Not quite a Yozi…at least a third circle, though.

Astraea: “Lethis. It is a machine. A leech of a machine!” “It is a designed parasite…” “A killer of Titans… Only another could make it, I should think..”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] rubs her face slowly. Everything keeps pointing back to one solution. ‘You are.’ I am what?

WC ST: Essence 9.

WC ST: Mechanical, certainly. VERY mechanical.

Castille: “… It’s beyond us,” he says, after a long time of staring. “Not as powerful as Malfeas. But stronger than the strongest demon.”

Castille: “And not… alive.”

Castille: “Not properly.”

Lethis: “I know. It’s some kind of mechanical digestive system.”

[OOC] WC ST: Loq & Castille: Int + Occult to recognize what you’re seeing.

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: tluthal: 10d10: 9 1 3 5 3 3 3 6 2 2 (Successes: 1) motherfucker

[OOC] Castille: 6 successes.

Castille: “It… it’s not possible,” Castille says after another long, silent stare. “There’s only one thin it COULD be…”

Castille: “But it’s all wrong.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Explain.”

Castille: “… Autochthon.”

Lethis: “What? The traitor Autochthon?”

Astraea: “The sick? The weak?” “The Traitorous Maker?”

Castille: “But this… isn’t right, Autochthon shouldn’t be able to do this. But nothing else is… a machine with this kind of power? This size? The… the sheer capability to take on Malfeas himself?”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] turns her back, scanning the sky, tracing the lines of Not. Surely there’s something-?

Cardew: “How do suppose something like that got here?”

Lethis: “Autochthon isn’t parasitic like this. I don’t know that much about him, but… don’t Primordials change upon Fetich death? Get weaker… different? What if… that’s what’s happened here?”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Any number of ways. Malfeas was made to be porous after all.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “More pertinet question is what to do about it.”

Castille: “Perhaps.” Castille looks down at last, tearing his eyes from the pillar. “… Curious. We will not find answers by staring at it.”

Lethis: “You wanna climb that pillar?”

Astraea: “….Can we rouse the Althing?” “Then crush the traitor as should be!” “Yes… maybe… we could… a host of Exalted… But… We may still be to few”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “We almost certainly are too few to take it on head-on.”

Lethis: “It’ll take us days to get back there. And days here. Captain Shinypants will be here in three days.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Better would be to stop the essence flows.”

Castille: “Of course we can’t take Autochthon.”

Castille: “But perhaps we can go there.”

Lethis: “I can do that. I can stop the Essence flow.”

Astraea: “Do it little sister” “Then we flee across mother’s waters and let the fools fight the Traitor-Maker”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Stop the flow here, disconnect the… drill.” She tilts her head at Lethis and raises an eyebrow.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Oh?” Talon said, looking at Castille

Lethis: “I don’t think I can stop the drill. But I can cut off the flow of Essence.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Perhaps with the flow stopped, Malfeas can recover. Possibly, even in time.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon shakes his head. “No. Ligier’s death shows otherwise, much as I’d like to believe it.”

Astraea: “Loquacious, dearest…. Even if he does recover… he will not be Malfeas” “Ligier is dead.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Shut up.”

Lethis: “What if he’s gotten to Her? It’s been two days since the Althing. I haven’t even tried to contact Her.”

Cardew: “Let us just stop the essence flow and figure it out after we stop everything from ending around us?”

Astraea: “No… He couldn’t stand her waters… could he?” “No of course not. Cut the flow welp.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Yes. That.”

Castille: “He’s a Primordial. Especially if he has suffered fetich death, he… well, Autochthon must be a place in addition to a being, and… come on, you know how the Yozi work, I don’t need to explain this. We can go there and survive, at least. Gather power. Revenge.”

Lethis: “I don’t mean Mother. I mean She Who Lives In Her Name.”


Lethis: “I’m working on it! It’s not easy to do!”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Are you in need of assistance?”

Lethis: “Can you shape reality?”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “I offer my assitance as well.”

Castille: “No. That will get its attention. There’s no immediate cause to do that, as much as I hate to say it.”

Castille: “We should cut it as soon as we know what we’re going to do.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] rubs her face.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “I have an idea. I’m working on it.”

