Log 1


STORYTELLER: It’s another pleasant day in Hell. As pleasant as it ever gets, anyway. The harpists in the background keep Miss Silent Wind at bay, the green luminesence overhead is not particularly spiteful toward you right now, and we find our Infernals gardening.

Astraea: The Poisonous Widow sits in her garden, surrounded by admirants who brush her hair and feed the jaws emerging from the back of her skull. She sips at her tea, looking outwards to the lawns of her neighbors, hoping someone will join her for tea.

Loquacious [Tlu]: The First Daughter of Emerald Light is out in her ‘garden’, more of a paved courtyard, adjusting her statuary.

Loquacious [Tlu]: It’s… yet more females without clothes on, in the middle of sex. Sigh. Loq is never going to change. It’s being put on that pedestle that used to have a bird-bath type thing on it.

Loquacious [Tlu]: … In fact it might have been that before Loq decided it was boring.

IronTalon [Jim]: Talon’s portion of the garden is a garden only by the loosest possible term: his section comprises mostly of sand and various silver ornaments placed in seemingly random patterns. Closer examination actually reveals the ornaments to actually be a to scale representation of the South in Creation, with the various landmarks being represented. Talon tends to the Garden with a rake, leaving lines and swrils over it like a traditional Zen garden.

IronTalon [Jim]: Talon raises an eyebrow “Boy, the birds are going to love you.”

Lethis: The Grey Huntress steps out of her front door and vaporizes a few overly-adventurous grapevines that have begun colonizing the door. She flips her hood up and takes a quick look around before warping the edges of her garden into acceptable levels of symmetry. No sense in pissing off the boss. She sees Astraea across the way and tries not to groan. “Already home from the latest wake? He didn’t last long.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “If you look close, there’s still just enough water they can snatch a drink!” Loq looks ridiculously proud of herself.

Astraea: “I caught him with another woman.” “It was his little sister” “They were kissing” “On the cheek” “She wanted to steal him from me.” “Because she realized that YOU ARE CRAZY

Lethis: “Snatch is right,” Lethis mumbles.

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon raises the other eyebrow “Water? In Malfeas? Boy, you sure don’t spare any expense.” Talon notes, genuinely impressed.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Well they are supposed to be bathing. Plus an dinar says Grandpappy has it infected with something vile within a week.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Not taking that bet.”

Castille: Gardening is… well, it’s certainly a word for what Castille is doing.

Castille: It’s a really bad word for it, though.

Castille: His “garden” is a grove of moss, fungi, and plants that have risen up high in knee-deep muddy water, befitting an Infernal who reveres the unfortuCastillely aloof and unhelpful Metagaos. More distressingly, Castille’s mask appears to be draped over a rock, along with his robes, which means he’s not wearing them.

Loquacious [Tlu]: That may be part of why Loq’s previous addition to her garden is a climbing trellis-screen full of geometric shapes.

Astraea: “If you need another model Loq, I’d be glad to strip for you~” “Yes the way you strip down for every man who smiles at you” “Hush Ilulus.” The Widow drinks her tea, her hair coiling about the cultist’s necks oh so lightly. The poor mortals stiffen. They recognize a symbol of their Mistress’s annoyance

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Nah! Got a good thing goin’ with one of Kronna’s old buddies. She’s modeling for me.”

Lethis: “Ugh. Is it that bitch Joyful Eyes again? She’s so prissy! And I saw her ‘tending’ to Architect the other day.”

STORYTELLER: The green light suddenly wavers. It never wavers.

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon adverts his eyes from Castille. It’s like looking directly at Ligier or something; you just don’t do it.

Lethis: “Did anyone else see that?”

STORYTELLER: Up above…Malfeas almost seems to be getting sunspots.

Astraea: “What was that?” “What the ever loving fuck”

STORYTELLER: The spots soon fade.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “It honestly wasn’t me this time!”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] blinks. And looks up.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “… What in Kimbery’s blue nipples?”

Astraea: “I-I don’t know…” “The King… flickered

Lethis: “They’re gone. Loq. If it happens again, turn on your Essence sight.”

Astraea: (Oh that is better for Ilulus)

Loquacious [Tlu]: Screw that, Loq’s activating it now.

Lethis: Lethis taps her forehead. “There were holes in Malfeas.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “What.”

