Log 10


Lethis: “I’ve had enough. We’ve only gotten from one prison to another. You all can stay if you like. I don’t care. I’m getting out on my own if I have to.”

Cjopaze: “Agreed.” Cjopaze raises his head. “If I can return to Creation… then I believe I shall.”

Tskirama: Tskirama considers for a moment, then nods. “That seems to be the best course of action.”

Lethis: “We can create a world later once we’re out, if it comes to that.”

Tskirama: Tskirama nods again.

Tskirama: “This is true.”

Talon [Jim]: “So we’re agreed?” Talon said, looking at the assembled Titans and Exalted. “We attempt to leave Qaf and return to reality at large?”

172013 9:53:31 PM | Edited 9:53:43 PM] Talon [Jim]: [Sorry for being late D: ]

Lethis: Lethis is looking rather… stretched. There’s something vaguely feral about her contenance now. Her face leans forward just a bit, and her limbs are slim and graceful, making her look something like a deer, especially with her hair drifting around her menacingly. But it is clear from her amber glare and burning anima that she is no grazing animal.

Tskirama: Tskirama is still small, but built along elegant lines instead of heavy. Two pairs of arms are constantly present now.

Cjopaze: Cjopaze is no longer himself, either. No more hunch, no more strange lumpiness to his clothing, his fingers are now long and spindly, and his mask appears to be more organic, part of his face and very being. Swirling helixes carve themselves continuously into his throne, twisting in and in upon themselves.

Talon [Jim]: “Alright, so the best course of action would be to take what we’ve accomplished in Qaf thus far with us. Perhaps if Cjopaze,” Talon frowned, he hadn’t recalled learneing his new name before. Perhaps it was a Titanic thing that declared his nature for all to see. “can see if he contact Qaf again, as he has had some ammount of success in doing so before.”

172013 10:02:35 PM | Edited 10:02:39 PM] Lethis: “I have no idea how to contact She Who Lives In Her Name. It is somewhat distressing. I do not like the idea of leaving my mistress behind… though perhaps she’d be happier in formless infinity, the better to establish a perfect order. Safe.”

Tskirama: “Perhaps we should ask her. We had some luck calling her souls already, after all.”

Cjopaze: He nods. “I can certainly attempt to commune with the Haven-Encompassing Sphere.”

Lethis: “In the meantime, I shall attempt to construct a vessel or pathway to escape.”

Tskirama: “I suppose I shall help.”

Talon [Jim]: “Right, it would be a shame for us to leave everything here.”

Talon [Jim]: “I’ll grab Meilseoir and tell him the news. Then I’ll see what I can do about contacting She Who Lives In Her Name.” Talon said, standing.

Cjopaze: “Very good,” he says, standing. As soon as he does, his throne crumbles to dust, its integrity rotted out by prolonged contact. “Then I shall attempt to convene with Qaf to try and create a channel out. I can’t imagine he enjoys having us messing about in here.”

Lethis: “We cannot escape infinity through finite methods. The only way I can conceive of escaping infinity is to travel to nothing. It’s a risky move, but… perhaps our connection to the dead Yozi of our patronage could help? I may try to seek out Kimbery’s power…”

Cjopaze: “Do we actually know that Kimbery is dead? She may have survived thanks to the Conquered Sun.”

Lethis: “It is possible. I have very little connection to any besides Kimbery and She Who Lives In Her Name.”

Tskirama: “And we know Malfeas lives on within me.” Tskirama shrugged.

Cjopaze: “… What about Cardew? We know Adorjan is dead.”

Talon [Jim]: “Is she? I never saw her in Auctocthon’s trophy room.”

172013 10:14:04 PM | Edited 10:14:13 PM] Cjopaze: “Or I suppose Talon or I could try Cecelyne.”

Lethis: “He does have that power of information. It’s worth a try.”

Lethis: Lethis tries to envision the concept of nothingness… imagining the dangers that would ravage the new tiny world should it pass through such a realm. It would certainly need to be self-contained. Sealed against loss of air and convection.