Cardew: “At least if we get his attention, he may be more direct, and the rest of the Yozi will take notice and may be able to actually do something.”

Cardew: “Better an unknown situation instead of a 100% certain bad one.”

Lethis: “I can’t do it. The flow is too strong. But I can cut away the bit of Malfeas it’s attached to.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “…” She rubs her face more.

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon nods at Cardew “I’m with her. We can take this thing. We just need a plan.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “If you can cut away that bit… We may be able to cut what’s left of it, form it into a fortress of sorts.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “I do believe I can help – weren’t you demanding I show you something recently?”

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: Whom is Loq adressing here?

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: Lethis.

Lethis: “Loq. I’m going to try and Shape the terrain. It’s going to be slow going and it’s going to burn up a lot of my Essence.”

Castille: “We CANNOT take this thing on! Not yet.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Then we need a shelter.” She nods to Lethis.

Lethis: “I don’t think- We have no idea what’s inside that thing.”

Astraea: “We’re just… slowing it a little” “Give us more time to escape.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Astraea’s right, we need to settle on a plan of action. Who here votes for fighting it and who votes for running?”

Castille: Castille almost makes a very frank comment and can actually be heard strangling it.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Someplace to escape in. What if the desert collapses around us? What if the sea dries under us? We need a vessel.”

Lethis: Lethis starts focusing on the area around the drill. Those with Essence sight can see her anima redirecting itself into patterns shaped by her mind-hands.

Cardew: “I vote for slowing it down and running.”

Astraea: Astraea raises her hand. And some hair “If I have a day or so, I can make a child to help us get out.”

Castille: “You have exactly a day. Get started.”

Castille: “I can assist if necessary.”

Lethis: Lethis is silent for a while, but it’s not clear if she’s thinking about this or concentrating.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] nods.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “I suggest the forge. If we can re-light it even temporarily we can create what we may need.”

Cardew: “Now that is a plan.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “And the cultists YOU HAVEN’T EATEN YET.”

Astraea: “Breed some component creatures. My levithan will need them.” “A child to take us away.” Astraea’s stomach swells as she suddenly grows pregnant.

Lethis: “Give me a few hours. When I’m done, I can make us some components.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon nods “Okay, good, we have multiple contingey plans going.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] looks away. “Lethis, will you have the strength to cut the forge free as well?”

Castille: Castille sighs. “I- you should all probably put on some masks, I’ll need to vent my Wame to begin.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Augh.”

Lethis: “Not for about a day.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “That’s time enough.”

Lethis: “Well… maybe a few hours.”

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: Battleship: Malfeas :D

Astraea: “Go ahead Castille. I need to start eating my components” “We need… much.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon scratches his head. “I’m afraid I’m not going to be much help, unless you need an abritrairly large ammount of sand.”

[OOC] Lethis: I need to move into the Commons. I’ll be a minute or two.

Astraea: “Some of the Lawgivers Sands…” “That would do nicely to start”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “That may help. For now, I’m walking away from Castille.” She rips her dress, re-weaving it into a mask with her mind-hands.

Cardew: “I will go back to the forge.”

Castille: Castille thrusts his arm out of his robes suddenly. His left arm. It’s hideously twisted, atrophied, and covered in enormous boils.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] is looking away, but pulls it over her face as quickly as she can, retreating to a safe distance anyways.

Astraea: “…Loquacious?” “May we…” “Borrow projects from the forge?” Astraea does not even blink as Castille reveals his arm… though Ilulus’ tongue retreats into his jaws

Loquacious [Tlu]: “…” She steels herself, doesn’t flinch at the thought. “If you must.”

[OOC] WC ST: Feel free to narrate the events of the next day or so. Unless you touch the drill itself, nothing happens in the vicinity that you don’t directly cause.

Astraea: “Thank you``~``” “We will do what we must” the now-pregnant Astraea heads to the workshop, to search for proper components for her child-to-be

Castille: The boil begins to bleed pus, which immediately erupts into a vicious vapor that spreads rapidly through the air. It’s a magical disease, but most of you should have resistances to it! Fortunately, he’s a doctor.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loq, surprisingly, takes it on herself to search for demons between preparing the forge. Better to save some, if they can.