Lethis: “Holes in the air. Just blanks in the poetry. Empty space. Like that headache you get when you step into Cecelyne except it stayed there fore a few seconds.”

Castille: The rock in Castille’s garden moves.

Astraea: “Um… well… that’s… that’s not supposed to happen” “No its not you stupid little girl

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Okay, differences in opinion at Cecylene aside, this clearly requires immediate action. Step one: fine out what the hell is going on.”

STORYTELLER: Something’s kicking up dust…demons? Same difference – something over that way is running fast, toward you.

STORYTELLER: …it’s Ligier. Running. Without attendants.

Lethis: Lethis bows in reverence. “My lord.”

Astraea: Astraea ’s hair flairs up at the sight. The dear girl is suprised “M-milord!”

Loquacious[Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] curtsies! “Father.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon violates his previous probation at looking directly at Ligier, jaw dropping. “Uh, sir?”

STORYTELLER: “MY DAUGHTER. YOU ARE-” And then he footfaults, stumbling and sprawling on the ground. Which is the last thing you see before all goes black.

Castille: And then cracks its neck, pushing its face into the mask as arms explode into the robes. And the whole thing shifts, twisting, climbing up into his clothing and finally climbs up out of the mud. “Morning. Hm?” Castille cocks his head, looking up, then bows deeply to Ligier-

Castille: “… what.”

STORYTELLER: You hear one another, it’s just there is no more light.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] shrieks, though it’s hard to tell if it’s in fear or anger or what, dashing blindly towards where Ligier was.

Lethis: “Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Loquacious? Astraea? Talon? Hell, Castille? Anyone?”

Lethis: Lethis flares her caste mark.

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon activates his Anima to shine light on the area.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] belatedly flares her anima as well.

Castille: Castille turns on his own, flaring his anima brightly.

Astraea: “Wh-where’s the sun” "Why is it dark. Its never dark. Make lgiht. Make light " Torches my darlings! Torches! " Astraea’s hair lashes about, desperate to find something to grasp at while her caste mark begins to devour the darkness around her

STORYTELLER: All seems normal, save for the unnatural darkness. It is as if Malfeas just suddenly stopped shining.

STORYTELLER: And that is one limp and unresponsive Ligier body.

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: Isn’t the green sun Ligier? /nitpick

Lethis: (Shh.)

Castille: And Castille crosses to it, kneeling down. He’s a doctor, insofar as Ligier is capable of really responding to medicine.

Lethis: “What happened? Loq? What’s… is he…”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] drops to her knees, barely touching him with just her fingertips.

Castille: “… Dead.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “I- I-” No. No this is not possible. This is NOT HAPPENING-

[OOC] STORYTELLER: Technically, it’s Malfeas that stopped shining through Ligier. ;)

Castille: Even Castille has to choke the word.

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: :D

STORYTELLER: …it takes you a moment to register, but…the constant grinding of the Brass City, plate over plate, usually audible in the far distance…that isn’t there any more either.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] lifts a hand, almost hesitating-

Lethis: “Not possible. That would mean our lord Malfeas suffered Fetich death. Which would mean…”

Astraea: “You must be jokeing” “They do not die” “Simply joking” Astraea’s cultists light up their torches.

Loquacious[Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] SLAPS Ligier’s face. “NO! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DIE. WAKE UP!”

Castille: Castille jolts back! “That’s not going to help,” he hisses, struggling to roll the Green Sun over.

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon, normally unflappable, stumbles back, his source of light stumbling with him. He sounds like he’s hyper ventilating.

Lethis: Lethis rushes over and tries to implement a Pattern-Reassertion Touch.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] is… sort of panicking, but helps, even as incompetent as she is. “No. No. No.”

Astraea: Astraea is starting to fray in her voice. “He can’t be dead” “The Lord does not die. He does not. You must be wrong. Try again. Right now, maggot” “No no no, this is just a joke.”

STORYTELLER: Lethis finds no Shaping effects present. That there is simply a corpse.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] keeps repeating ‘no’ in steadily more panicked and shrill tones.

Lethis: She stands up, grabbing Loq’s shoulder. “We must go. We have to go to the Conventicle.”

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: Good idea.