Talon [Jim]: Talon looks down at the mentione of Cecelyne. He had accepted that She was gone and simply wasn’t coming back. Or so he told himself. If he attempt communion again, he would be admitting there was a possibility, however slight…

WC ST: Nothingness, Lethis soon realizes, surrounds the party – it is the greater part of the infinity.

Talon [Jim]: “All right, lets do it.” Talon said, to Cjopaze. “I’ll get us some proper mood lighting, then we’ll try to contact her.” Talon said, disapearing from the confrence room back to his corner of thier little sanctuary.

Cjopaze: “Rather, it’s to contact her… absence. We saw her die.”

Cjopaze: “But Primordials never truly die, do they?”

Talon [Jim]: “Oi! Meilseior! Get all the beasties together! We’re all going on a trip soon!” Talon said, waving the youth over. “Long story short, we’re inside Qaf’s infinity, and we’re trying to figure a way out.”

Lethis: “I don’t like the idea of communing with the Neverborn. I would go so far as to say I find it utterly horrifying. But we need a way out. And we won’t stay there long.”

Lethis: A strange rift, like a belt of stars, tiny green and amber ones entwined in spirals, begin to orbit the small world.

Cjopaze: “In any case, I think you should look into it while I commune with Qaf. Yes?” He looks up at the stars and cocks his head. “I don’t imagine he’ll like that much,” he murmurs, and silent black lightning crackles off his body, scorching the ground around him as he shifts, seeming to harden in place, rooting himself into the ground as his arms branch upward, reaching into the void, seeking out Qaf’s voice with reaching tendrils of essence. They violate the stars, and where they do, the stars shine violet.

WC ST: The lightning does not have far to go before the fabric of space itself shapes them into words, starting with, “What?”

172013 10:29:59 PM | Edited 10:31:49 PM] Talon [Jim]: Talon breathed out. In some ways, Cjopaze’s clarification was a relief, in others it was a burden greater still. “All right. If we do that we need to find a way to keep the Whispers localized. It would be no good if it wreaked havoc here.”

172013 10:32:14 PM | Edited 10:32:24 PM] Cjopaze: The tree responds, its branches rustling an inquiry to the sky, seeking a way to exit the impregnable bastion that is his new world-body.

WC ST: Outward the somewhat-physical, somewhat metaphorical branch-queries go, but it is no use. Qaf is his infinity, and what is sought is literally beyond him.

Talon [Jim]: Talon turned to his protege. “Meilseoir. I want you to take everyone and placed them inside the volcano. Looks like it’s going to be used for it’s inteded purpose a bit early.” Talon doubt that would be sufficent to halt the Whispers, but not taking the opportunity would just be silly.

WC ST: It is solipsistic, in a way – all that matters is what can be perceived, and precious little – practically zero – makes it through to Qaf’s perception from beyond this universe.

Lethis: Lethis winces at the response, but begins to reconsider. Not stars, then. No… this infinity encompasses all the heavens.

Talon [Jim]: “That’s a new wrinkle isn’t it? If we try to contact not-Ceceylene and use… what’s left of her, who can say what will happen to Qaf?”

Lethis: “I’m going to try and create a boundary of earth. Perhaps that finite ground, that defies the heaven, is the path out of infinity?”

Cjopaze: The tree retreats into itself, gradually reforming, its roots detaching as it retreats into Cjopaze’s body at last, and he shakes his head.

[OOC] WC ST: So, how are you contacting the Neverborn, if that’s still the plan?

[OOC] Lethis: I couldn’t think of any way to do that beyond establishing a link to Cecelyne.

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: …I just realized what a risky idea that is. :O

Lethis: “Not that I care what horrors lie in the Void, but… if there were, uh… secrets, that might be uncovered from that communion… I might be willing to take that risk. Not that I will be.”

Talon [Jim]: Talon facepalms. “I’m just trying to figure out a way to get us out of here without risking madness or death.”

Cjopaze: Cjopaze frowns. “Or… alternatively.”

Cjopaze: “I could try to contact my great-grandchildren and establish a link to Creation.”