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon helps her,using Inevitability of Law to secure any demons.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Otherwise, she takes stock of what’s there and sends others out to gather what food they can find.

Cardew: Cardew looks around the forge, seeing if he can figure anything out, and seeing if he can pick up anything that may be useful.

Loquacious [Tlu]: She might be able to just eat components, but not everyone abuses that charm.

WC ST: Loq finds no demons around.

Castille: Castille breeds several smaller projects in his Wame to assist Astraea, each of these hideously bloating him from shoulder to wrist.

Lethis: Lethis isn’t immune to magical disease, but fortunately her enhanced immune system fights it off within the hour.

Astraea: (So should I build the Levithan as a Mutation package?

WC ST: Cardew finds…someone has to tend to food and other needs of the party, while they’re doing their things.

[OOC] Castille: It wasn’t very strong, fortunately. 2 on a d20. You should all be able to fight it off with ease.

[OOC] WC ST: The Leviathan is basically a genesis construct, no?

[OOC] WC ST: If so, then yeah, just like genesis constructs.

Astraea: (Yeah. Just a big one! What are the rules we’re using here? And stuntinggetting assisted to cut down on the craft time/

[OOC] Castille: Castille’s aren’t necessary, since Astraea’s just sort of eating ’em, right?

[OOC] WC ST: Revlid’s mutation rules.

Astraea: (Eating themmaking sure that her Levithan has a small ecology built around it/

Astraea: (Fair enough!)

[OOC] WC ST: They’re linked on the wiki.

Lethis: (This is why I don’t use Craft: Genesis. So confusing.)

Loquacious [Tlu]: As tracking down demons becomes unlikely, Loq stops going out, instead meditating. Oddly, she’s pondering each of her sword-daughters in turn. What could she hope to learn from them?

Lethis: The symbols around Lethis are carefully arraged by her hands, around the point of the drill in increasingly complicated fractals. The Essence around it seems to be partially She Who Lives In Her Name now, and partially something… else. It looks like she’s writing it in a language that you can’t quite identify.

Lethis: The poetry begins to tell, you’re not sure how you know, the story of the crafting of Creation and the glorious work of the Empyrial Chaos. As if in response, the land around begins to crystallize and warp at Lethis’ will.

Lethis: As she is almost done, and the poetry reads about the little crystalline voice that brought structure and order to the Holy Tyrant’s perfect vision, Lethis opens her mouth and begins to sing, but not in her own voice. And instead of sound, letters that you can hear, strange crystalline letters in Old Realm, float from her mouth and pull the poetry into itself, and with it, the land begins to flow like water.

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon stands near Castille, ready to run interferance if her works causes a reaction.

Castille: Castille looks exhausted; he’s been taking largely of his own essence to provide Astraea’s nutritious meals, repeatedly birthing all manner of life to prepare for the arrival of a Leviathan, and has taken to lying quietly. Occasionally he solicits Cardew or Talon for iron, which he simply holds in one hand and watches it rust away to nothing.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Castille, are you okay? You’re being more withdrawn than usual, and that’s saying something.”

Castille: “… You ever given birth eight times in a day?”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “I can’t say that I have.”

Lethis: Lethis has been utterly fixed on this operation for hours, and her anima flickers around her, a swirling bonfire of green flames flicked with white spherical flames. Occasionally, a glaring, predatory deer head peers from the shadows cast by the flames.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loq’s too full of nervous energy to simply stay seated though, and makes her way to where Lethis works, alternately watching and rubbing her temples. Think. Think. Come on, stop just spinning the wheels-

[OOC] WC ST: pictures one of Loq’s sworddaughters in a hamster wheel

Castille: “Yeah. I’m little tired.”

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: XD

[OOC] Castille: Dyrim. With her two heads puffing and panting in alternation.

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: hee hee hee

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: on a side note: why is it all my characters turn out to be beat sticks, even if I don’t mean to?

Astraea: Astraea has been eating. And eating, And meditating. Like a strange spider in a web of hair, attend by her cultists, devouring the components requied, until her Leviathan can be born

Lethis: (Exalted charms are very combat-focused.)