Castille: “THE SUN IS OUT.” He snarls, forcing himself to his feet. “The Sun is out, and I am not wrong! Lethis is right, we need to leave, now-” He pauses, glancing back toward his home.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] shrugs Lethis away, clinging to the body.

Lethis: “Bring him if you want. But stop sitting and get moving. I will help carry him if you get your ass off the ground.”

Astraea: “Yes we’ll just… go to the Althing. We’ll call the Althing. And we’ll find a way to bring him back. We’ll call the Althing and bring him back and everything will be correct and right”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Right.” Talon said, trying to gain his composure and only partially succeding “The… the others will be there and… and we can figure out what to do.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Lethis’ words slowly seem to sink in, and Loq stumbles to her feet, trying to lift the very dead demon. She’s crying.

Loquacious [Tlu]: It’s the first time they’ve seen her cry.

Lethis: “Stop crying. You’re the Daughter of Ligier. Put on a strong face. We must not be seen as weak to the Althing.”

Castille: Castille appears to have ducked… back into his home. Sigh.

Lethis: Lethis helps her lift the corpse with mind-hands.

Astraea: “Loq my darling. Come.” Astraea’s hair wraps around the Daughter, standing with her cultists “Come come. To the Althing”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Release me, Astraea.” The tears don’t stop, but neither does her voice waver. Using the mindhands finally occurs to her, and her mind-hands hold the body steady.

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: Kudos to Lethis for knowing exactly what to say

Astraea: The hair relents, coiling about its mistress.

IronTalon [Jim]: Talon moves over to Castille’s door and flings the door open. Talon yelps at what he finds inside, closes the door, and knocks loudly.

IronTalon [Jim]: “Dammit man, this is not the time!”

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: … pfffffffft

Lethis: “Where the sphere is Cardew?”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Probably beating us by a ridiculous factor. CASTILLE, GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR OR GET LEFT BEHIND.”

Cardew: “I have been here.”

Lethis: “SWEET SANDS OF CECELYNE oh. Yes. Let’s go.”

Castille: Castille reappears momentarily with a satchel at his side. “Not leaving my books, idiot,” he hisses, storming past him to join the others.

Castille: Also, yes. The walls of his house are… well, things crawl in and out of them.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] takes a DEEEEEEEP breath and straightens up. “Form up. We’re a fucking honor guard, and you are not dishonoring our Lord.”

Astraea: “How will we get there my friends? Some one call the Agate?”

Lethis: Lethis shapes the tiles of the street into a crystal casket so he isn’t slumped over.

Castille: “Ahem.” Castille steps forward and lifts one hand.

Castille: And then softly chants.

[OOC] Castille: Stormwind Rider? :D

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: oh gawd

Lethis: (It’s like a 5 minute walk to the Conventicle.)

[OOC] Castille: Oh, well then never mind.

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: funeral dirge!

Castille: It’s not a spell, it’s just a recitation of Cecelynian law. Shut up, it’s the only dirge he knows.

Astraea: “We have to carry the body… Oh… dear… we have to think” “We have to MOVE” “Shush. We have to.. get to the Conventide”

Castille: “Ugh. You- you are just, awful,” hisses a voice somewhere above them.

Loquacious[Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] looks at everyone critically. “Astraea, you bring up the rear. I’ll lead. Lethis, Cardew, you take the left.” She almost chokes on her own words. “Castille, Talon, take the right.” They’re going to do this properly. Then she clears her throat – crying does a number on her voice – and then takes her place joins in the dirge.

Lethis: “Not the time you stupid bird! I am not exactly an expert at metalworking.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Even if she and Lethis are carrying the weight with their minds.

Lethis: Lethis does not have the most spectacular singing voice, but it’s… eh. Okay, she sounds like auto-tune. But she helps.

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon is stuck between the immediacy of Ligier’s death and the respect it deserves. Everything was telling him to run screaming towards the conventicle, but he slowly nodded at Loquacious and took up position.

Astraea: “Yes Loqucious.” Astraea takes her place, her cultists falling in behind her, each of the dozens taking up the dirge. Ilulus joins with his grating horrid voice, while Astraea begins to weep, her tears hissing when they hit the ground.

Iron Talon [Jim]: His voice is surprisingly nice, for all the complaining he does with it.