Talon [Jim]: Talon blinks. “Wait, you have great grandchildren…” Talon shakes his head to clear it “I mean, how is that going to help us escape?”

172013 10:48:55 PM | Edited 10:48:59 PM] WC ST: The purple lightning above – having been cats-cradling all this time – forms a new word.MIRROR


Lethis: “Yes… dark secrets. I have an idea. It’s… kind of an insane gamble, but it’s an idea! Talon, can you put me in contact with the Lifeless Waste? I can still manipulate dreams. Maybe I can have some affect on the dreams of the Neverborn.”

Talon [Jim]: Talon looks askance at Lethis. “Are you sure? You’re not going to be the only one in trouble if it dosen’t work. Not to mention getting out.”

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: Talon, why you gotta be like that man?

WC ST: Finally, at length, the purple lightning forms into, “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID.

Lethis: “Well, they’re hardly secrets if people besides me know about them, are they? I’m not doing this to protect you guys. I’m just increasing the value of my prize.”

Cjopaze: Cjopaze points at the lightning and clicks his teeth twice.

Talon [Jim]: “Okay, so lets review,” Talon said, giving the lightning a rude gesture. “We go the neverborn, dragging our virgin world with it, then we leave, possibly using some variation of necromancy. That sound about right?”

Lethis: “What. What did ‘She’ say? Which She?”


Cjopaze: “Every she.”

Cjopaze: “All the she.”


Tskirama: Tskirama raises an eyebrow.

Lethis: “Well, then. Let’s get me hooked up. Talon… please dial the Lifeless Waste.”

Talon [Jim]: “Okay, getting a clear answer from Qaf, not helping.” Talon sighed and settled down in a cross legged position “Anyone wants to talk me out of this, now is the time.” Talon said, a patch silvery sand begining to grow outwards.

Lethis: Lethis stands just to the side, her sweat forming into a cloud of cold, inky vapor. “Do it, before we all lose our nerve.”

Tskirama: Tskirama just watches silently.

WC ST: Talon can feel the absence of a link to Cecelyne. The desert remains silvery, though a possible mystic link elsewhere.

172013 11:09:07 PM | Edited 11:12:43 PM] Talon [Jim]: Talon felt the connection like a man feels a severed limb. Contacting the Lifeless Waste was deceptivley simple. All Talon had to do was focus on the utter desolation that had come upon him: his first act of hypocracy and betryal that led to him gaining the Infernal Exaltation in the first place and his pledge to never needing a second chance, to the more recent events where that pledge was broken.

172013 11:09:07 PM | Edited 11:12:43 PM] Talon [Jim]: Repeteadly.

172013 11:09:07 PM | Edited 11:12:43 PM] Talon [Jim]: Over and over again, the ones he had a responsibility to, the whom he pledged loyalty to were killed, over and over again because he wasn’t strong enough to stop them, and you were suposed to protect them, you whining fuck, how dare you claim the leniage of the Titans while you let you’re forebarers drop around like so much… so much bags of sand.

Talon [Jim]: As he concetrated, tears began gathering at the corners of his eyelids, turning blood red and the desert where it contacted into black ash that blew away into the air as more tears came that spread out further…. further…

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: Behold my emo stunting. Hold on a second, I’ll try to make that easier to read.


WC ST: That…was not Cecelyne’s voice. It was far more tormented, twisted, echoes of madness…and blood, yes, blood and death…

172013 11:14:17 PM | Edited 11:14:46 PM] WC ST: The purple lightning overhead twists again.YOU RISKTHEY RISK. MIRROR. THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID.”

Lethis: “Ugh. I… feel it. Hold on. I’m going to try and reach its dreams.”

Talon [Jim]: “Lethis, if this dosen’t work, you won’t live long enough for the Lifeless Waste to reach you.”

Lethis: Lethis reaches out with Silent Words of Dreams and Nightmares. The air around her grows cold and frost begins to form on every surface Lethis’ mind-hands can reach. She trembles, for a moment remembering her own failures that led to her Exaltation, the failings, and her decision to flee rather than fight… but then she draws on her memories that, because of her and the others, many Yozi survived, and that they could yet reclaim the world in honor of those who had been lost, if they could but escape. And she looks into that horror of dreams and Whispers…

WC ST: …and the horror recoils. Scared.