Iron Talon [Jim]: Taking a cue form Astraea, Talon uses Pentinents like Scattered Grains to listen to (what remains?) of his cult.

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: True

Astraea: (I also built the Leviathan)

WC ST: The cults are, of course, praying for guidance and salvation.

WC ST: They seem too focused on the problem at hand to worry much about their personal concerns.

[OOC] WC ST: BTW: Lethis gets +1 XP. While that was a diceless action, it was a stunt.

[OOC] WC ST: Actually… reviews …everyone take +1 for that set of descriptions.

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: woot

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: Awesome

Astraea: (yaaaaaaaaay)

[OOC] Castille: woo

[OOC] Castille: And we got 20 last time, right?

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: 10 I think

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: ^

Astraea: (So what’s our total now?

Lethis: (267)

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: we still have an hour to go

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: Right

Cardew: Cardew’s anima flashes with silver light, penetrating into the ground and over taking it with its own color. The light spreads, and bursts into silver sand, until it fills a radius a few yards around him. From the depths of the sands of silver crawl up small locust. They move for a second before shaking violently as the spark of life leaves them.

Lethis: The land has been shifting slowly as if growing in geometric patterns, but soon, the tip of the drill is exposed, and the land spreads away from it, forming a ravine surrounded by an imposing fortress of warning spikes in beautiful symmetrical designs.

Cardew: “Dinner is served.”

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: Okay, so Lethis Shapes away the Essence flow leading to Viator!Autocthon, Castille and Astera are working on our escape and Loq is plotting something while Cardew and Talon are working supplys and possible defense. Have I got everything?

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: pretty much

Lethis: (She couldn’t shape the Essence, so she physically cut him off.)

WC ST: Once the drill is no longer in contact with more than a cap of Malfeas, it sucks that cap in and withdraws to the sky.

Astraea: “My darlings and I will pass.” “We know your trick, you want to steal them from us!” “Oh surely our dear friend Cardew is smart enough not to steal my beloveds``~``” Astraea has spent the last twenty hours going from somewhat pregnant to full nine-months. “Aaah``~`` My baby is nearly done``~``” “Our Leviathan of Blessed Escape”

Lethis: Lethis just stares at her. She’s been utterly absorbed in her project and didn’t see that from the start. “What… Uh… Astraea…”

Castille: Castille sits up, grumblng and scarfing down a lot of locusts in a bid to regain some of his strength.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “She does that.” Loq barely looks up. “I’m fine.” Loq, it’s been how long since you ate?

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Loq, do you have by Hunger Nourished?”

Castille: “Just eat these,” Castille says, sititng up. “Seriously, they’re damned delicious.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Yes, why?”

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon looks at the Locust “I was going to give you a sand bath, but these will work better, I think.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “I’m THINKING. Leave me alone.”

Lethis: Lethis eats a handful of the locusts. “Don’t expect me to make a habit of this, Cardew.”

Cardew: “Wouldn’t dream of it.”

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: :V somebody feel free to smack her.

Lethis: “Loq. Fucking eat something. You’re being an idiot. I don’t care if you starve yourself, but we are in kind of a crisis and we need our Slayer.”

WC ST: [dresses a nun in some locusts? :P ]

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: … XD

[OOC] Cardew: […wait…what? ]

Astraea: “See Lethis``~``! This is Mother’s blessing``~`` And part of our salvation``~``” “Are you really still trying to one up her.” Astraea smiles while Ilulus’ tongue lashes about, more hair grabbing for the ‘delicacies’ scattered about her

[OOC] WC ST: Making a habit of it.

[OOC] Cardew: [ oh gods x.x ]

Lethis: “No, it’s Cardew using his Cecelyne powers.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon eats some Locusts. “Try some.” Talon mumbles around the squirming legs. “It’s good for yoooooou``~``”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loq grumbles and indiscriminately scoops up a handful of sand and locusts, not even paying attention. Yeah, she pretty much always has it on and set to ‘eat ALL the things!’

Cardew: Cardew picks up a few himself, and pops them one at a time.