Castille: “Not you, I don’t care about the damn cradle, it’s his singing. Ugh. Like nails on a chalkboard made of a boys’ choir.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Either join in or shut up.”

Castille: Castille, for his part… slips over to Cardew. “Switch with me? I’d rather put him on my right.”

Cardew: “I see no issue with that,” he simply says before moving. His face remains blank and unreadable the entire time.

Lethis: Lethis’ face is also unreadable, but more in the “hard to look directly at because of her eyes” way.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] waits for everyone to fall into place, taking the time to wipe her face. Once everyone’s in position, she starts forward.

STORYTELLER: It is not a long march. There is a lot of activity – runners, demons organizing in groups – but that does not matter.

STORYTELLER: Inside, Infernals are shouting orders, many of them contradictory. The few things generally agreed on are to bring Lillun and consult the other Yozi.

Lethis: As they pass some Erymanthoi, Lethis commands them to form a brigade in honor of their fallen leader.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] ignores everyone, simply leading the procession, looking every inch The Green Sun’s Princess.

Loquacious[Tlu]: It might be killing her, but she would not let this be spoiled.

STORYTELLER: The erymanthoi form up, until someone else orders them to get to distributing and installing lights.

STORYTELLER: The inner chamber is lit mainly by glowing animas, but it is sufficient.

Lethis: Lethis groans silently but just lets them go.

Astraea: “Dear Loq, would you like me to get you the stand?” “Why not take it yourself. You are the better speaker

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: hmmm…

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Dammit, we are not going to fight over who gets the stand!…itshouldbeme.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “…” Loq slowly turns her head to give Talon a look that promises slow, bloody death. Who is the best speaker, again?

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: … loq’s got crap stats – cha2 perf2

Astraea: (The Fiend Maybe.)

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: : P I am asking because I know how Loq will end the argument

Lethis: (Talon)

Lethis: (By far.)

Lethis: (We want Performance, I assume.)

Castille: Castille has taken to the stand, and gently taps on the current possessor’s shoulder. [8 successes on Stealth.]

Astraea: (MAN 4, App 4, Presence 3, Socialize 3, DELICIOUS EBON DRAGON CHAMRS)

Astraea: (Oh it doesnt’ matter look at that)

Lethis: (Talon’s is Charisma 5, Performance 5, App 4.)

Loquacious [Tlu]: “It should be you, but if you insist on acting like a child I will have someone with the requisite maturity and gravity do it instead.”

[OOC] Castille: Psh he’s just clearing it for you guys.

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: :D

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Are you capable, or shall Astraea perform the duty?”

Astraea: “Perhaps we should both… honey and vinager, yes~?” "

Lethis: Lethis remains silent.

Castille: “You should get… out of the way,” he sighs. “Before a host of angry women flattens you.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon holds out both hands, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I’m just… a little stressed, alright?”

Loquacious[Tlu]: “We all are. Get up there and do not fail us.”

Astraea: “Yes Loq. Come Talon, we go to announce our lord’s demise.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon nods and moves to the stand, tapping it a couple of times. “Ladies and gentlemen, fellow peers of Malfeas. I have… grevious news. As some of you no doubt suspect, misfortune most grave has befallen our patron, Ligier the Green Sun. Our medic has determined he… he is, for all purposes, dead.”

STORYTELLER: One of the other Infernals speaks up. You don’t immediately recognize him. “Yes, yes, into the vitriol with him, make with the azoth.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] staaaaaaaaaaaaaaares. Murder is in her eyes.

Astraea: Astraea follows behind him, begining to speak after Talon “We must mourn, but more importantly, we must plan. We must call the other Yozi. We must find out what is happening. We must plan and react.” She glares at the infernalYOU will be silent”

IronTalon [Jim]: “Be Silent! I will not have us picking over our honoured dead like savages, like the monsters we are portrayed as being!”

Lethis: “That imbicile,” Lethis mutters to Cardew. “Azoth can only be made of live demons.”

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: ‘we are portrayed as’

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: : 3

Infernal: “Quickly now, before his Essence rots all away.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “BE SILENT. IF YOU CANNOT MOURN PROPERLY, THEN MAKE A NUISANCE OF YOURSELF ELSEWHERE.” Holy balls Loq when did you get that loud.