Lethis: “Slumbering one, in your dreams you see lost Creation. There are those who could reclaim it for you. We ask only that you show me the secrets of the Void. The secret to prowling that forbidden Labyrinth. I, the Hunter of the Unhuntable, wish to reclaim Creation in your honor. When your kin again lay claim to that about which you have long dreamed, then, maybe, you can find rest.”

WC ST: Impressions of gibbering terror and panic come in reply. But not directed at Lethis – rather, of Lethis.

Talon [Jim]: “Lethis. What did you do?” Talon asked, not moving from his posture of meditation.

Lethis: A hollow voice, cold as the Void, but with the pulsing beat of a hunter’s heart, echoes from her frost-rimmed lips. “I uh… I think I just gave the Neverborn nightmares.”

WC ST: The images twist a little, and then Talon is there alongside Lethis. And so are the others.

Tskirama: “… Well.”

Talon [Jim]: “Did it work? Do you have the way into Creation?” Talon asked.

Cjopaze: Cjopaze looks around them, stretching his essence curiously outward once more, tendrils glitching at the tips as they seek to understand the local essence.

WC ST: The party is still physically where it was. No way has been opened yet.

Lethis: “I think… I have theoretically found a way into the Labyrinth. Let me call the hunt. And then we shall descend.”

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: Ah, thank you for that clarification WC

Lethis: She raises her head to the sky and unleashes a soundless howl, tiny runes bursting up to form the eye of some great moon overhead, as the stars rain down to form glassy hounds upon the fields of their tiny continent, carrying the land along as they prowl around Lethis.

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: Ooooooh :)

Lethis: There is no sound here in this Voidspace. But from all around, each of you can hear a thump, low and hot and primal. Tskirama hears two.

Tskirama: Tskirama headtilts.

Talon [Jim]: Talon, trying to speak over the sound of his own racing heart, gestures to Lethis unsteadily. “Lethis, I promise, I will not kill you. Now… whoa.” Talon said, leaning on the titan in question. “That was more draining than I thought.”

Lethis: “Of course. Of course, Talen. I mean Talon. I wasn’t scared.” She buckles under his weight, still rather frail from her own body’s disuse, and supports him with telekinesis. Her flesh is freezing, but with the pulse of hot blood underneath. But it is dark blood, misty and unreachable. Not for hunting. No… the scent of the hunt lies in darker places.

[OOC] Lethis: You all understand the pulse of your heart is the Horn of the Huntress Shintai.

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: Oooooh. I understood that it was magic, I just didn’t know exactly what it was.

Cjopaze: Cjopaze turns his head. There’s a sickening, crunchy crack as he stares back at them. “Dogs. Pfeh. Let’s go.” He doesn’t necessarily know it, but he is hearing the thumps with a significantly lower frequency than the others.

Talon [Jim]: “Right, so how does your voodoo work? Do we follow the dogs, or they bring something to us?”

Lethis: Lethis whispers, with that horrid hollowness,OPEN THE WAY

[OOC] Lethis: Imagine it sounding like Death from Discworld.

172013 11:45:35 PM | Edited 11:45:56 PM] WC ST: A portal is blasted open by her words, the sheer terror of those-who-were-Primordials given form.

Lethis: Surrounded by her bale hounds, the deva known as Yvar, the Hunting Hounds, she steps onto the first obsidian stair and descends.

WC ST: …she’s seen this place before. All the party has, in pictures looking down from above if nothing else. Massive tombs deep in a giant shaft, pure nothingness yawning below, an alien sky far above…this is the Underworld, just above the Void.

WC ST: Slipping off the narrow catwalks is not advised.

172013 11:50:57 PM | Edited 11:51:04 PM] Lethis: Lethis speaks again, her voice not piercing the silence, but her words illuminating the path before them. “Welcome to the eternal monument of what is at stake. This is our predecessors. Tread with respect, but not with fear. You are hunters now. Fear is for prey.”