Castille: Castille pulls himself up, sighing after a full meal. "Better. Gonna need sleep soon. He rubs his face slowly, then finally lowers his mask again. " Can wait until after we’re on the vessel, though. "

Iron Talon [Jim]: “So long as you don’t overindulge you’re fine, really.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “… Why is it sand always tastes like fucking cake batter?”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Because it is good and good for you?”

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: brb

Castille: “Hell, I think we can all resist some weak shaping effects, and we’re all creatures of darkness anyway,” he murmurs.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Yeah yeah party on the daystar’s shitlist.”

Astraea: “Thank you for your help Castille``~``! Go ahead and sleep, your work is done, though if you’d plan some proper creatures to add to it.” “Yes keep going, I want to see if you’re as fragile as you look”

Lethis: “Ugh. I need alcohol.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Yes.”

Astraea: “Please``~``?” “Give it too me”

Lethis: “I don’t have any or I’d be drinking it.”

Cardew: “That sounds good right about now. Espcially with these locusts.”

Lethis: The flickering deer head that occasionally gleams in Lethis’ anima hisses angrily at Ilulus.

Castille: “… Hem.” Castille produces something from his robes.

Castille: And another something. Flasks.

Lethis: “Not if I was dying in the desert, Castille.”

Castille: “That’s good, because it would dehydrate you.”

Astraea: “Eh``~``?” “Got somethin?” She looks towards what he has “Oooh``~``” “Give it”

Lethis: Lethis steps over into Cardew’s Holy Land. “In the desert. Still don’t want any.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Thanks.”

Castille: “I really keep it for surgery. And drinking. Since I’m rarely alowed in the bar.”

Castille: A pointed look at Lethis.

Cardew: “Yes, because that’s her fault.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “It’s her bar.”

Lethis: “You killed two of my customers.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: Iron Talon [Jim] also steps inot Cardew’s holy land. In the absence of Cecelyene, this was as close as Talon was going to get the genuine article.

Astraea: “Gimme some``~``” “Give it to me this instant!”

Castille: Elyria flies around and lands heavily on his shoulder as he takes a swig and tosses one of the flasks to Astraea.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loq holds out a hand distractedly.

Castille: “Being entirely fair, I did not kill them,” he says, mask half-on as he wipes his lips on his sleeve and tosses the last of his three flasks to Loqua. “The ebola killed them.”

Lethis: “It’s bad for business.”

Lethis: “It’s also contagious.”

Astraea: Her hair grabs the flask, putting it into Ilulus mouth to chug away at it “Oooh``~``! Tingly``~``” “Strong!”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Ranna catches it in her hair and passes it to Loq, who sips at it, tracing strange diagrams in the sand.

Castille: “Oh come on, you could use it to advertise. ‘So strong, men bleed out all their orifices after drinking it.’ Technically true!”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loq thumbs up. Good and strong!

Lethis: “Only I can kill my customers! Seriously, it’s written right next to the door. Rule 3.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “What are the first two?”

Castille: “No Sessaljae, no Adorjan.”

Castille: “The second, at least, seems reasonable.”

Lethis: “No Adorjan is the fourth rule. Four is her number.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “The first rule is ‘shut up I’m right’.”

Lethis: “Two is ‘Pay first. No tabs.’”

Lethis: “One is ‘No Sessaljae.’”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] smirks.

Lethis: “Not that it will matter much, as I don’t think my bar will last much longer with a bloody vampire Primordial in the sky.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: FURIOUS DRAWING.

Astraea: “You can convert an organ-room into a new bar.” “Do we really need one? The answer is yes”

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon looks up at the offending object. “True. I don’t suppose it would be pertinent to do a glourious last stand?”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “No you idiot.”

Lethis: “I can’t get more booze there. Also, are we going to flee, or what?”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Are you ready?”

Lethis: “As ready as I can get without my bar.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Astraea?”

Castille: “I’ll summon you some demons to puree, I promise.”

Lethis: “I’ll miss that run-down, filthy, toxic, noisy, smoke-stained sludgepit.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: A sigh. “Yeah, I’m coming. It… it just feels like we’re betraying them you know?”

Lethis: “But enough about Castille’s house.”

Castille: “Yes… I’ll miss it too.”