Astraea: “You shame us all, whelp.” “I say we offer a prize for the first one to give him a vitrol bath.” “An excellent suggestion~”

Loquacious [Tlu]: … and Ranna finally wakes up, peeping up a confused storm.

Lethis: Lethis tries not to vaporise the chatty parasite. “The last thing we want right now is infighting. He’s a moron, but everyone has different ways of grieving. Please get to the point, Talon.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “You fool! You focus on one dune and miss the desert! Whatever caused Ligier’s death was a calamity of unsurpased violence. A calamity we would do well to arm ourselves against! Our first priority must be to determine his cause of death, and who inflicted it, less it decides to turn it’s attention on any of us.”

Astraea: “Or, even better, we destroy it before it can hurt any more of our Patrons. Or us. We destroy it and dance upon its corpse for what it has DARED to do.” “And tear its soul away and grind its bones to powder and spread the powder to the Silent Lady’s winds!

Loquacious[Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] smiles grimly. It is a particularly hopeless expression, but there is purpose in place of despair now.

Lethis: “If there is a Silent Lady left,” Lethis mutters again.

Infernal: “Unsurpassed? Ha! When the Ebon Dragon left his bride unguarded for a moment ten days ago, I tried making azoth out of her! Didn’t even come out chalcanth. But THAT was violence, let me tell you. And the Ebon Dragon still hasn’t come for me for that.”

Castille: “… Hasn’t he?” Castille is directly behind the Infernal.

Infernal: “Nope!”

Astraea: “Oh. Thank you Castille. Kill him please.” “Painfully”

Lethis: (And then Castille was actually the Ebon Dragon. Then it turns out we were all the Ebon Dragon. The end.)

STORYTELLER: The Infernal, now that Castille has a closer look, is an alchemist – not a pleasant one, by any definition. Also not too powerful.

Castille: “That doesn’t seem strange to you?” Castille removes his glove.

[OOC] STORYTELLER: If you want to roll an attack, he’s honestly not expecting. Dv 0. He has zero combat charms.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] nods.

[OOC] Castille: Castille’s removing his left glove.

Infernal: “Hmm…a li’l.”

Lethis: “Just ignore him and keep going, Talon.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Castille, down. We can’t go around offing our brethern, however callous they may be.”

Cardew: “What we need is information.”

Infernal: “But hey! Almost-azoth of the Dragon’s bride! How often does that happen?”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “No, no, <smallcaps>SOME LESSONS REQUIRE BLOOD TO LEARN.</smallcaps>”

STORYTELLER: Many of the other Infernals are giving that alchemist murderous looks – or of envy, or simple surprise.

Astraea: “Talon. Be silent.” “He must suffer

Castille: “Oh, he won’t be killed. Immediately.” And Castille reaches around him, crushing a little ball in his hand. Right hand. Apparently he decided against infecting the man with a plethora of magical diseases.

[OOC] Castille: Castille just crushed one of his Brass-Thread Mycelia under the guy’s nose.

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: Welp, at least I get to use my Cecy. Excellency now.

Castille: “He won’t die. For a while. But he will be very cooperative…”

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: The King Is Dead.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Long Live The King.]

STORYTELLER: UnfortuCastillely, it does not seem the alchemist inhaled.

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: could always crush a different ball…


Astraea: (I’m sorry > 3< i have a test t 8AM tomorrow, I need to go to sleep and get my stuff)

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Right now, the one thing we must do is be united! Now, of all times, we cannot be at each others throat, over personal squabbles. Because this is bigger than any of that.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Our first priority is to secure Lillun and contact the Yozis, especially Malfeas.”

Lethis: (It doesn’t look like you have to inhale. It works on corpses.)

STORYTELLER: [It can be dodged on Wits+Resistance roll >``=`` 2.]

Castille: “… Awkward.” And unfortuCastille! Not the only one he had, but… sigh. “Very well, Talon,” he says, stepping back. “Are you sure I can’t… you know, weed him out?”

Astraea: (Just have Astraea nuturing a grudge while I go to bed)

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] is pondering.

Loquacious [Tlu]: <<< “MY DAUGHTER. YOU ARE-” She is… what?


[OOC] Castille: guitar solo

[OOC] STORYTELLER: Or he simply had his words out of order, Yoda-like. : P

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: :D Thiiiiis is why Loq is pondering them.