Talon [Jim]: Talon looks around “Is it going to be just us then?” he said, looking around, the stairway beckoning.

Cjopaze: Black-violet wings of bone and stretched membrane erupt from Cjopaze’s back, and he floats over the others.

Talon [Jim]: Talon [Jim] reluctantly follows the others, looking cautiously around the environs.

172013 11:53:25 PM | Edited 11:53:51 PM] WC ST: On the far (i.e., original) side of the portal, the purple lightning mixes again.NOT ETERNAL

Tskirama: Tskirama hikes up her skirts and follows.

Cjopaze: Cjopaze pauses for a moment, looking back at the portal, and floats back to it quickly. “Your Vastness. Allow me to leave you with a Gift. That we may yet seek you out by our eternal link.” He bows deeply, extending both hands as a sapling with violet leaves sprouts from his palms.

Tskirama: The green sun winks out of apparent existence, disappearing into Tskirama once more.




[OOC] Tskirama: … If we’re leavin’ everything behind, I’m sorry but I’m done. :/

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: That was my concern too, kind of.

Cjopaze: “Nevertheless. A parting gift,” he murmurs, still offering the sapling, now sitting in a handful of soil. “In memoriam.”

Lethis: “We have our world. We will take it to Creation and begin to rebuild.”

[OOC] Tskirama: I wasn’t for this line anyways and just… excercises in pointlessness are not interesting to me.

[OOC] Lethis: I’m sorry… kinda… hijacked the plot.

[OOC] WC ST: The plot has returned the favor.

[OOC] WC ST: That said, if you want to call it here, this kind of works as an ending point. So long as it’s clear what the party is about to do.

[OOC] Tskirama: it’s not really but I haven’t really been following either

[OOC] WC ST: Lethis? Talon? You’re the drivers, so you got the brunt of the hints.

[OOC] Lethis: I am sorry I didn’t understand as much as I probably was meant to. I was just kind of guessing.

[OOC] Cjopaze: I will say that Cjopaze is installing a back door into Qaf right there. :P

[OOC] WC ST: Yep. And Qaf looks forward to someday being pulled through to Creation, once your task is done.

[OOC] WC ST: Guess who’s just been equipped with the tools to do it, and dropped right on the Neverborn?

[OOC] Tskirama: aaaaah

[OOC] WC ST: So yeah. If we want to call it right as you’re starting that task, that feels like a good enough endpoint, no?

[OOC] WC ST: Since it kind of shows what the party’s become.

[OOC] Tskirama: Yeah.

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: Fair enough

[OOC] Lethis: Do you mind if we stat out our Primordials with Yozi stats on OP, for future use, since we don’t need the PC stats anymore? Even though we don’t get Cosmic Principle as characters, I just feel like I should build the Yozi known as Letters That Hunt Shinma for posterity.

[OOC] WC ST: Sure, go for it.

Cjopaze: Cjopaze plants his sapling, saying his goodbyes to the Haven-Encompassing Sphere, and turns to the others.

Cjopaze: “I believe we have our work cut out for us, hmm?”

Lethis: A toothy, translucent-white grin parts Lethis’ face. “Indeed. I’ve got some hunting to do.” She frowns then and turns towards Tskirama. “Not that I’m going to follow you, but where are you headed, Empress?”

Talon [Jim]: “Death, desolation, despair.” Talon said, walking alongside the others. “I’ve dealt with these things before. The Underworld holds no surprises for me.” Turning back to the hallway where the Heaven Encompassing Sphere was just barely visible Talon gave Meilseior a quick gesture of encouragement before moving out of sight compltley.

Talon [Jim]: Even if I have to traverse the Labyrinth again, by myself, I will find a way to bring the Sphere Creation and set the world aright. And I’m not saying that because the Yozis are offering me that chance. I’m going to take it, and then… well who knows? Maybe that’ll be the day I become a DT?

[OOC] Talon [Jim]: Eragh. Left my brain juice in the Endless Waste post _

[OOC] WC ST: Eh. It’s good enough for a last post.


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