Cardew: “Let’s just go.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Oh, I’m sure they’ll come after us and make themselves at home if they’re still alive.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Let’s go.”

Cardew: Cardew scoops up a few more locusts and munches.

Lethis: “How? They’re sealed here. Surrender oaths.”

Castille: “… Oh boar’s hooves, I think I left that poor fellow half-stitched with a belly full of leeches down in the basement.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] moves and takes a seat on the forge.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “We’re taking a chunk of him with us.”

Lethis: “Castille, you better not have! That basement is my wine cellar.”

Lethis: “Wait, are we still talking about my bar?”

Cardew: “Does it really matter at this point?”

Castille: “My house.”


Castille: “You know, that- that solar.”

Lethis: “NO, YOU SHUT UP, LOQ! I am dealing with this problem in my own way! By bitching and moaning about it!”

Castille: “My, he’ll be in for a rough couple of days, won’t he.”

Astraea: “Ggg… Oh.. yes I sssupose!” “Here we go again…” The distended stomach rumbles and Astraea’s smile grows strained. And then her stomach splits down the center spilling out with blood and and strange fluids. a wriggling serpent with a dozen clawed legs and tentacles. Three mouths snap as it wriggles about, quickly expanding in size a rapidly growing monstrousity. The Leviathan of Blessed Escape


Castille: Elyria squawks.

Castille: “It’s… beautiful``~``” Her eyes are FULL OF STARS.

Iron Talon [Jim]: An involuntary yelp escapes from Talon “Ohshitwhatisthat?”

Cardew: “Birds don’t piss.”

Lethis: “Oh. I have now seen parts of Astraea I never wanted to see.”

Castille: “That is our escape vessel,” Castille says, craning his head for a good look. “Honestly, I’m sure I’ve explained Genesis to all of you before.”

Lethis: “Repeatedly. In visceral detail. With diagrams.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “I’LL EAT YOUR FACE.” Wow this is yelly even for Loq.

Lethis: “It’s almost like having a little bit of Malfeas with us.”

Astraea: “My baby``~``!” “Disguisting…” It shakes itself clean of the genesis liquid as Astraea’s stomach stitches itself back together. The Leviathan keeps growing, now the size of a horse.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “UP YOUR DRY, SANDY CU-”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loq moves.

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon moves between Loq and Lethis. “Let’s limit the murder to killing Autotwat latter, okay?”

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: hey now, Loq insults because she loves. or loathes.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Okay that was a lewd guesture.

Astraea: “We have our way out now``~``” “A rapidly growing worm…” Astraea giggles and stitches her clothes back together with a rapidly produced needle and thread “Look Loq``~`` My baby will carry us away``~``” “Yes as soon as it eats you all”

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: aaah Loq tantrums

Lethis: Being between Loq and Lethis has not stopped them from having an invisible grapple with their mind-hands.

Loquacious [Tlu]: It doesn’t help that Loq cheats with tickling.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Or tries, at least.

Lethis: Or that Lethis cheats with mind-reading.

Lethis: Or tries, at least.

Loquacious [Tlu]: … Okay that would explain why Loq’s got such a massive headache.

Loquacious [Tlu]: That’s like four lines of thought in parallel.

Lethis: (Hey, she didn’t start until Loq started tickling.)

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: :P hence the clarification


[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: :D we care!

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: Loq just needs to blow off some stress

[OOC] Cardew: [ Cardew doesn’t care…about anything…ever XP ]


Astraea: (; 3;

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon is making slow and steady steps away from the rapidly growing Leviathan. “Uh, so uh… what does it… do exactly?”

Lethis: (Aw, look. It’s got her eyes.)

Castille: “It takes us away.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Sand is dumped over Talon if he doesn’t get out from between the two telekinetic Infernals long enough for Loq to charge Lethis with a roar.

Lethis: Lethis shapes the sand into sandstone and stops her.

Astraea: It actually does have Astraea’s eyes, along with plates of brass, toxic drool,and three mouths that snap and bite at whatever leftover food Astraea’s left behind “It has Organs! That we can live in! And swallow us and take us away to where we wish``~``” “It is a blessing from the Mother.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “CHEATER

Iron Talon [Jim]: Given that Talon effectivley is sand from all of his Cecylene Charms, he stands blinking as a wave of sand washes over him, leaving only his blinking eyes visible. Somehow.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loq scrambles on top of the sandstone and sits on it. Hah!