Loquacious [Tlu]: ‘You are my daughter?’ Or was it a clue…

Lethis: “Talon. Ask if there are any priests in the audience. Get people contacting the Yozi. We need to know who is alive.”

AnOther Infernal: “We’ve been trying that.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Later.” Talon muttered to Castille.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “I and our coven will attempt contact with Malfeas. I see measures to secure Lillun have already begun, excellent.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “The other Malfeactors will divide up and contact the other Yozis… what?”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Do go on.”

Other Infernal: “It looks like our alchemist ‘friend’ here is only alive because he struck just after the Ebon Dragon…well, no one’s heard from him in ten days.”

Other Infernal: “Adorjan has not been sighted more recently than five days ago. Everyone thought she was just, you know, silent.”

Lethis: “How do you kill Adorjan?”

Other Infernal: “The others seem to be around, but are mostly unresponsive. They’re there, but we keep being told to wait.”

Castille: “… It’s smart. It’s taking out the ones nobody would notice first.”

Castille: “… It’s going to attack the rest quickly, if it hasn’t already.”

Lethis: Lethis turns to whisper. “Cardew. Contact your cult, and your spies. Find out what is going on in Creation.”

Other Infernal: “I agree. Many of us are organizing an evacuation.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: !! “And what if Cecelyne lays also dying?”

Cardew: Cardew nods to Lethis, and goes about doing just that.

IronTalon [Jim]: Talon massaged a thumb over his temple. The Bride is dead, the Yozis are incommunicado or worse…

IronTalon [Jim]: Talon noded “Right, we’re in a disadvantageous situation. Someone get the Scarlet Bridge fired up. Once we’re in Creation, we can figure out our next move.”

Other Infernal: “Then we get out before she does.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “And if she’s already dead? If it takes her less than five days to… disolve?”

Other Infernal: “No, she’s alive. We can sense that.”

Loquacious[Tlu]: “Good. I believe that while the… HEIRS all that is left in the castle, the dynasty may yet be saved.”

Cardew: “But who can say for how much longer. We must be swift.”

Other Infernal: “Ah, good to hear someone else making sense. My caravan leaves in a couple hours. You may wish to gather your own before leaving.”

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: I’m assuming the Bridge is unusable?

[OOC] STORYTELLER: You don’t know yet.

Lethis: “Does anyone have Gate Keys?”

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: I think those only work one way.

Lethis: (Well, who knows. Doesn’t hurt to ask.)

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: True

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] PONDERS, focusing on that, not on dead-dead-d-e-a-d-

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Right, we move for the Scarlet Bridge. If that fails, we go to cecylene to go the long route back into Creation, via Amalion to avoid complications.”

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: brb

Other Infernal: “Good man! Get to it, I’ll be with you in the hour!”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] sighs. “Then let’s get moving.”

Castille: Castille nods. “Let’s. And… what do we do with…” He jerks his head toward Ligier.

STORYTELLER: At the Bridge…there is, of course, a rush. The blue fire marking the path to Creation keeps going out as whoever attunes it drops attunement, requiring someone else to start it up again – for a minute.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “It stays. Lethis, help me seal it so our… friend… doesn’t open it.”

Castille: “We could just make him look Ligier in the face. Should still work.”

Lethis: “Very well. Does anyone here have Eternal Crystalline Encasement? Are there any Sapphire-circle Sorcerers here?”

Castille: “Afraid I don’t know it,” he sighs. “Adamant, but it’s not my specialty. Tell you what, I’m going to the bridge. I’ll meet up with you in Creation, shall I?”

Lethis: “Wait. Something’s going wrong. It shouldn’t be deattuning every time someone passes through it.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Hmmm?” Talon said, looking over the artifact. “That is odd. I’ll attune the bridge. Louqacuious, Castille, tell me what you see.”

Lethis: Lethis looks at it with her Essence vision. The other end should be Elsewhere until it’s sent to Creation…

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] nods after a moment. She checks it over with her own essence sight…

STORYTELLER: The other end is getting sent to Creation, when it’s not unattuned.

Lethis: “Okay… Can anyone contact those who have crossed?”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Does anyone know infallible messenger?”

Lethis: “Doesn’t work across planes. Does anyone know Disembodied Voice Tintinnabula?”

Lethis: “Ugh. Anyone besides Architect?”

STORYTELLER: The crowd seems to be pure panic. None of them are listening to you.

Lethis: “Ugh. This is pointless. Like herding Simhalta.”

Lethis: “What?”

Lethis: “What’s all on you?”

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talong triggers the other end of the bridge. “There, that ought to get them moving again.”

Lethis: “Because if it has anything to do with Castille, I’m not touching you for a year.”

Castille: “Regardless, the bridge is malfunctioning, yes?”

Castille: “And hush, you’re just being rude now.”

STORYTELLER: The bridge is stable now that Talon is holding it open.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “…” Loq stares at Lethis, then mutters, “Ligier’s last act was to speak to me.”

Lethis: “Yes. I know. Sorry. I get sarcastic when I’m nervous.”

Castille: “… We could get through, perhaps. But could he?”

STORYTELLER: An endless tsunami of demons pours through. Fighting in is going to be difficult.

Lethis: “Those idiots. Hey!” Lethis shouts, invoking her prerogative as Peer of the Unquestionable. “Anybody who’s not a Green Sun Prince or Akuma step the fuck away from that bridge.”

Castille: “Can they even- there’s no way they can pass through it. They’re just falling off the other side.”

[OOC] STORYTELLER: Charisma or Appearance + Presence.

Lethis: (Botched.)

STORYTELLER: Yeah, they are Not Listening.

Lethis: “Aargh. This is pointless.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: {Invoking unquestionable authority here]HEY! WHEN THE NICE LADY ASKS YOU TO MOVE, YOU DO IT! NOW STEP ASIDE!”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Okay, nope, that’s… not happening. Nope. Loq flares her anima all the way up, letting the swirling galaxies of green stars illumiCastille her.STAND ASIDE FOR THE GREEN SUN PRINCES.”

STORYTELLER: Even the back side of the portal at the bridge’s height is in use.

[OOC] STORYTELLER: Charisma or Appearance + Presence. 2-die stunts.

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: tluthal: 7d10: 10 6 7 5 10 2 1 (Successes: 5)

STORYTELLER: Loq, they listen to. The tide stems, and the bridge soon clears.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “You go through, I’ll be right behind you.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] curtsies almost mockingly.

Lethis: “Are you crazy? No. Send a message to one of the ones who went through.”

Lethis: “Something is wrong with the bridge.”

Castille: Castille rips a page from one of his notebooks with a sigh and quickly scrawls “u ok?” on a piece of paper, folds it into an airplane, and throws it through. “Good enough? It’s all we’ve got.”

Lethis: “That was… almost insulting.”

Cardew: “That was…eloquent…”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “… Sufficient.”

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: INCREDIBLE COSMIC POWER, Ladies and gentlemen!

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: incredible cosmic power does not counter laziness.


Iron Talon [Jim]: “…I…uh….”

Castille: “… I’m keeping this. This is a really excellent autograph for the purposes of forgery. Close the gate.”

[OOC] STORYTELLER: So yeah, the Bridge works.

Cardew: “…Well…”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Huh. Whatdyaknow.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: They probably heard that on the other side of the city.

Lethis: “Nobody use the fucking bridge. It’s been hijacked by the Unconquered Fucking Sun.”

STORYTELLER: The demons back away.

Cardew: “Now what?”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] starts swearing.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Wait. This is going to sound stupid… but ask him if he killed Ligier.”

Cardew: “You’re right. That does sound stupid.”

Lethis: “Of course not. He CAN’T.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Don’t be idiotic.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “We also thought that Ligier couldn’t be killed.”

Castille: Sigh. Castille rips ANOTHER page out of his book. And starts writing. The next note reads, “Not an invasion force. Running away. Ligier is dead. Very nice chatting with you, we’re going to go ahead and panic now. All due disrespect, Castille the Festering Pox.”

Castille: Whoosh.

Lethis: “Stop sending messages to the Unconquered Sun!”

Lethis: “You just told him we’re vulnerable.”

Castille: “It’s mail!”

Lethis: “It’s litter!”

Lethis: “I mean, treason!”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Dammit, I paid 30 motes for this atunement, and I’m going to get something from it!”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loq… snerks.

Cardew: “We might as well see what happens, since he sent it.”