Lethis: “Now I’ve got a headache, too. Thanks.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Then you shouldn’t have peeked.”

Lethis: “Then you shouldn’t have tickled me!”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “You’re the one who tried to grab me!”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “LADIES! In case you have forgotten, we have a cataclysm to flee!”

Castille: “Enough.”

Astraea: The Leviathan is nearly full grown now, staring down with its eyes at the bickering infernals. “Look at my precious baby``~``” “Yes, adorable.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loq looks up at it, and blows a hard breath at it. Shoo.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Well, gentlemen first.”

Castille: “Can we all please just get out of here?”

Lethis: “Right. Yes. Escape. We can argue… somewhere else.”

Cardew: “Preferably where you can do damage to something that we actually want to damage.”

Castille: “You know, maybe we should leave this thing. If we’re lucky it’ll kill Sol Invictus before we kill it.”

Lethis: “Who says we’re killing it? What gives you the impression we are going to try and fight that thing?”

Iron Talon [Jim]: Somehow Talon doubts that, but he leaves the thought unspoken. They’re all thinking it. Moving in front of the leviathan, Talon looks around. “Soooo, is there a command word or anything?”

Astraea: “Open up baby``~``!” “This will be awful” Its spare mouths are on wonderful tentacles that lower down, opening up “Go on then, get in``~``!” “Yes please get in its mouth”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] gives Talon a shove with her mind-hands.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “AHYLOQYOUBI-” the rest of Talon’s words are cut off by him entering the Leviathan.

Lethis: “Ugh. The words look just like the inside of her stomach.”

Lethis: Lethis enters without further protest.

Cardew: Cardew follows.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loq hops down and follows.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “I didn’t do it. That was Lethis.”

Astraea: It swallows them, putting them into the guts of the Leviathan, the halls of flesh and the myraid unoccupied organ-rooms

Loquacious [Tlu]: “… Lovely.”

Lethis: “Well! At least it’s… moist.”

Cardew: “Castille…touch nothing.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Yes I’m sure you’re feeling particularly at home.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: A headache shared is a headache halved?

Castille: Castille makes his way toward one of them and casually makes his way in. “Ludicrous. I’m touching all of it. My job is to populate the damn thing. Hell, I produced all the enzymes in it.”

Astraea: Astraea gracefully lands in the guts of the Leviathan “Its lovely, isn’t it``~``? My precious baby is so strong``~``” “And Castille can touch it. It actually shares some of his essence, thanks to all we’ve eaten”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Yeah I’m sure you just wish we were all inside you instead.”

Lethis: “That is a mental image I did not want.”

Cardew: Cardew visually flinches from the idea.

Lethis: “Thank you, for putting that in my head forever.”

Astraea: “Now… the way to its nervous system should be around her somewhere…” “Yes lets prod your darling baby in the spinal column” “Well that’s how it receives commands``~``!”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go find a quiet room until my head stops throbbing.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Oh Yozis, you’re going to be making puns all trip aren’t you?”

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: http:www.youtube.com/watch?v``=``jXbMJ4NaGQk

Lethis: “Well, I can’t get them out of my head any other way.”

Astraea: (I think that’s time for us, I gotta get my meds and go to bed)

Loquacious [Tlu]: “And we all know how lonely the inside of your head is, what with the lack of brain.”

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: nini``~``

[OOC] WC ST: Yeah, this sounds like a good stopping point?

Lethis: “Wait. Where are we going, anyway?”

[OOC] WC ST: We’re a bit past time, anyway.

[OOC] Cardew: [ Sounds good to me. ]

Castille: “Oh, come now. A good spinal tap never hurt anyone…”

Lethis: (Just had to add that last little comment.)

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: That’s actually a good question: where are we going?

[OOC] WC ST: To the Althing, was it?

[OOC] Castille: It’s a start.

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: fleeing. Loq was thinking they could reshape the forge into an escape vessel for gunstar malfeas


Log 2

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