Castille: “Anyway, he’s not gonna come in. Especially since I could be bluffing.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “If he comes in, I’m shoving you at him.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “He probably can’t under the demon realm to wage war or… something. Probably in the surrender oaths.”

Lethis: “He didn’t surrender to the Yozi, you dolt.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “I’m reaching, I’ll admit.”

[OOC] Castille: And then the Unconquered Sun got beheaded by a portal.

[OOC] Castille: Now you’re thinking with ’em.

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: now you’re thinking with portals!

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: beat me to it

[OOC] Cardew: [ XD ]

Lethis: (I’m pretty sure you can’t voluntarily break attunement.)

Lethis: (But I could be wrong.)

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: It says maintaining the portal costs an additional mote per minute.

Lethis: “Great! Thanks. We’re now five days from doomed.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “DAMNIT CASTILE.”

Castille: “Yeah, see? He’s a pretty reasonable dude. He’s giving us until after Hell collapses.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loq pinches the bridge of her nose. “… Back to plan A then.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “We can rebuild.”

Lethis: “We find out what the hell caused this?”

Cardew: “We find the cause and stop it.”

Castille: Several demons look taken aback at the word ‘dude’ coming out of Castille’s mouth. He should not try and be cool.

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Okay, I admit that could have gone better.” Talon said, letting the portal collapse.

Lethis: “You think?”

Castille: “Let’s be honest, if I hadn’t been polite he’d have showed up tomorrow when he realized Ligier was dead himself.”

STORYTELLER: The portal soon blinks open again, apparently now maintained from the other side.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Stop squabbling. We may be a bunch of lost ‘children’, but we are not going to act like i-”

Castille: “… Anybody have caution tape?”

Loquacious [Tlu]: That can’t be good.

Lethis: Lethis holds her head. “No. Okay. I am not going to be sarcastic, I am going to be logical. We need to find out what happened. We need to… stop looking a the portal.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “…crap. Does anyone know any Isidoros Charms?”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Pretty sure Spiral’s watching River’s concert.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Peep?

Loquacious [Tlu]: “… Yes we’ll be getting your sisters.”

[OOC] Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon is wearing one! _

Lethis: “We need to go to the Emerald Forge.”

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: :D

Castille: River’s concert ended prematurely when Spiral showed up. Gem was destroyed. FortuCastillely, so were the solars who had been stalking River! Good times.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “We do. Cardew, would you be so kind as to get the black eggs from my house?”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “I’d ask Lethis but the last thing we need is them or one of us scarred for life.”

[OOC] Loquacious [Tlu]: injoke I suspect : P

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Right, so the Bridge is out [HA, ha!]. We going to the Desert next?”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Or we going to start playing detective?”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “The latter.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon bowed his head. “I figured. What’s the plan?”

Lethis: “As stated. We visit the Emerald Forge. Scene of the… presumably the crime.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “quite.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: “Alrighty.” Talon said, flapping his wings created by the expenditure of motes. “We’ll just send Spiral to fling the bridge somewhere far away when she gets back.”

Lethis: “If she gets back.”

Lethis: “With any luck, we’ve got a few Infernals safe in Creation somewhere.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Yes. Now. Stop delaying.” Loq squares her shoulders. Thisisgoingtosuck.

Castille: “Unless the Unconquered Sun decides to hunt them all down and wipe them out now that they don’t have a backup plan.”

Lethis: “Thank you, Doctor Doom.”

Iron Talon [Jim]: Talon hovers in front of Loquacious, gesturing in the general direction of where the now dark sun used to be. “After you.” Into the creepy darkness they go.

Loquacious [Tlu]: “Castiiiiiiille~”

Castille: “It’s what I do.”

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] goes before her held-back freakout breaks out in public.

Loquacious [Tlu]: She’s followed by a trail of tiny green stars.

Lethis: Lethis can’t actually fly yet and just starts walking. Damn it.

Castille: Castille shrugs and follows after her. Elyria circles above them all, blazing fire to light their way.

Cardew: Cardew casts a glance back towards the bridge before following.

Loquacious [Tlu]: Loquacious [Tlu] BAMFS up a crystal disc. Hell yeah ascendent objectivity stance.

Lethis: Lethis doesn’t have that yet. Maybe soon.


Log 1

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